Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Don't judge an MP by their last pronouncement

Senior backbencher Julian Brazier said: “We have caused disproportionate turbulence with a couple of policies like Lords reform and gay marriage that we are not committed to under the coalition agreement.”

A quote from the evening standard, which is also available else where, now originally I had intended to do an obscure Tory duffer type posting, prompted as I was by firstly seeing a rare if not unique appearance of Julian Brazier, on BBC news channel yesterday as well as a posting on promote Thanet blog.

Further motivated having typed out a comment which either I managed not to submit to Dons blog or since I had been rather forthright might well have been evaporated, basically for what it's worth I was taking exception to Julian Brazier's and others suggestion that reforming the house of Lords is not a priority to the public, my self suggesting that continuation of the house of Lords as it stands today is a throwback to the middle ages and an endorsement of a feudal past and serfdom.

Anyhoo as always before I post one of my own cliche ridden rambles, I generally have a quick google, just to reinforce my preconceptions, and while I don't entirely agree with his remark as quoted by the standard a quick scan into the internet reveals  a politician who might be little more than the bland stereotypical Tory toff I was going to refer.

Notably I see that recently he has controversially dared to question, Israels settlement activity, no surprise to me, he has been heavily criticised in the Israeli media as an Israel basher (this is a term used to discredit honest critics), interestingly the Jewish Chronicle, reports how the MP made himself available to discuss his views with Israeli activists and representatives.

So having intended as I mentioned earlier, to write off Julian Brazier as a typical right winger, I have to say that he doesn't fit my narrow vision, and I have to say that it is refreshing to see someone willing to stand up against the enormous Israeli propaganda machine, which continues to cover up its wide ranging abuse of people in Israel's occupied territories.

I've mentioned Israel's abuses in the past and have rarely been surprised at the Israeli basher crap from activists, or of course anti-Semitic allegations, refusing children medical care, confiscation of homes and land, fencing people in,  has nothing to do religion more a case of crime.

Anyhow although most in the west accept Israelis right to exist it doesn't give them carte blanche to run rough shod over human rights and normal humanity and many of us are not happy with Israeli abuse, and we need people like Julian Brazier to stand up and calmly oppose hypocrisy.


  1. Tony I dont remove comments I havent got one from you unless you are an anon. I must say I have just written a reply and moved and lost it GRRRRRRRRRRR. I imagine you would agree with me that Lords reform has been a luke warm potato for countless goverments for the last 100 years and now at a time of coalitition is not the best time. And the same with the issue of Gay Marriage we have Civil Partnerships but this seems that we now have a few who know that they can push this item as we are in coalition. I dont care about either of these, but I do care about how a small few are weilding a large stick and getting away with it.

  2. It looks like the Tiny Independent Group (TIG)latest bandwagon Same Sex Marriage , was a bit premature, and for the Labour Group to support TIG was another example of poor judgement given that Central Government seems to have put this issue on the back burner. Come on TIG spokesman Worrow,let us have your thoughts

  3. Well said, Me. Jobs, housing, health, pensions, abuses of the human rights legislation, care for the elderly and sorting out our nations finances are all higher priorities for most people over gay marriage or Lords reform.

    Lords reform is of little concern to the average non political person and even many of those that do think about it, do not see a second elected house as the answer. Is it not bad enough to have one house stuffed with career politicians than to risk having two. The role of the Lords is as scrutineers, to throw back bad law and recommend amendments. Surely an experienced group of venerable citizens from all walks of life is not so bad for that job.

    Similarly, Mr & Mrs Average trying to make ends meet and pay their bills, do not really give a toss about gay marriage. For that matter, as one gay Labour MP has said, neither do most gay people. Surely our government has more important things to address than the demands of a few militants. It speaks volumes that the noisy local activists on this issue are Driver and Worrow, two renegade bandwagonners.

    Julian Brazier is right in his assessment of cost to the coalition at the ballot box, for this last result was not so much a swing to Labour, but more about far too many non Labour voters, particularly Conservatives, staying at home. Disillusionment with a government sidetracked onto non manifesto trivia is widespread amongst their own supporters.

  4. Come on "el presidente" Worrow king of the Tiny independent Group, spokesman thereof, how about a statement from you or your "agent"?

  5. If the whole truth ever came out in the public it would close down all the political parties and house of lords overnight.

  6. What a splendid idea, 2:22, so please do tell us the whole truth. I can hardly wait for your scintillating revelations. Oh, but please, no links to some obscure article in a fringe paper.

  7. Sorry for the insinuation Don, still while we have the coalition is probably the best time. Lets face it if conservative and labour administrations have left the house of lards alone, when they've had the welly to do what they want it doesn't look like real change will ever take place.

    Tom voting/democracy is also of little interest to you average muppet, maybe we should tug our forelocks and let a bunch of toffs aristocrats and ex-public school boys run the country oh sorry we already have.

  8. Tony I dont think we will see Lords reform anytime soon, personally I would like to see some changes in both houses but I doubt Cam/clegg will have the will to do anything and are already a few hours after the Queens speech talking it down. Still I have seen a good few Governments in my time talk the talk, not one of them walked the walk for all of the electorate.
    I am just watching the news and the programme 56 up is about to be aired and on the trailer one of the women says when she looks back nothing has happened over the last seven years and I can concurr with that but over a longer time period, lets say the last 50 or so years.
    I looked for your n comment Tony but I fear it is lost in cyberspace.

  9. We need to learn from Iceland no wonder they want a media blackout.
    At least they have the guts to do something about corrupt politicians and bankers.

    The opposite to secrecy is transparency.

    The Mouse That Roared - Trailer

  10. Tony, last time I looked at the Lords it included the likes of Allan Sugar, Prescott, Kinnock and sundry boilermakers. Hardly an exclusine club of the landed gentry.

    In case you missed it, New Labour got rid of most of the heritary peers.

  11. what we have here is a tiny group of right wing fools with nothing better to do than post the same idiot comments on a handful of blogs reckoning they know best what people are thinking. Get real you semi-fascists - noone cares what you say. nobody is listening

  12. Anymore than they are to you 10:01 with your constant rants against everything from governments to banks. Just how do you think a modern society should be run. If it is survival of the fittest I would suggest you will not last too long.

  13. "refusing children medical care, confiscation of homes and land, fencing people in, has nothing to do religion more a case of crime."

    Well said Tony, and let us not forget organ trafficking (4 million results !)

  14. "organ trafficking" are private airports being used at night ?

    Could this be one of the real reasons children services is set to triple the amount of children being taken into "care" many of which simply disappear into the system ?

    "forced adoptions" could be a front as only a small percentage are adopted according to their bull$%~£ figures so where are all the rest ending up ?

    Do councillors and mp's really not know or are they just keeping quiet , imagine how many agencies would need to be involved to keep the public in the dark ?

    How many more who have access to vulnerable children have been let off or been given lenient sentences ?

    Kent’s largest haul of sick child porn

    A Border Control officer only jailed for 30 months for 6,600 videos