Thursday, February 14, 2008


Ann Barnes chair of the apparently Conservative dominated Kent police authority yesterday produced further evidence, of profligate spending in the case of Kent authorities versus the taxpayer. Exhibit one, being, would you believe a year 4.99 % increase in taxes for Kent residents, no doubt if found guilty of squandering your hard earned cash, they will in mitigation be able to claim it was less than 5%.

Rather incredibly Ann Barnes, appears to have no hesitation in stating " I really do believe this is money well spent", I can only assume that those who serve on the Kent police authority, are pretty well heeled if they begin to imagine that this five percent increase is in any way reasonable.

In a justification of all this, the usual old waffle of neighbourhood policing etc., is given, still one notable area which isn't referred to, is that of crime emanating from Labours uncontrolled migration policy, which I believe that Mike Fuller chief constable and the Association Of Chief Police Officers have recently highlighted.

Maybe we shouldn't be too hard on the police authority, just take a look at the makeup of this particular body, I have no doubt there all well meaning decent people who give up hours of their time, but they appear in the main to be, time served establishment types, or prosperous businessman not entirely representative of the Kent population. Maybe I did not look close enough, but amongst the Kent police authority I could not see, postmen, electricians, nurses, agency workers, van drivers, sales reps or even rail workers, by which I mean the ordinary people of this country, who actually create the wealth and are in the majority.

The evidence is mounting, against a Tory dominated administration in Kent of profligate spending, with no consideration of those whose incomes are being squeezed by greedy local authority institutions. To me this is yet another example of poor management, emanating from an inept Tory dominated county, still I suppose it's not unexpected, since we've already seen Tory leaders in Kent producing their usual alibis which go something like this " I'm only the leader of the council, it was those guys in Westminster, wot did it guv! honest "

Examine the evidence click here for the police authority press release

Click here for a who's who of KPA members.


  1. Well said, our Councils and Police boards etc are becoming more detached from the people they represent, and this often reflected in thier decisions. The policing system, when I see someone being arrested outside our local supermarket for shoplifting, first we have 4 private security guards arriving first, then the local town community officer arrives, then the local community police officer, and finally 2/3actual police officers to take the suspect away in a car. It all seems such a waste of taxpayers money for a common arrest. The people who decide how to spend our money should spend more time on our local streets to understand what is going on and maybe this would encourage them to spend money more wisely. The public may also now be becoming confused with all the officials in different uniforms, and exactly what is their purpose? It seemed to be better policing when we just had normal police officers only.

  2. I get annoyed by the fact that we are asked (actually told as we have no choice) to pay more for council tax and fuel and the rest out of our own domestic budgets but when we want something more of Government services we often hear that there is no money available in their budget. Well dear Local Authorities, Tresury there is no spare money in my budget so you will not get anymore from me, in fact I'll go to prison as I fancy laying in bed for 6-weeks.

  3. I would have thought they could have found that money buy not letting the Margate station get robbed 33 times a year. No, you could not make something like that up.