Thursday, December 11, 2014

MANSTON Thanet Council going through the motions and covering their backside

I imagine Thanet council will be going through the motions and doing it's level best to bury Manston at tonight's Cabinet meeting.

I rarely comment these days since Thanets council reputation for poor practice and slippery way of doing things behind closed doors, since I'm sure you like I are heartly sick.

The latest banality despite the well publicised and genuine offer to under right a Compulsory purchase order by River Oak, have been kicked into the long grass by the same "competent" officers who were no doubt a responsible for multi million pound f*** ups such as TransEuropa ferries.

I note that recently a property deal was cut for a prime Ramsgate seafront site, and we the public are not entitled to know how much it was sold for or what the market value was even worse the council spent thousands to silence Cllr Ian Driver.

Briefly I wouldn't expect much from Labour take this helpful input from deputy Labour leader of Thanet Richard Nicholson had this to say of River Oak offer back in July,"We had no idea it was coming and personally I am not happy about it.           We are not going to do business with people like this. We are looking at a CPO and getting legal advice and will make a decision in time."

Or you might like this from the principled Cllr Alan Poole, some of you might remember was the councillor in charge of  Thanet's dustbins debacle later sacked from the  Cabinet by Leader Iris Johnson “The difference this time is the CPO will lose us the election as opposed to opposing night flights last time winning the election.

If you're thinking its all about the Council and not the people I reckon you could be right.

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  1. So how much Tony did TDC pay in total for the Dreamland CPO? Its taken a few years and possibly it has still not been finalized.
    If I read Roger Gale right, what he want isTDC and RiverOak to do is to apply for a Manston CPO with RO picking up the bill and if this is successful RO then can walk away if the total valuation is too rich for their investors. All of this could take years and in the meantime TDC would have to have granted planning permission for the various schemes at Manston and work on some of them including ripping up the runway will have started. Bearing in mind that RO do not have vast sums of cash but have to raise fund from investors I think a Manston CPO will be out of their league.
    In the mean time all local parties and the government are just playing for votes and come the local and general elections the odds are that many councillors and at least one local MP will have been kicked out