Monday, October 18, 2010

Not what you expect

Its easy to look at people and make assumptions, I'm sure in my work cloths (or out of them) I look a complete F-wit, despite being the much appreciated author of this here blog, who is in no way delusional, or the subject of criticism from competitors, well at least I'm not reading it!

Its not just our perception of people, that follows a cliché, our views on less tangible matters, particularly religion, follow on from our cultural background rather logic or rational thought.
One of my co-workers from a job a while back, Anil Bali, a machine driver, has contacted me with good news, that he has now published his first book," Gods Mail To Mankind", which I assume expands on some of the theological discussions had on site,  it would be an easy mistake, to think that all trackmen (rail workers) have to talk about is the next job, football, drinking, women and "going up the cafe break time".

Anyway making assumptions about religion, are wrong as is the view, that God is somehow exclusive, to particular groups, myself I find the idea of a God, sort of possible but remain largely unconvinced, particularly, I have to say when I see men, generally in long dresses like priest etc.espousing  the idea that women are generally second class citizens, try telling that to Mrs Me. in fact try telling me that when you aren't wearing a frock.

Incidentally the congregation of one Folkestone, church, are deserting the Church of England for that of Rome because they put discriminating against women as more important than worshiping god. Click here

Still as is the case with most things I post on, I haven't given much thought to the subject but I know Bali has and hopefully he might change the world, so if that sort of thing appeals click here.


  1. Odd fellow just because he wishes to fall in with Rome why take the congregation. He is married as well maybe his wife is subservient rather than equal?

  2. True indeed don, but the main gist is my work mate publishing his book.

    Bit of a red herring, not that fishing has anything to do with it either.

  3. Dangerous ground, religion, and one that is often misunderstood by those outside.

    To Don, I would say I understand the decision taken by the Folkestone congregation and it has absolutely nothing to do with subservience of women. As Anglicans of high church persuassion, my wife and I have been appalled at the lack of leadership eminating from Lambeth Palace.

    On too many issues there is fudge, disguised as modernisation, which has the danger of undermining the whole concept of faith, belief if you prefer it, on which the church is built. Whatever the issue, be it gay or female clergy, nobody at the top actually has the guts to make a clear cut decision.

    Clearly it is something which has bedevilled British society and governance for many years now, not just the church, but it is that indecision that forces some to go with their own beliefs independently.

    Personally I would rather try to influence from within but I can understand and sympathise with those who are turning to Rome.

  4. anon I agree and where do you stand on those positions? I will take communion from a woman as well as a man I love the gays and the different facets of society and I feel Jesus would be there beside them not Judging and condemning but helping and loving them.

  5. I am sure you are right about Jesus not judging although an ultimate judgement day is part of the faith. Calling sinners to repent is one thing, and none should be turned away, but what if they continue with their sin. Does forgiveness continue ad in finitum regardless of any sign of remorse from the sinner?

    My personal view is that the established beliefs and practices of the church should be maintained. It is not a denial of modernisation but a desire to see a standard maintained and not adjusted to fit any temporary fashion at a given point in time.
    Give in on that and you might as well have scantily clad nuns pole dancing round the alter.

  6. Tony I am sure each one of us has a book in us the fact that your mate is a track worker gives him life experiences and views other people will never experience. Its good that you have the chance to debate things other than football results.

  7. Not sure about this idea that there is a book in each one of us, leastways, not without a ghost writer who could interpret mumbled monosyllables. Quite a few folk in Thanet would seriously struggle to write a sentence and even that could include an excessive use of four letter words!