Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trivia in a global context.

The now frankly boring kerfuffle concerning the right and wrongs of local stuff, ought to be behind us, and hopefully it will be soon. Still what is trivial to some, is of major importance to others.

As I mentioned last week, I have been very busy, however fortunately last week, I was busy in a non working, indulgent sort of way, with a city break to my favourite place New York. As part of our "walking holiday" we were strolling along last sunday when, a convoy of noisy vehicles, drove past with the occupants shouting and waving flags as they travelled down the road. To those of us walking up 5th Ave towards the museums it was a curiosity but what seems trivial, on surface often runs deeper.

Earlier I had seen, large numbers of Police outside what I understand to have been the Serbian consulate in New York, watching the news on Kosova Independance the following day, you get the bigger picture.

A few days later, you can draw more conclusions, as foreign embassys are attacked in Belgrade I personally hope Kosovo, gets its independence, it's not surprising that Serbia, which is no stranger to war crimes, is supported by Russia who also have a scant respect for world opinion, being happy to murder those that offend as in London.

Anyway coming back to things Thanet I will draw a line on those comments on the previous post some time shortly. As a punishment I am considering force feeding you with anecdotes from my holiday and using explicit photos of me in front of some of New Yorks iconic scenes. Luckly for you lot however I return to work at some ungodly hour tomorrow so you may miss out.

Important note this is written whilst half awake, half baked and any other half you can think of.

Lets hope some one writes something interesting locally and trivial.


  1. They are far away and cannot affect me. My neighbours favourite word begins with an f, and just as agatha christie taught me ten little niggers wasn't offensive so shall we all be calmed by what the serbs, next door neighbours, or indeed our childish bloggers scrap about. Make love not war?

  2. The latest from Sherlock Moores on his Zentelligence blog. If he is making veiled threats to Thanet bloggers the words 'control freak' spring to mind IMO:

    I've been having a bit of an introduction to how the police and the courts, reverse-out an IP address and resolve it to a person's identity. It's really quite fascinating.

    As long as a visitor to a website(s) or a chatroom has left a trail of breadcrumbs in the shape of a date, time and IP address, dynamic or otherwise, this history can be matched up, as the first part of IP address identifies the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the remainder, the account holder at that moment in time. Of course, it's a little more complex than this but close.

    Once this information has been gleaned, then the next stage is an application for a court-order, normally uncontested by the ISP, given the recent changes in the laws governing electronic communications. The next step only takes a few minutes as the times and addresses are matched, a bit like CSI New York and with a bit of "mash-up" technology with Google Maps, you've got the location and even a satellite photo of the person's house.

    Of course the police and the intelligence services can get this information in minutes. I recall an incident several years ago, when my business was receiving obscene emails into its server-driven chatroom. We involved the Metropolitan Police and waited for the sick individual to re-appear. When he did, it took about ten minutes to ascertain that he was on a computer at Kensington Town Hall (an employee) of all places and a two detectives were duly despatched to collect the suspect.

  3. Yes there are some childish determinedly anonymous bloggers who seem attracted to the idea of "Influence without consequence".

    IMO it took a step over the bounds when the anonymous challenge was issued, to Simon Moores, to explain why the anonymous blogger should not report him to Standards Board for England.

    Since before Magna Carta, surely, a man has been entitled to see his accuser, to have right of trial by peers against any presumption of guilt. And any accusation or evidence to be judged by word and DEMEANOUR of the accuser/witness.

    In other words if you want to bandy about implicit accusations then you should identify yourself and be prepared to appear before a Judge in Chambers who can tell you proceed at law or back down.

    This, of course, might happen to me over my blog (looking forward to it) as certain charities have trademark rights to sue and they spend some four million per annum of your donations on their PR image.

    Whereas I disagree with Simon Moores (and even wrote a Gripping Yarn about a flight through a rising cloud of viagra dust) the fact remains that he is an elected councillor. He holds public office and there are procedures laid down for complaint which yield him his right of response. The right of response a cowardly blogger would deny whilst trying to score cheap (and safe) anonymous points.

    I hope Simon Moores makes a return to blogs perhaps with a charity raising exercise.

  4. Unless it is fundraising for the charity which might want to issue proceedings against me Tony.

  5. I seem to recall you yourself were a 'cowardly' anonymous blogger once, Rick, and specialised in leaving all kinds of iffy comments on other people's blogs, including the Doc's. Glad to see you have bitten the bullet and got your own now.

    And I would think about deleting anon. 7:47's comment if I were you Tony. Looks like our flying councillor is in no mood for criticism!

  6. Is 'Irritating Bloke', aka 'RC', aka Ricard Card, aka Rick being serious here? I cannot recall the number of times that he has had comments deleted from Thanetlife, ECR and OVIT, there have been so many!

    Thanks 7.47 for the 'cyber stalking' at ZZZZen wherever it is. I am quite fed up with Dr Moores' little tantrums and now thinly veiled threats. He is well aware of 'visitors from Thanet' popping across to ZZZZen, and this posting is his way of conveying an implied threat without putting it on Thanetlife (which of course is suspended).
    If there is a legal case to prepare, then he should do so and get on with it. I am fed up with seeing articles in the press making allegations for which no evidence was proffered. A carefully orchestrated little campaign to stiffle comment is underway as 7.47 has copied for us.
    I am an 'anonymous' contributor to blogs and there-in lies the strength of this medium. My 'breadcrumbs' are lying all over the place for anyone to pick up.
    So please ,Dr Moores, as you are quite clearly monitoring and joining this blogspot from time to time, go and get your court order and 'put up' or 'shut up' as the louts on Marine Terrace might put it.

  7. I think Tony was making a clear attempt to pull discussion away from these local blogging shenanigans - quite rightly. Hope you had a good time in New York.

  8. 11.55, you should know better than to expect a strand to stay on topic! This is far more interesting than a bunch of east europeans getting excited about Kosovo in the Big Apple.

  9. Serbia..War Crimes....??? You mean Thanet isn't the centre of the universe?... Whatever next?

  10. Oh come on caps and chapesses,

    Simon left the circuit for the simple reason that his family were being abused because of who he was.

    In a similar situation I would take a different course, but that is down to an individual.

    Its ok to have a go at an individual, but not family members.

  11. Dear Ken
    I agree what ever side of poltics you are on no threats should take place on anyone. but on readin Cllr Moores blog many times I have never seen any threats to his family. It is a sad world we live in if as I said at the beginning that we cant discuss things on blogs without getting personnel

  12. Spot on Bob. No-one has reported seeing any abuse or threats directed to family or individuals on any of the 3 blogs involved in this 'altercation'. Such is the blogging community, that by now we would have heard from some-one saying "Yes, I saw it too and how disgraceful etc etc..."

  13. Enough is enough why not give a ducking (predictive text ) rest

    I have no wish to offend any bloggers but im in the mind set where i dont give flying duck

    More to the point i shall delete any more anon comments refering to Ecr or Simon
    Tony Flaig

  14. We are not talking web based abuse, but face to face stuff. If any of you would accept your kids being confronted with that sort of stuff, well@@@@@@@@

  15. Well in that case i'm ducking off to, byeeee.

  16. Is there any news about Dreamland/
    It all seems to have gone very quiet.

  17. Ken
    I believe that what i said in my last blog noone should except threats either through blogs or face to face

  18. 10.10, Your Thanet covered the story today about Dreamaland and '' has an interesting take on the subject.