Thursday, May 22, 2008

The midnight knock on the door Cliftonville style

This little posting is entirely based on conjecture and guesswork, but anyhow I'll continue, parking up in Northdown Road, tonight sometime after six, I noticed, a couple of PCSO's strolling down the road, accompanied by a handful of casually dressed middle-aged nondescripts.

Having heard that there is a multi-agency clamp down, on all sorts of social deviation in the Northdown road area, I suddenly had a panic attack, since my car which is well on its way to becoming a "classic", assuming the rust doesn't kill it before its recognised as such, might give the impression of being ripe for crushing, by authoritarian multi agency types, who may assume its the type of vehicle driven by nair do wells (IE no tax insurance that sort of thing).

Any how despite giving me, the once over, these souls, edged toward a restaurant, appeared to check out the menu, then sauntered in, leaving one PCSO outside looking down a side entrance, after a minute or so, someone attempted to leave from a door to the side of the restaurant, they were swiftly bought to a halt by a polite request not leave the premises.

Now as this is going on I remember a bit more about operation "clean sweep"* not sure where I saw it but anyway what happens is every so often (I guess) desk bound "officers", parking wardens, trading standards, immigration, and the like, look at the clock on the wall and say something like "blimey its May already" then through the magic of PR suddenly their all proactive and in Cliftonville for a day or two.

So I reckon I witnessed a crack team of UK border agency staff, quietly going about their business, I suppose it could have been Thanet Council, enquiring whether they'd seen any foreign tourist, still since Thanet is apparently second only to Canterbury in popularity with overseas visitors according to Radio Kent and TDC. Assuming I'm correct in my observation I'd just add this, how lucky we are to live in a country which is so laid back in its law enforcement, most countries law enforcement is a little bit harsher.

*For more info on operation "clean sweep" delve into TDC's Web site HERE


  1. oh that is lovely. I really enjoyed that. Keep up the good work.

  2. Except Southern Ireland for laid back policing.

    tourist driving along a lane has to stop as dog asleep in middle of village lane.

    Tourist asks rural Gardai to move dog on.

    "I think not because the dog was clearly there first. You wait till he wakes up and moves on himself"

    And further on tourist pulls in to a designated bus stop. Sees the Gardai man again.

    "Are you now going to do me for pulling into a bus stop" asks tourist.

    "I would in a blink of an eye sir if we employed blind bus drivers. But we don't so I shan't"

    Now I feel like partaking of a guinness.

  3. It was the result of Thanet Policing model innovative intelligence targetting techniques.

    Reliable intelligence suggested that a Cliftonville restaurant is operating a fast take away operation.

  4. The TDC statistician exp[lains that Canterbury attracts 2000 tourists for each tourist who visits Thanet.

    No other areas are counted for the comparison purposes and hence Thanet is second to only Canterbury.

    (It is all in the wording)

  5. Does the tourist figures include all the school children as visitors that had no choice to visit the artistic wonders on offer at the M&S building? Visitors these days are a rare breed in Margate, and if they do visit leave early as there is absolutely nothing to do, no shops, no family entertainment etc, as confirmed by the London cabbies this week. Well ONE CAN ONLY SAY: TDC DO SOMETHING!!!!!!