Saturday, April 16, 2011

Turner Contemporary Opens

The Turner Contemporary was opened today by Jules Holland and Tracy Emin, a really pleasant atmosphere smiles all round, art lovers, the public, have today, been served up with what is a world class gallery.

Margate has been full of people like me who are doubly pleased, to see so many visitors, who looked happy and satisfied by the gallery the art shops, pubs, cafes.

It's proof that Margate is better than the spiral of doom and gloom perpetuated by many, and for anyone champing at the bit to wallow in misery, I suggest you get your bottom off the sofa and do what I did this morning walk down to the Contemporary, have a look, visit the galleries and shops run by local artists, have a  drink and something to eat.

I will be going back to the gallery its a great place, in fact I did go back later this afternoon with my granddaughter (9months) who seem throughly engrossed in the surroundings. 

More later maybe


  1. A truly positive report Tony thank you, yes Margate is on the up and it is eight years of Conservative administration that has got us here, Hart johnson and co may try and claim the credit, but to any one who has followed the project will know that Hart has been anti and has tried to keep everything in the Dark, oh and by the way the Dark Nottingham saga has highlighted weak ineffectual leadership.Role on May 5th well done the Tories yet another success, for those in Margate today they will have witnessed Margate reborn brought about by positive leadership.

  2. Unfortunately tdc politicians are more likely to have a fracas in a wool shop or a punch up at a party than do anything constructive to help the local population improve their lot.
    Hopefully the Turner centre will be a great success and art a la seaweed will be a success stroy for margate.

  3. Drove through Margate yesterday and from Westbrook on there were flags and bunting, by the time I reached the harbour area it was a blaze of colour and people were thronging around. Great to see and such a change in a relatively short space of time.

    Still much to do but movement in the right direction. Let's hope for all our sakes that this is just the start of a new tomorrow.

  4. Yeah!What a fanatastic acchevement,with all concerned,TC the old town over 8ooo people and a fantastic time had by all.Yeah!

  5. Anon 5.47, give credit where credit is due. This was and is a KCC led project with TDC just a minor player with very little input. You should be thanking the council at Maidstone. The £17 millions build costs, plus the cost of road improvements and the £10 millions that it will cost to run over the next 5 years is all down to SEEDA, the Arts Council and KCC. Only time will tell whether it will be £28 millions well spent.

  6. 0730pm. Hope you can say the same in October. Or even in a few days time once the excitement has died down and the lovies have gone home. Prime target for the local artists - of the graffitti kind that is

  7. /\/\/\08:02

    let's hope its banksy

  8. Fantastic day yesterday Brilliant

  9. The trouble with half of these people that think Margate is such a great place is they have never lived outside of Planet Thanet.
    The ones that are bigging it up probably have investments in the area and are going to make money out of the white elephant. It wont do anything for local people apart from create a handful of jobs, all subsidised by the tax payer!
    Margate has had its day.
    And it hasn’t been having a bad time for a “few years” its been decades!
    I couldn’t wait to get out of the small minded tip that is Thanet and nor could miss Emin.
    As for Turner he painted all over the world so why has Margate got a claim on him.
    Emin only went to school there for a few years, so she's hardly “Margate s daughter”
    The only thing Margate is famous for is boarded up shops, crime, drugs, high unemployment, forced immigration, bedsits and regular arson.
    As for “world class gallery” give me a break!
    The Bilbao it will never be. The Bilbao is built in a Spanish city not a desolate forgotten tip that takes near on two hours to get to from London. Not forgetting the near two hours back. More with the constant rail works usually on a weekend.
    The only good thing to ever come out of Margate is the road out of it!

  10. The TC got built despite KCC not because of it. They were all for cancelling it after the first architect fiasco.

  11. 11.19am
    We're glad you left Thanet too.

  12. 11 19 Your comments are without merit, they are as bitter and moronic as one gets on these pages.

    I agree with yogi bear please stay away at least until you have had professional help.

  13. What a pompus speach that you tube video gives. Oh Art ya ya ya ya.

    They wont be back in Margate thats for sure.

  14. There are some seriously nasty bastards (excuse language Tony but anything else would be too polite) infest these blogs at times and none more so than when there is some good cheer.

    Just what is it with people who claim to hate the place, only enjoy the road out, but have to bore us with their small minded bitterness.

    Probably find 11:19 lives somewhere really with it like Peckham or Abbey Wood, if it takes him two hours to get here. Spends the first hour trying to find the wheels of his car no doubt.

    Seriously, 11:19.if you don't like Margate just stay away and keep your miserable comments to yourself. We certainly don't want or need you.

  15. What can you say Bill, yesterday was the most significant day for Margate in many a year, I spent from half nine to five in and around the old town, harbour and Turner and would have stayed a lot later had it not been for needing to get up for work at half four as I do most days of the week.

    I was going to simply delete 11 19 but why bother its just sour grapes and why.

  16. I bet there will be more people at the beer festival on friday and saturday than all week at the anthea turnip centre.Just about sums planet fannit up!

  17. I find that the naysayers are getting even more bitter, desperate and irrational now that TC has opened and provided a great weekend for Margate.

    If it is a success and Margate becomes a desirable place to live and visit can you imagine the venom they'll come out with then?

    If they had actually been in Margate over the weekend they would have witnessed people of all ages and social classes enjoying a momentous occasion. Mind you, even if they had been there they would have still poured scorn on the whole thing. They are just pathetic, bitter idiots, whoever they are.

  18. 9 16 a familiar voice? Yes next week is the beer festival, beloved by all especially beardy blokes who revel in your sort of unimaginative thinking and of course normal people who can appreciate more than your narrow band world.

    You can enjoy both art and beer it won't kill you.

  19. It's no use being pessimistic now as it doesnt help anyone. Head on over to Margate and you will find it hard not to get caught up in the hype.

    Of course only time will tell, but we can all hope that this is what Margate needs to get it back off it's knees and standing tall.

  20. its so nice to see all the bitter and twisted minds head to your blog Tony. It saves me deleting there mindless comments. I am sure if they were to wake up feeling anthing close to happy they would go to the doctors for more depresant tablets. Miserable becomes a whole new art form in Thanet.

  21. 9:16 I should imagine the beer festival numbers would be double the turner visitors friday and saturday.
    Oh well

  22. 99% of the reports from the weekend were positive and rightly so. The success and quality of the whole thing has left me reeling. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying 'I was wrong'. It makes you no less of a person. In fact it makes you more of one. Now is the time for the doubters to finally admit that things may be a little different now. Of course time will tell, but now I think it's time to admit, even if you don't understand why, that people really are interested in coming to the Turner and Margate. I am looking forward to jobs, prosperity and influx of youth.

  23. Fiona,tell that to those poor 5,000 Pfizer workers.

  24. 11:19. Your comment reveal your own small-mindness. I was bought up in Thanet, I moved around southern England, have worked across the UK, Africa and Afghanistan so fel qualified to hammer your objections on Thanetians into the ground. You mention The Bilbao Guggenheim was built in the post industrialised city of Bilbao which was the 2nd biggest industrialised region of Spain and a major sea port....hence not a nice place to be. Bilbao is now a service centre city undergoing revitalisation though in northern Spain unemployment runs around 25%. Margate has a future, people like you 11:19 reveal their bitterness at other people's success. Go back to wherever your cave is and learn to make fire. The TC is one of the first places I'll visit when I get back from the Stan.

  25. Unbelievable!!
    The Turner Centre closed today for maintenance.It could only happen in Thanet.

  26. Don't come to Margate it is closed.

  27. "9 16 a familiar voice? Yes next week is the beer festival, beloved by all especially beardy blokes who revel in your sort of unimaginative thinking and of course normal people who can appreciate more than your narrow band world.

    You can enjoy both art and beer it won't kill you."

    No Tony, 9:16 wasn't me. Are you missing me already? lol...

    You could not be more wrong about either my character or my motives. Let's hope you are more adept at laying railway line than assessing people.

    FYI, I was pleased to see the carnival atmosphere at the opening and I love it here in Thanet.

  28. I agree with the comments condemning the negative reaction from a minority to the opening of the Turner Contemporary and a highly successful launch weekend. If Margate is starting off down a new, more positive path, then that warrants support and backing, whichever political party or business group is behind it. As long as no-one is being duped or exploited, of course.

    But you can challenge the negativity, Tony, without falling back on the offensive reference to the poster needing "professional help". It seems to be a habit of far too many Thanet bloggers to imply that those who present opposing views are disturbed, mentally ill, or ijn some way in need of "help". That response - seen all too often here and on Thanet Life - is offensive, not only to the commentator but to those who really do have mental health problems. It is the language and behaviour of the playground.

    Start behaving like adults not children.

  29. Anonymous 1:24 people who promote extreme negative views which stray from the rational, rely on prejudice, do need help.

    Just look at the 11:48 anon, even your own contrived boring comment suggests an obsession.

    Tony is to polite!

    Whats wrong with celebrating Margate for once.

  30. I was happy to hear Margate traders had a great weekend and the Town was packed and blessed with glorious weather.

    The Turner Contemporary has been a long time happening so let's hope the people that run it keep things interesting and keep local people and local artists involved.

    I haven't visited yet but will probably pop along this weekend.

  31. I live on benefits, I struggle to keep the family fed and clothed. My home is rundown but I do my best. I prioritise in spending every penny I have to maintain what little comforts we as a family can afford.
    On Saturday my partner announced they had spent all of our savings on a luxury item! Was I pleased?

    An analogy of Thanet folk.

  32. Just like Labour bought 2 aircraft carriers no money for health education or much else

  33. Great that the Turner has finally opened but who's decision was it not to open yesterday (Monday)? Fine having small print somewhere that says its closed on Mondays but that didn't help the folk who'd travelled by train down from London, standing outside, expecting to experience part of the 10 day Turner spectacular. Don't expect they'll be back in a hurry. And they weren't the only ones either. Wasn't so bad for us fairly locals who'd had a wasted trip with the kids but I'd not be too impressed if I'd travelled that far!

  34. ascu75 aka Don. Sorry but why would you even consider deleting all the negative comments?

    Thats even more narrow minded than the comments you describe! it's like Posting a rubbish video on youtube and deleting all the negative comments just so you can big yourself up and look better.

    Theres nothing wrong with having split opinion on a subject wether you like the posters comments or not as they are valid to the poster.

    As for my opinion, well. I am not interested in art or so-called art. I have no interest in the TC and neither does anyone that I know.

  35. 2.11
    suggest you tell the people you know, both of them!!, that Margate is on the up

  36. The naysayers are dwindling in number happily.
    As for it being closed on Monday, it only said it on the website, posters, leaflet handouts so why would you know? Derr!
    Droit was always closed on Monday. If some people had not waited until they saw the town heaving with thousands to give the place a chance then they would have known it always closes on Monday. Tsk! DO pay attention.

  37. Yogi, have not seen any leaflets and posters in my part of Kent. The opening page of the web site splashes 16-25 April opening celebrations admission free. Nothing about except the 19th. You have to find monday closed on a sub page. The home page was thus misleading and the TC has got poor publicity from this.
    TC is the only show in town at the moment and a way must be found to open on mondays for the sake of traders.

  38. The main point is not whether the Gallery being closed on Mondays has been made clear enough, it is WHY the Gallery should be closed on Mondays. The Tate Galleries are open every day; so is the National Gallery - and looking around the country, I have not been able to find any gallery that has a one-day closure every week. There may be some, but I have not been able to find them.

    If other major galleries can manage to open every day, then I'm sure the Turner Contemporary should do the same. To be as success means pulling out all the stops.

  39. Well now we know, lets move on hey.

    Those familiar with the Turner will be aware that on Mondays they closed exhibitions at the Marks and Spencer Building.

    It really is perverse the lengths some are going to make negative comments.

  40. P. Baker

    Tate St Ives and Liverpool are both closed on mondays, The New gallery Walsall is closed on tuesdays and sundays, Mima in Middlesbrough is closed on mondays: they are amongst the newest galleries in the country.

    I was going to go to the Turner on monday and checked the opening times just in case. Doesn't take much effort.

  41. Yes TC Fantastic!Just one point i would like to put to fiona,i was under the immpression you could park on the Harbour Arm with disabled badge,so imagine my horror when i took my very disabled aunt for a cuppa at beabeached and to find a parking ticket for £75 or £50 if paid in 14 days,this has completly ruined our day(Very expensive cuppa)how mean spirited..

  42. Anon 3:47 I sympathise but would have to say I would never make such an assumption. Far too many disabled badge drivers make the mistake of thinking they can just park anywhere from the brow of a hill to the zig-zags on a pedestrian crossing. Badge or not, it is always worth checking first and always park safely.

    Don't blame the warden, the Turner or Margate. The fault is yours and yours alone.

  43. 1.43pm
    The opening hours are on the homepage, that's the first page, under...oh yes...opening times!
    You do have to scroll down. Hope that's not too much effort for you.

  44. 4.34pm
    The Tate and National are, in case you hadn't noticed, in London!
    A city with a potential visiting clientele of millions.
    Bit different to Thanet or even Kent.
    Do get over it. It's getting sad.

  45. Did'nt think they were blaming Turner!Hope you never get so disabled you can't go and get a cup of tea and enjoy the view.I sympathise

  46. This whole turner fiasco has highlighted just one thing, that being that if you don't agree with it you will be pillaried from post to post by those on here who really believe they are the ones in the know.
    Frankly it's pathetic and just shows how narrow minded the people who are "FOR" the TC really are.
    Debate is meant to be the balance of differeing opinions and not the childish point scoring the like of which this blog has become.
    No one actually knows what he TC will be, either a success or a monumental waste of time and money, the next two years will determine which way it goes.Personally I cannot see it surviving past two years once all the hype and limelight has disappeared, it will need to make money to survive and there is just no plan in place for it to be able to do so.
    It's a real shame that the TC has divided so many people, but then as Thanet residents we should be used to this treatment from both KCC and TDC they are after all they are gold medalists in creating division.

  47. 6:40 Surely it is the anti-brigade who are guilty of attacking those that support the Turner rather than the other way round. Why is it pathetic to applaud a great start and hope that this will lead on to some sort of Margate revival.

    You are right that nobody can say for certain this success will be maintained, but it seems to be OK for you to say it is doomed, or words to that effect.

    Yes it is about debate and some folk suupport your pessimiistic view whilst others of us support the optimistic. Where is the childish point scoring in that.

    Just because someone does not share your view does not mean they are necessarily wrong or childish. You could be wrong in your prediction and you stand the risk of being branded childish if you persist with such labelling of others.

    You want a grown up debate so act like it.

  48. 4:45 I too hope I never get so disabled that I cannot enjoy a cuppa in the sunshine and I hope the same for you also. None the less, I maintain that being disabled and having a badged car does not give you the right to park just anywhere you feel like.

    I said I sympathised and I do because I got a speeding fine for 36 mph in a 30 zone in light, early morning traffic a while back. Seriously ruined my day when I got the notice, but it wasn't the camera cops fault - it was mine. Shit happens and being disabled does not give you some kind of exemption from live's nastier tricks.

  49. Yep,BUT ITT WAS'NT THEIR FAULT!Fiona and co co got £35000 to develop harbour Arm,and they have turned it into an expensive car park with NO disabled facilities,and i have seen there cars parked illigally all along the top part of Fort Road,WRONG!

  50. YeP!But well done to TC all the traders in the old town.along the Piazza,Beached and Lighthouse bar for making it such a sucess!Think we are in for another great weekend :)

  51. 8:38 You are still having trouble with your 'there' when you mean 'their' in your comments. Gives you away and makes you less anonymous than you think.

  52. It was 350,000 by the way.