Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blatant Britain - Before you go!

I wonder if, what with all these allegations about wrong doing from the mundane like Metropolitan Police loaning horses, to News International staff  badgering one time child star Charlotte Chuch to perform at Rupert Murdoch's last wedding, dozens of public figures hacked, journalists arrested, police taking bribes or being given jobs, even serious accusations of News of the World putting detectives investigating a murder under surveillence,  whether before he leaves these shores for good, it might just be prudent for our police to ask James Murdoch, if he's absolutely sure he doesn't know anything about all this malarkey.

Still what do Top bods know about anything, not a lot I suppose. How pleasing to see old Rupert launch his Sunday Sun, as if nothing ...............


  1. The main stream media if you can call it that, rarely reports the real news.

    Many have noticed that Kent is also getting alot of coverage around the world, just that unfortunately its not being mentioned in the main stream news as often as it should .

  2. All communications are now being recorded directly by big brother, so Murdoch's surveillance network is surplus to requirements and his brand of dobermann-paparazzi journalism falls outside of the centrist, "everything is wonderful", political direction desired by the establishment.

    So 'they' have clipped his wings. In my opinion.

  3. The public have to produce its own media and not rely on any media that works in conjunction with government.

    (Council Meeting) Councillors Back Track on Filming Row, + Article From Local Paper (CHAD)

    Some have clearly forgotten who they are supposed to be working for.

  4. Good riddance James, you cold blooded child poisoner.

  5. There is only one way that Murdoch held such sway with police and government, and that is with the facilitation afforded him by someone far more powerful.

    So it is more likely that Newscorp was a conduit and Murdoch merely an agent for that more powerful person.

    And when their scurrilous activities get outed, as they invariably do, the agent takes the fall.

    Now, which powerful family is renowned for shielding itself behind agents?

  6. Could this be the beginning of the night of the long knives? Brown-shirts and brown-nosers beware.

  7. Funny how those supposedly there for our protection tend not to be !

    Police are linked to blacklist of construction workers

    Security services 'gave data to clandestine organisation funded by major names in building industry'