Friday, October 29, 2010

Labour Say No in U turn on Manston - a hasty betrayal of Hope, Aspiration and Jobs

No surprise to me that Clive Hart's Leadership results in another let down for working people of Thanet according to Cllr David Green Labour have said NO to Manston Airport.hartattack
Perhaps in a rushed and craven attempt to gain favour with the environmental niche of the electorate, Thanet Labour has once again gone for a narrow appeal to local Nimbies recently local Labour activists, attacked the provision of Social Housing preferring to maintain a few square metres of deserted grass and a derelict Hotel.

Now despite Labour councillors being in favour of allowing night flights,last time this was discussed, click here with the exception of  Labour's Greens, David and Elizabeth, master tactician, Clive Hart looks to have lead his party in another cul-de-sac.

You would have thought anyone with a bit of savvy and a respect for those they represent would consult first and then decide however in this case Thanet Labour have chosen to follow the lead of Labour at national level and ignore the electorate.

I understand the Labour party feel more negotiation needs to take place as far as any extension to flying hours is concerned and are aware of a backlash, still that said it seems stupid, for Labour to effectively have walked away from the debate.

As far as I know the public consultation period has not even begun so for many of us, myself included have yet to hear the pros and cons of this very important issue tested.Mike Harrison
Presumably Cllr Mike Harrison who current acts as chairman to the councils Airport Working Party will now resign from that committee or of course resign from the Labour group, as one would expect of Peter Campbell and Richard Nicholson.

Thanet Labour party's decision is a kick in the teeth for working people, business and anyone with any aspiration for themselves or the local area.

Those who I know in Ramsgate (other than cranks and Labour councillors) are either unaware of any nuisance or accept that their might be a slight bit of bother no worse than a lorry going past and not as irritating local drunks going home.

Its worth reminding ourselves that Labour nationally have put large numbers of working people on the scrapheap in recent times and done nothing help, so its business as usual for Labour, Thanks for nothing Clive!


  1. Nail on the head, Tony.

    Just a short time ago, Cllr. Mike Harrison was blogging under the title "Night Flight Hysteria Begins" and going on to say that "most people want to see a succesful and developing airport" at Manston.

    Now in a complete about face he is attacking me on another site for drawing attention to this and is trying to suggest that Labour still support the airport. What he means is that Labour support the banning of night flights and development when talking to the 'anti-Manston, don't disturb my retirement, group' but are keeping their options open when addressing jobseekers.

    Par for the course I guess and the usual all things to all men!

  2. Breath taking contempt but what else do you expect from Clive Hart.

    Rumour has it he keeps a picture of himself on the wall of his office labelled Opposition Leader.

  3. No.. it says "Leader of the Opposition"

  4. Most of Labour are past working, do you think they care?

    It is a case we're OK stuff the rest of you.

  5. Well we all have senior moments pity this one involve blighting our future

  6. It is rumoured that Mark Nottingham wanted to be adopted as the Labour candidate for South Thanet but, then, so did Clive Hart! Somebody had to lose out so could this explain the mysterious rumours of Nottingham's deselection! Labour intrigue no less!

  7. Clive Hart actually puts a picture of himself on the door leading to his office, so he can see which face he is wearing on the day!!

  8. "Those who I know in Ramsgate (other than cranks and Labour councillors) are either unaware of any nuisance or accept that their might be a slight bit of bother no worse than a lorry going past and not as irritating local drunks going home."

    You need to get to know more people in Ramsgate! Try popping round to any of the 8,000 homes under the flight path and then see if it's like a lorry going past.

    Glad to see the Labour group have listened to the sort of evidence as presented very reasonably by business expert Maurice Byford in the Gazette today. Evidence of the sort to be found in numerous academic studies, World Health Organisation reports and such like. Funny how people seem to think that changing one's mind is always a bad thing. As John Maynard Keynes said "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?" If the Labour group have actually looked at hard evidence and decided that the proposal is bad for Thanet, won't create jobs, will cause thousands misery, then good for them.

  9. For Manston against Night FlightsSaturday 30 October 2010 at 01:37:00 BST

    The jobs promised are a myth and flying at night won't bring us any more jobs. The windfarm is affecting the radar at Manston - surely this is a far more serious issue to debate? Should planes be flying out of Manston at all until the new radar equipment is ready? Which may take a year to arrive, or so we were told at the meeting last Monday

  10. For Manston against Night Flights said...

    Of course this serious issue you have raised may well fall on deaf ears as many seem far more interested in bickering/back-biting each other - councillors/politicians

    (term used extremely loosely)

    relating to their vanity issues etc

    They cant let the truth get in the way of hood-winking the people regarding the possibility of non-jobs.

  11. Cash incentives for councils that sign up for new wind farms

    Friday, 29 October 2010

    Local councils are to get extra funding if they give the go-ahead to new wind farms, under plans to stop local communities sabotaging renewable energy projects.

    Ministers are worried at the vast number of wind farm projects that are being turned down by councillors in the face of local opposition. The Independent revealed yesterday that the number of planning approvals for onshore wind farms is at an all time low, with only one in three applications getting to go-ahead.

    There are now 233 separate local campaign groups against wind farms. As a result ministers have agreed that local councils should be given incentives to help persuade them to approve more wind farms.

    Under the plans councils will be allowed to keep the business rates generated by wind farms – which currently have to be passed to central government

  12. Anon 11:10 PM

    The references you give are generally making the case against an airport at Manston. That, at least according to Cllr. Harrison, is not the position of the Thanet Labour Group.

    Labour claim to support the expansion of the airport but not night flights. In other words, in pursuit of being all things to all men, they seek to appeal to Manston's champions as well as it's detractors.

    As to the mythical jobs comments. Well, who really knows, but it is not just the jobs that might be ultimately created at the airport but the others that will arise from the industries attracted to an area with a flourishing regional airport.

    Mind you, what are jobs when a good nights kip is at stake?!!!

  13. You couldn't make it up. The dick head at 7:51 quotes NOT giving approval to night flights blights "our future". Infratil Manston is a scumbag airport blighting lives already. There will be no new jobs. Removal of safeguards for what? Wake my children at night, disturb them during school (St Laureence-in-Thanet) and me lose my Thanet job because I can't function! Most comments here seem to be from a bunch of losers who make out anybody who wants to sleep is some rich git from London, whilst you lot our "real" locals - real tossers more like!

  14. Jobs can be created in a deprived area regardless of whether there is potential to expand an airport. The council and other agencies at Hastings have attracted 800 new jobs for early next year from Saga. I hope that with its Kent base Thanet was in the running for these Saga jobs and if not why not?

  15. I see the comment at 10:37 AM, with usual left wing charm, describes another commentator as a 'dickhead' and cannot even spell the name of his kid's school too boot. Nuff said I guess.

    As to the jobs without an airport contribution, true, but how much easier when there is good transportation facilities. Did you learn nothing in geography?

  16. "kid's school too boot", check your grammar first before getting high and mighty. People in glass houses .....

  17. Clever stuff - you picked one of the deliberate mistakes but not the other. Suggest you stop before you dig your hole any deeper.

  18. Err,the name of the school is St Laurence-in-Thanet actually. Old English (well, Latin) rather than the frenchified St Lawrence of St Lawrence College. But, hey, let's have go at each other eh? That's the way to really make the area prosper.

  19. Touché, mon ami, let's call it quits and settle down in front of X factor (no choice I am afraid in my household) with a cold beer.

    Have a nice evening and may Wagner (pronounced V apparently) get his come uppance.

  20. Or maybe we could watch this and wakeup from the deep slumber the control freaks have used to manipulate the masses into believing their massive porkies

    got to be better than the X factor?

    End Of Days Official Video

  21. or something for the older generation ?

    A Case for Treason

  22. You and your political affiliate, Tory "Doctor" Simon Moores, must be really worried about the next round of elections. All you can do is run items attacking the Labour Party.

    You seem to have forgotten that your two Parties are in power nationally and the Tories are in power at County and District level - as they have been for some years.

    Or is it that you can find nothing positive to say about your achievements?

  23. Having just dropped-in to have a look at the debate here and If Tony will allow me to comment on the words of the now familiar night-owl, haunting his weblog instead of my own - it must be Halloween! - I would comment that much of our local attention is now focused on managing the legacy of financial disaster that Labour has left behind and that the people of Thanet will now have to carry as their share of the burden of Government debt!

    In Thanet terms and following the CSR a week ago, that adds up to £21 million or in real terms, we will have to deliver four years public services with the equivalent of three years income. We won't have the final figure that we will have to budget against, possibly until December and almost weekly more grants disappear.

    So that's what is occupying my mind and that of my cabinet colleagues at present

  24. Its not just the £21 millions cuts over the next few years its all the other government grants that came Thanet's way like SEEDA projects, Regeneration grants, Art council grants, schemes to get the youth trained and working. And with Thanet's 6,000 social housing list the 60% cut in social housing funds wont help.

  25. It beggars belief that anyone would want to listen to anything that a Labour supporter could say. Lets not forget why we are in this mess, blatant lies, deceit, spin on spin and the biggest nail in the coffin... Gordon "not a clue" Brown, who continually told us it's all going so well, when in fact the UK had hit the Iceberg and was taking on water fast.
    Labour, Conservative, Libdem or whatever they are called.... your all as bad as each other, it's about time you all grew up and stopped acting like spoilt kids at the sweet shop, the electorate deserve so much better than what you ever give.

  26. Sorry, 4:26 PM, but I am afraid the electorate get the governments they deserve. Far too many do not use their votes at all whilst many more follow the dogma of successive generations and vote for the party of their ancestors. For many there is no attempt to keep up to date and they blindly follow where their party activists lead.

    Hands up all those who believed Gordon when he said "no more boom and bust." Or maybe Chamberlain with his piece of paper, Ted Heath with his economic union or Tony Blair's referendum on the EU treaty!

    Get involved, find out what is going on and demand proper representation and governance from those you elect. If not, then don't complain.

  27. I see the paranoia queen of Thanet, Tory "Doctor" Simon, has paid a visit to your blog. Has he apologised yet for the slur you believe he dealt you?

    He can't break away from his obsession with anyone who challenges views he expresses, or now you express. His conjuring of terms like "night owl" will perhaps be followed by terms like "anorak" and references to mental illness and all the other insults he has used in the past when he gets scared and riled.

    It must be a Coalition thing.

  28. nothing heard from Cllr Harrison reference his loony leaders decision to condemn the airport's future, and our unemployed, job expectations in the future.
    It seems that all the good work done by the said Cllr and all his team have been in vain, so come on Cllr Harrison are you impartial or do you support the press release from your leader,

  29. So - when Labour rejects the application from the airport - they are loony and receive endless condemnation and insult on this site. So, what now then for Cllr Bayford and the rest of the council? What is your view on them rejecting the application also? Could it be that it is not a party political issue? Could it be that the application is at fault?

  30. Best go and see what Bob Bayford says about it all over on ThanetLife

  31. The Liberal Democrat view of democracy. Anyone who disagrees with them is a "crank or a Labour Councillor". Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Joe Grimond must be turning in his grave.

  32. Funny, I thought crank and Labour councillor were one and the same thing!

  33. No, 12.08, that's CROOK and Conservative.

  34. ANON sat oct 30 3.04 am

    how very true this article is in the Telegraph ...bottom

    One of last week’s sadder sights was that of a Channel 4 studio full of greenies, arguing about a documentary called What the Green Movement Got Wrong. Despite the pricking of the global warming bubble, they were all still quite certain that it threatens the world with catastrophe, yet they squabbled like children as to what we should do about it. A typical contribution was that of a nuclear-hating Friends of the Earth spokesman who claimed that within 40 years we could be making all our electricity from “renewables”, citing as evidence the fact that Britain recently opened the world’s largest offshore wind farm off the Kent coast. Of course, Channel 4 would never have allowed into the studio anyone clued-up enough to point out that, in return for subsidies of £60 million a year, the Thanet wind farm will generate, on average, only 75 megawatts of electricity – 10 times less than a small conventional power station, which could be built unsubsidised for the same cost. But a grown-up debate was not Channel 4’s game.

  35. You really are a gullible bunch of fools.

    Clive Hart said NO for the very good reason that the proposal was a fat bunch of lies with absolutely NO substance.

    How were the jobs going to be created? It didn't say.

    Where was benefit to Thanet? More passenger flights! from whom? There is absolutely no conditional agreement from any tour operator to operate out of Manston.

    Their latest joke of pomposity is to declare that they are going to create 3000 jobs. From where and from whom, Manston?

    Manston own plans promises only 50 jobs in the next 6 years.

    Their business plan is a joke, there are no commitments, no promises and no sign that anything they 'promise' will actually happen.

    They want the night flight ruling so that they can expand commercial traffic. Nothing more.

    Once they get the yes decision, they don't care if they fail to meet their plan as they will have what they want.

    There will be very few jobs, little investment and no growth in passenger services.

    Stop looking through your rose tinted lens and start looking at their plans for the substantial and enforcible.

    Yes CLive and I and many others want to see a growing successful airport. But their proposals do not add up and their finger in the air guestimates are laughable.

    Tour operators are not going to dismiss an airport solely because it does not offer night flights.

    They will however dismiss it on the grounds of location and facilities.

    MAG are lying blatantly on their proposals and you lot are stupid enough to believe their rhetoric.

    3000 jobs? 3000+ victims more like.