Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dane Valley – The result – lost in translation by the political establishment

Before I go any further, well done! Sandra Hart (the local girl) for the “thanet Local Labour” party, for winning last weeks Dane Valley By election, an incredible result against given the Labour Parties calamitous, handling of the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, immigration, health, welfare, education and even curbs on freedom of speech.

Clearly Sandra Hart is one of the minority in society who actually cares enough about the community to take an active part and I expect she will do her best, which will be without a doubt a better job than her predecessor.

The result of the election has certainly been interesting although Labour’s win is not particularly remarkable since Labour have an existing base in the area, no surprise that the conservatives took a hammering, as well they should for the inept handling of the absentee councillor situation.

Mark Nottingham makes much of Sandra Hart’s win and is even honest enough to touch on Bill Furness Liberal Democrat candidates impressive second place, Tory exile Bertie Biggles concentrates on the conservatives infighting plus a hint of irregularity by council officers, Michael Child ignores the Liberals and witters on about the Labour victory waffling on about ”a very large” Labour swing, which had he read the figures below that statement would have realised was simply not the case as their share of the vote had been effected by the general disillusion of Labours national shenanigans, it appears to me that Matt of Thanet Star fame is the only blogger to have got things in perspective with “Labour have very little to crow about”.

Anyway I’d like to add to the congratulations to Sandra Hart and thank all those who took part, particularly well done to Wendy Allen and Bill Furness who both made significant advances.

The fact remains Labour’s swing was negative and despite the simplistic approach made by the Hart team of “local girl” for “local elections” its clear that local Labour party members make up, Labour nationally and are every bit as culpable for Labours stewardship as their in some cases less than respectable parliamentary colleagues.

Just to keep Ramsgate’s Taxpayer funded Labour Eurocrat (Nottingham) happy I am a Liberal Democrat something I probably wont mention again, as my views on this blog represent my own.

Finally I trust that Thanet District council will correct this error in their press release “The by-election was held following the resignation of Stephen Broadhurst.” as I understand it Stephen Broadhurst did not send a valid resignation, and was automatically removed from the council after he failed to appear at the council.


  1. I can't understand why the conservative candidate lost; she is such a friendly and warm person who took nobody for granted..

  2. She lost because she was a Conservative.the people of Dane Valley voted almost anything but Conservative.

  3. Anon 9.13 you are wrong. She lost because she had the misfortune to stand for the same party as Panama Steve. If he had been Labour then the Labour candidate would have lost. Thanet's local councillors need to remember that they are meant to serve the population of Thanet and not themselves.

  4. never a truer word said by the last commentator 10.52 a councillor is meant to be a servant of the people and in it for the public not his/her own personal good. The current administration need to reflect and remember this (maybe they need a back to basics campaign as in John Major's time!0

  5. Anon..

    10.52 we are both right,the people voted anything but Conservative because the Conservative Councillors let them down,as you say if she had been the Labour candidate she would have still lost
    then it would have been "anything but Labour".
    The majority of Councillors whatever Political persuasion look after the interests of the electorate and they are mostly not in it for what they can get out of it but to help their constituents.

  6. Well done Tony. You have achieved for Dane Valley what no anonymous blogger could.

    This seems to have caused some anonymous blogger resentment but who cares ?

    In the end the man who puts his name to his beliefs and stands by them will always achieve more than the deluded fools who equate anonymity with freedom of expression.

  7. Thank you, one does try. If these trends continue then the next general election could be very interesting indeed. I doubt they will quite as stark though.

  8. Thats true - nobody respects A gutter snipe, such as the cowardly anonymous blogger EASTCLIFF RICHARD.

  9. Soemtimes anonimity is essential for freedom of expression.