Friday, February 08, 2008


It's been a while since my last blog, since much of my time has been spent driving to and from work, then perhaps my comments ought to concern traffic.

Those of us who drive round our isle of Thanet, will be only too aware of the appalling traffic hold ups around the island, so it was reassuring to see reports that Paul Carter (Kent Council leader) would be spending £0.5 million on feasibility study to improve traffic, however on closer inspection, this money is all going on some grandiose project to build a new crossing over the Thames.

In fairness work is starting on a new road for Westwood but it would appear that Paul Carter, is once again wasting local taxpayers' money, on schemes and projects that will be a little benefit to us in the east of the county.

Just as a refresher, here are some of the strange expenses of Kent County council (Tories), broadband TV around 1,500,000 pounds, 6,500,000 pounds on advertising, 50 people sent on an expenses paid trip to Washington last year.

Just as an indication of the mentality of those who sort these things out for us, at Kent highways, we are informed on the KCC website that once the new roads have been built, traffic calming measures will be introduced into Haine road presumably to bollix things up, again.

I get the impression that Paul Carter leader of Kent Tories, is more concerned with leaving some grandiose legacy behind him, when presumably he retires from governing Kent, rather than the tedious business providing services and infrastructure for the people of Kent.

I imagine that Paul Carter will probably have a knighthood or peerage before local residents of the isle see a proper dual carriageway into the centre of Thanet. Thanet is probably the only major population centre in Kent, not to have adequate road links, but rather than sort this out, Kent Tories prefer to obsess over the county's motorway network.


  1. On Ramsgate’s Marina Esplanade construction workers are building a huge roundabout where the main sands car park was, so that the busses and heavy goods vehicles can turn, this is a bit unfortunate really as the weight restrictions on the hill leading to it mean that these vehicles won’t actually be able to get to it. I should point out that ordinary cars and vans below the weight limit could turn by going into the car park entrance and coming out the exit.

  2. Speed bumps? You're kidding?