Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Child Courts 20% of Experts not qualified?

I know a lot of readers have concerns about family courts, and child care.  Channel four news carried a report suggesting that many child experts giving evidence are not qualified. This was shown at around 19:30 13-03-12 I suggest you check out ch4 +1 or check out their catch up page later.


  1. i also suspect that past and present KCC children's services cabinet members are also not qualified in any way.

  2. Bravo Channel 4! And also to you Tony for bringing it to our attention.

    "90% of experts currently not in practice".

    Clearly a bunch of overpaid yes men who were failures in their field. Or perhaps they are attracted by the 'fringe benefits'? Most likely all three.

  3. And who can forget Sir Roy Meadow's 'munchausen syndrome by proxy' quackery and his absurd claim of a 73 million to one chance of losing a second child.

    As it turns out, these 'shaken babies' were killed by vaccines

  4. Good point anon 8.12

    Shouldn't they all be required as corporate parents to be "tested" for their capabilities to parent first - many think so ?

    Big money is to be made out of labeling parents as having borderline personality disorders so that councils can steal children for forced adoptions.

    These experts are paid very well by the local authorities as are the huge council legal teams.

    Yet KCC wont say who is qualified to insist on these so-called assessments that they dont impose on those who receive these stolen children such as their highly paid fosterers or adopters.

    Kent Adoption / Fostering - psychological or psychiatric testing


  5. Here come the child stealers out in force, not that I would believe their figures for a moment probably could add a few noughts on the end !

    Looks like Blairs adoption targets have been re-introduced.

    Local authorities to have scorecards for adoption

    Local authorities are to be issued scorecards to measure how quickly they place children for adoption.


  6. At long last the truth is coming out in dribs and drabs

    Also, how many families have lost their children to forced adoptions for refusing to have these so called expert assessments demanded by council social workers, CAFCASS, judges ...and who in their right mind could blame them for refusing when its obvious that its the experts that need their heads testing ....along with many who have been benefiting from child trafficking for a very very long time and those who continue to help hide it

    Families are the ones who are damned if they do and damned if they don't....

    Call it what it is EVIL Child Trafficking that generates gross sums of money for all involved.... shame on them all

  7. How competent are 'expert' witnesses called to court?


  8. Now, who are the conspiracy theorists.

    This is just the tip of a massive iceberg that is being uncovered because MP's and councillors have allowed this to fester, because stolen children generate massive profits for the child stealing industry about £21 billion a year!

    The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who wont do anything about it!

    Families have been telling the truth about the forced adoption of their children at the hands of council social services and their legal teams in secret family courts for decades. Its time to abolish forced adoptions and give all the stolen children back.

    The doctor who broke up families: Psychiatrist who damned hundreds as 'unfit parents' faces GMC probe


  9. Like wow! Rumour has it that these evil people ain't people at all but aliens who take on human form, wear aprons and exchange greetings with secret hand shakes.

    The stolen children are brainwashed and given advanced combat training to ultimately take over the Earth at the bidding of their alien masters who first arrived on the planet in the reign of Solomon.

    Worryingly, they move among us totally unrecognisable and have infiltrated governments, banks, the military and police. They have total control and it is too late to thwart their plans.

    Must go now as the nice psychiatric nurse has just brought my breakfast, so you all have a nice day - tee hee!

  10. Sounds like some are getting very worried and they really should be. There is far more to come out and it seems Kent is at the helm as expected. Lots of people are asking questions that need to be aired in the public domain.

    Complaints about psychologists and psychiatrists.


  11. All involved with this disgraceful business of destroying families for money he should be ordered to pay back all the money they made as well. Let these people have a taste of poverty and unemployment and a criminal record.

    "Let them eat cake" remember what happened to Marie Antoinette

  12. It is my understanding that a family is a group and that the taking of children and moving them from one group to another is prohibited by UK and International Law, this is evidenced by the provision in UK Statute Law -
    “International Criminal Court Act 2001 – Schedule 8 – Article 6 – Genocide (e) forcible transferring children of the group to another group”

    Notice of this should be placed in every council & mp office especially kcc hugely inflated ss & legal teams and not forgetting the courts who just rubber stamp the local authority orders and the solicitors who pretend to work for the families but fail to rebut any assumptions or presumptions who basically hand the children over to the state. With the help of socalled independent psyco babble experts and witnesses. Make them all take a lie detector test lets see how many of them would be putting their grubby paws out for the cash then.

  13. Dont forget Articles 7 and 8, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes which include similar charges.

    Best to email the ICC Monday morning when asking them to send out arrest warrants to KCC officials. The ICC guys don't work weekends...

  14. The system is no longer run for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the elite in all walks of life. Politicians are out and out liars in most cases (there are a few genuine souls amongst them) and most have their noses in the trough along with the so called Civil servants (who are usually anything but civil)

    Civil claims in the Queens Bench and or a Lien placed against the corrupt would do far more than any of their organisations set up to keep problems hidden and fobbed off.

  15. New radio show


    wonder how many KCC mps or councillors we can expect to defend the position of KCC SS commonly known as the UK top child kidnappers

  16. children in "care" ....rented out for sex with so much more to come out

    Oxford police crack down on child prostitution ring


  17. Dutch radio discussing the destruction of the family and UK forced adoptions , world wide child molesting and the system protecting itself with an MP


  18. This is how we need to handle the SS in this country, watch and learn

    Lifting the veil


  19. Oh dear another former Conservative who was on Cameron select list for MP .speaking out about the SS. looks like she had a lucky escape and kept her son at a cost of £10,000

    Another former Conservative in Kent who refused psychological testing, wasn't so lucky when she tried to raise exactly the same concerns that are being raised about the SS NOW and lost her 4 granddaughters to forced adoption

    Sheena speaks at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2010


  20. Shhh...don't mention the eugenics



    " “The panel is clear that trying to kiss a young, vulnerable patient on the lips is clearly inappropriate, not in her best interests and below the standards expected of a consultant psychiatrist."

    "Dr Anthony Baker, 64, is currently used by several large local authorities, including Kent County Council, to assess children in their care. He also assesses the mental condition of their parents as part of care proceedings. He was visiting professor at Kingston University in Surrey between February 2010 and February 2011."


  22. just found this, thought i would share it with you . . .

    when the ss came for the children of the parents with learning difficulties
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent with learning difficulties

    when the ss came for the children of the parents who were disabled
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent with disabilities

    when the ss came for the children of the mentally impaired
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent with mental impairments

    when the ss came for the children of the parents who had been in care
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent who had been in care

    when the ss came for the children of the parents who had suffered abuse (sexual, physical, domestic)
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent who had suffered abuse

    when the ss came for the children of the parents who were homeless
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent who was homeless

    when the ss came for the children of the poor
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent who was poor

    when the ss came for the children of the teenagers
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent who was a teenager

    when the ss came for the children of the single parents
    I remained silent
    I was not a parent who was single

    When are they coming for your children?

    ~ Ben Mosely