Monday, February 11, 2008

What a nightmare

I must get more sleep, the alarm went off, at 6 this morning, as ever the news headlines were read out, the country now has 2 million foreign workers, a half a million British workers on the dole since 2005, RAF nimrod spy planes picking up West Midlands accents in Afghanistan (the Talibrum), the Archbishop fails to withdraw remarks or resign over sharia law and police are being swamped by a crime wave emanating from our highly valued new workforce.

I turned over, went back to sleep,(I'm on nights) phew what a nightmare, if someone could wake me up, after the politicians have woken, I would appreciate.

Migration has changed this country, fundamentally, in the last five years, just when will our politicians address the issues of schools, medical services etc. and crime.

Reference to politicians ignoring the elephant in the room, are much over done, but blimey there seemed to be a bloody herd on this morning radio 4's Today programme.

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