Sunday, November 02, 2014

Is this what an Air head looks like?

The above is snipped from today's Telegraph website, reporting the superficiality of Britain's politicians, those we would hope would and could articulate and represent our beliefs and values in a professional manner.

Of course few if any of us are surprised that politicians are apparently supporting feminism by wearing T shirts "This is what a feminist looks like" ironically produced in some third world sweatshop by poorly paid women. 

An example of just how shallow politicians actually are, they live in a world they purport to be in touch with, they're more at home taking part in PR stunts, than engage with real people and real issues

The T shirts in question were produced for the charity The Fawcett Society committed to promoting the rights of women, who seem to have misplaced their trust, expecting suppliers to ethically source these T shirts, a bit like us expecting our politicians to represent us rather than themselves.


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