Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thanet in the age of the minority

We are living in a period of near anarchy in local politics, it seems to me that perhaps a new breed of wild eyed, frankly bonkers local politicians are setting the agenda, it makes me think kindly of the time when Sandy Ezekiel and Roger Latchford ruled the Island.

I know I was harsh on Labour yesterday and see no reason to be polite today, such is the substance of Clive Hart's leadership. It's worth noting how despite Labour adopting a craven nimby manifesto in last years local election, they failed miserably in the local elections and lack authority.

Maybe issues such as, the de-selection of their hard working representative in Northwood, and the selection of candidate Ian Driver who repayed the favour by ditching Clive Hart, and his mates at the earliest opportunity.

I'm not sure whether this is still at the "are they serious" stage or whether it's confirmed that cllr. Will Scobie will be the Labour choice for Margate Mayor, but if true, it can be taken as indicative of the superficiality of Labour, no insult or offense intended but as educated and keen as he is, Cllr. Scobie will be perceived in some quarters as a bit of a whippersnapper lacking the maturity usually expected of your run of the mill Mayor a role usually reserved for ageing dinosaurs.

I note that the latest political sideshow group, Thanet Independent Group, are backing Will in the their highly influential blog, no doubt they will expect to be rewarded.

Will Scobie is without a doubt one of the brighter members of Labours Thanet group, I just wonder if the young councillor is being both acknowledged for his talent and side lined in the role as Mayor so as not to offend some of the less capable dinosaurs in senior posts with local Labour.

Rather odd if you ask me is labour putting out the begging bowl for increased councillors allowances, I  just wonder why Clive Hart didn't ask himself still particularly in these times when many of us haven't had a pay increase in years, it's a big ask (Here at Bignews Margate we continue to offer public service for free in pointing out hypocrisy, why can't our councillors be more public spirited).

Not sure how true this is but I understand that life is not a bed of roses for labour bods with one member heroically continuing duties for the party, despite drawing sick pay (public sector I believe) for stress.

Finally just coming back to the TIG website I notice they carry the legend that "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" of course I feel a tad guilty that I have yet to report one of their number to Thanet council standards for accusations made on this blogsite. Also the same councillor is about  to hijack sorry lead a campaign to save the Margate Hospital, what a hero! saviour! of animals, champion of single sex  couples hoorah!


  1. There's a blogging opportunity Tony as a public service,why don't you examine the 'facts' of the so-called closure rather than the hyperbole surrounding it from Cllr Driver?

  2. easy to criticise from sidelines. Harder to get off your arse and try to do something

  3. 11:11 Think that all up by yourself. Maybe you should run for high office.

  4. Wasn't it Labour that said they wanted to reduce councillor allowances in their manifesto? I know they lost the vote the other month - but to now go the other way is hypocracy.

  5. Politic's and po lie ticians are a complete joke put out there to pretend we have a choice if we are silly enough to vote and give our rights away to them.

    Unfortunately the media is no better with their very selective reporting. We should boycott all the media they are complicit in all the crimes of the elite by their actions.

    I have nothing but contempt for them all.

    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

    This is a bit rich its exactly because they all do nothing that evil is triumphing and atrocities are kept hidden

  6. This mob are not just wild-eyed and bonkers, they are, as Nigel Farage might put it, "very dangerous people indeed!"

    We should boycott all corporations, including councils. It is clear that they are taking our energy and using it against us, and have been doing so for a very long time.

  7. "We should boycott all corporations, including councils."

    Or better still, begin suing the pants off of them.

  8. Making accusations that someone acepted office as a Cabinet member whilst claiming sick pay for stress will get you into trouble

  9. 4 18 It would appear that you have misread my post still since you have raised it,I will naturally make enquires, I'm sure that such a state of affairs is unlikely.

    In the meantime maybe you could explain exactly how I've accused a cabinet member of claiming sick pay and then accepting "office"as you put it.

  10. Its best not to vote for any of them it only encourages them and stop paying these criminal organisations passing themselves off as public services.


  11. I am unable to find any difference between a protection racket and the money-gathering actions of the Local Council. Both decide on some arbitrary amount of money which they want and then demand that amount with menaces.

    What are we really paying for fat cat pensions and councillor expenses, apart from that I would love to know where the money really goes.

  12. As the UK government robs millions from the taxpayer’s to the British Prime Minister David Cameron is implicated in a massive tax evasion scandal.


  13. Yet another thread totally highjacked by the conspiracy nutter, Tony. It does rather stifle debate and you ought maybe to consider treating it as spam.

  14. Up to a point Tom, there is a fair bit of tosh being spammed here on Bignews, by real labour type fruit cakes, also I guess a fair few Muppets lounging around in line green shell suits.

    I hope the completely bonkers ones tire of there conspiracies, but maybe tiger the sane ones????

    Any how I've emailed Clive Hart for a denial or confirmation concern rumors about his team,

    Further more I have far more important matters to address.

  15. Brian Gerrish explains marxist psychopolitics: