Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TIG just what is the agenda

Apart from grandstanding councilors I just wonder what Thanet Independent Group is about, admittedly there appears to be a statistically higher chance of reference to LGBT matters, which you may not be familiar with, just so as you don't fret to long LBGT refers to lesbian gay bisexual transgender, if you didn't know, and why should you, I had similar difficulty with the acronym BLT being a regular aficionado of that great British culinary marvel the bacon and egg sandwich, it never occurred to me that a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich existed nor that it would be sufficiently popular to warrant acronym status,I still can't see the attraction of such a thing lettuce and bacon?.

Anyhoo excuse the ramble but I honestly don't see what TIG is about, it seems a hotchpotch of individuals attracted to reach other by a shared interest in err...themselves?

One frankly disturbing aspect of this group has to be their reluctance to engage with the public, the blog site promoting their causes, never appears either to attract comment or allow, I've tried to make comments but for some reason such is their belief in institutional discrimination that they have yet to address the issue.

My top tip for the day don't trust any group that is unwilling to allow debate. Fortunately debate is free here on Bignews so knock yourself out. Oh and I've removed comment moderation. still please no untoward comments and if you spot anything you don't like an email to tonyflaig@gmail.com will get to me all being well.

PS momentous news Cllr Bernard La Rouche (who he? ) joins TIG hurrah! Freedom fighter? whats that about.

That's all for now democrats


  1. That's one reason why I don't trust them either Tony, the fact that they just TELL us what they think is right without any sort of debate or comments. I stuck up for Cllr Latchford on there recently, but of course that's not what they wanted to hear so my comment was never published. At least Simon encourages debate to a degree, though he decided to ban me as soon as I pointed out why Will Scobie would make make a better mayor than Ted The Kitten Killer...

  2. No Peter, I banned you because you have little or no contribution to make to intelligent debate beyond a never-ending stream of vacuous one liners on every weblog in Thanet. It's called 'Trolling'.

  3. Birchington North is were anybody that stood for council was elected unopposed, no voting needed. Thats democracy for you.

    I also note that Peter has posted a 5 liner, come on Peter stick to the one liner or you will be proving that the doc's comment is wrong.

  4. Very brave, Tony, for this could see you also reported to Standards along with Simon and facing the dreaded diversity warden in the rainbow coloured three cornered hat.

    Why these people just don't come clean and dress up as the clowns they really are is beyond me. Surely they are having a laugh and don't really believe all the horse manure they publish on the TIG site. If not, then why not allow debate or are we just supposed to watch and gasp.

  5. I'm not a politician anon. I just get to the point instead of giving lengthy none-answers, which is not something that the Moores and Worrows of this world are used to.

    Phew, I need a rest after that lot! ; )

  6. La Roche ex print union represenatative made a name during Wapping /Fleet st disputes, Parish Cllr Birchington, Chairman Birchington Community Partnership(BCP) in conflict with Parish council of which he is a Cllr !, with supporting personnel for the BCP listed Cllr Fenner TDC, Cllr Poole TDC, Clr Cohen TDC/BPC, Cllr Furness BPC Cllr Worrow TDC/BPC, does that list surprise you?

  7. 9 20 I have to say in response to your comment does that list surprise me I have to say no, still
    if he was one the electricians who broke print unions grip on the press well done a true hero.

    Still if he was one of those fighting to stop distribution of the times, Sun, and news of the world, hardly the freedom fighter

  8. If you weren't shocked already then you will be when you read the TIG response to the Minnis Bay Watch letter to the Gazette by Heather Seer, reproduced on ThanetLife today


  9. Surprise surprise, they've deleted the post.

    I don't know who the woman is, but I actually thought the pig picture was of Ian Driver!

  10. As anyone will know that read the post, there was no mention of a woman's name but this is not the first time that Simon Moores has lied.

  11. Why did they delete it then? Presumably they feel they must've been at least a bit out of line.


  13. Are you sure he was not pushed for putting the TIGs up for riddicle and his many spelling mistakes!

  14. I tried to post a complaint on the TIG site after the ridiculous 'pig monster' story but of course it was deleted. I would have complained on Worrow's TDC weblink but it no longer exists and I can only complain to him on Facebook if I 'friend request' with him first! I thought councillors were supposed to be both accessible and accountable.

  15. "TIG just what is the agenda"

    Here it is Tony

  16. Here you are 6:16:


    Correspondence address:
    16 Ingoldsby Road
    CT7 9PL

    Phone: 07847 303256

    Email: cllr-John.Worrow@thanet.gov.uk