Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turner Contemporary opens late on Fridays even Good Fridays

Turner Contemporary gallery opens late till 10pm on Fridays, why I don't know but it is a great place just to watch the sun go down.

Even for those half empty people, Margate a week after the opening is still looking more than half full. 

Just a quick note to regular readers, I'm not likely to be blogging much for a week or two for reasons you'll be aware.  However since I've been plugging away for more than five years, on pretty much most local subjects, you could always trawl the archives or click labels such as the one at the bottom. Turner Contemporary which will drag up 60 previous postings on the subject.


  1. Walked through the town late evening yesterday and some of the bars were very busy with a lot of people still hanging about. Good to see indeed.

  2. Wow!Amazing photos Tony,thank you,what a fantastic place TC is,and views are stunning!

  3. Used to love the view of the sunset standing at the top of Fort Hill.

  4. Wow!Skies over Margate are truly amazing!Thanks for sharing Tony,Happy Easter!