Saturday, May 03, 2008

POINTS-Gazette gets it wrong again?

Surely not, well I think they have, I've tried to steer clear of the great Ezekiel fracas nitty gritty but can avoid it no longer.

The Gazette have this week clarified their reporting on this issue of the standards board of england investigation, however on page 9 in the article "Cllr Ezerkiel says sorry" some confusion remains, since the article refers to Cllr Ezekiel "muttering f****ing t***er under his breath" or was it as the Standards Board findings "called another member a f***ing w***er", perhaps it was both.

In one of the findings it was reported that Cllr Clarke read out from his diary "the Jews do" which apparently was his short hand for Holocaust Memorial Day, now I accept that in making notes correct language is not an issue, but if you for whatever reason, read this aloud, then hopefully you realize your mistake and correct it immediately. Although I have seen no reference to it I assume it was unintentional and Cllr Clark has made an apology.

I know that for Cllr Hart was unwittingly bought into the affair and has been cleared of wrong but still remains of interest whether Cllr Ezekiel makes specific apology directly to him and Cllr Clark.

None of us is perfect, not even politicians, I think all those involved are just trying to improve things, and sometimes we make errors.

I frequently make errors, probably this post will be considered such, maybe our local papers should have published those open letter sent out last week, avilable here somewhere.

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