Wednesday, August 03, 2011

BBC Advertising report - The missing link

smooresADOutside of national news we are used to superficial reporting from the BBC, an interesting case in point is reportage of Thanet Councils tough new campaign against "illegal" advertising.

Peter Wittlesea's report (Click) has Cllr Simon Moores firmly staring down the lens of his camera, looking uncomfortably formal on what must have been a hot day, anyhoo the councillor suggests, referring to advertising that businesses "go through a proper process.

Mr Wittlesea could have asked at this point, what proper processes other than compliances with the CAA, Mr Moores (as a businessman) goes through before dragging airborne banners across our sky I wonder why the reported didn't make the link?.

Maybe Cllr Moores will enlighten us, with what steps he takes to inform the authorities before he disturbs neighbourhoods with the noise of his plane droning above, with an incitement to marriage or a friendly message of support for some football team.

To be honest unless it's real nuisance I'd say it's none of our damn business as with some trader using there vehicles to advertise for business.

Finally how sporting of Simon to allow himself to be framed with a traders van in shot but how shocking seeing TDC using Stanley type knives to cut down advertising posters, on worksites these are frequently discouraged by Health and Safety zealots due to the open blade.stanley


  1. They can be seen in the report taking down posters & banners from outside The Winter Gardens, where THEY (the winter gdns) put up posters and banners of exactly the same size! So all this "dangerous distraction" business is complete b*llocks!

  2. I see the case of the Naughty Advertisers has warranted a second justifying blog and now we are given to understand that these steps are being taken because local businessmen (ie Councillors plus the Big Three who can't be named) have complained. Don't suppose anyone wants to do anything about the firms that save on parking space by getting their employees to take a works van home and park it outside their house all weekend. Me**s for example.

  3. Of course its one rule for them and sod the rest of the people cant really expect any more from the councils share holders , or can we ?