Saturday, August 27, 2011

Driving home my point

driveby commentsSorry to visit old ground but a quick glance through the letters page of the Isle of Thanet Gazette this week (something which might not be possible for much longer) and wallop there’s Labour bod, Cllr Ian Driver exuding indignation, not miffed! nor perturbed! that would be too mild, no the poor gent is positively “SHOCKED and appalled”. Crikey!

Why? because Cllr Bob Bayford had the temerity to ignore requests to speak at the recent animal export protest, now I don’t know why this is so upsetting for Cllr Driver however from his letter I’d guess if his feelings were to be measured, on the scale of botheration, he must be somewhere between incandescent rage and explosion, rather than just flustered.

Personally I’d see an invitation to speak, at such a rally, as posturing by Cllr Driver loaded with political complications, which certainly appears to be the case given his revelations and clear sensitivity.image

One might ask the question of any of Labours “Old boys” why is Cllr Driver not making a big issue about Clive Hart who I understand did not attend? Did Cllr David Green speak (Mayor of Ramsgate?)

As I may have suggested it seems Labour have imagehijacked an issue which is naturally upsetting. It looks like “labour activists” are milking this for all its worth, Cllr Jennifer Matterface , lets us know that “several Labour councillors including myself were there” referring to the protest (big deal).

I think that someone in Labour ought to name and proclaim all those wonderful heroic Labour members who clearly care more than the rest of us, perhaps the flippin pope could have them sainted or whatever the term is.

Or maybe they should get a sense or proportion, I remember some time ago posting about people trafficking in the sex industry and newspapers accepting advertising, it seemed understandable that few wished to comment on such a wretched matter.

I think for Labour activist to manipulate the issue of animal welfare, is despicable, maybe Cllr Clive Hart could give us the official Labour line, does he support this sort of line of attack. Yes or No?

It makes you wonder, what sort of group Labour is becoming, earlier in the year we had the surprise of Mark Nottingham being deselected in the Northwood Ward accompanied by some controversy with Labour “old boys”  keeping very quite on the subject (perhaps with a mind on cllrs allowances), anyhow up pops Cllr Ian Driver.

Anyway I cordially invite* Cllr Ian Driver, Cllr Clive Hart and what the heck Cllr Jennifer Matterface to submit their comments, on this blog posting and if I don’t receive a reply I shall promise not to be unperturbed, uninterested, unaffected,  no .. no I shall be wound up, er furious and blimin upset… no thats not strong enough I shall be “SHOCKED and appalled”.

* I will email a link and no doubt, expect Cllr Driver to offer a prompt and courteous account of why he expects others to jump when he corresponds. I’m sure Cllr. Clive Hart and Cllr. Matterface will also be compelled to reply considering my request anything but autocratic arrogant and designed to make them look bad. emails despatched between 13:21-22


  1. I'm SHOCKED and appalled

    Clive Hart has replied I guess from deep inside Labour bunker!

    with this brief message -

    "Sorry Tony

    Was always happy to contribute until you started to twist my comments in the past.

    Once the trust has gone and all that!

    No personal offence.

    Best wishes


    None taken quite what Clive means by me twisting his comments is well for him to mull over.

    Still in a democracy we do not have to conform even with directives from he or his acolytes like Ian Driver.

    In all honesty I have no animosity to Cllr Hart or any of his colleagues despite my SHOCK ETC!

  2. Unfortunately some animal rights activists are extreme and no better than those involved in this cruelty, you can understand why Bayford didn't rush to join the rable.

  3. Probably fair to say that Clive Hart has absolutely no control over Driver who is the far Left's plant in Thanet Labour. Indeed I am quite sure that Clive is already looking over his shoulder warily at this rabble rousing upstart. If he had troubled to find out though the guy has plenty of extremist previous.

    Jennifer Matterface, to be fair to the lady, did say there was also a Conservative Councillor at the demo but what the odds. Abhorence at this type of animal transportation knows no party boundaries and there are those opposed to it, as well as others disinterested, across the political spectrum. Only Scargill's disciple could make it a Labour revolution.

    I am quite sure we will hear a lot more of Cllr Driver before Clive wakes up to the viper in his nest.

  4. I'm shocked and appalled that the people of England are still putting up with this ridiculous farce we call politics.

    How about we stop giving them our money?

  5. Anon 2.22

    You beat me to it! What complete and utter waste of time the lot of them are, it wont be long before masses are forced to wake up, they cant keep up the charade for much longer. .

  6. Perhaps part of the issue here - and the reason why it is not unreasonable for Driver to comment on Bayford - is that the latter leads the Administration in Thanet. It is a Tory Council, not a Labour one. Having Opposition Councillors attending a protest such as this does not carry the same impact as having the Majority Party there.

    It seems obvious that all of your political posts are simply anti-Labour rants, Tony. Either against the Party or people within it. Given that your own Party - assuming you are still together - is in government nationally, aren't there opportunities for you to be positive and explain/justify/promote your own Party's policies rather than just knock those on the "other side"?

  7. The last sentence of your 01.47 comment, Tony, suggests you are simply making mischief through this blog, with no serious intent or purpose, and that you are "rousing rabble" in the same way as those at whom you are pointing your finger.

  8. 8 07 it is not the case that I am making anti Labour rants, I call things as I see them plain and simple, either Cllr driver is sincere or not as the case may be, and I dont like the hollyier than thou angle from anybody, if you notice I am In favour of an elected chief of police for Kent which is something the leader of the KCC Lliberal group leader is apposed

    8 10 I was attempting to be ironic maybe you missed that point.

    Id have jumped on both comments earlier had it not been for technical difficulties.