Thursday, May 01, 2008

Will it ever end?

The answer to this one is no, and the subject is property development, still Rome wasn't built in a day. Now if you've ever sent me an email, you will be only to aware that it may be some days before I reply, if ever I do.

One of those emails concerned the Sea Bathing Hospital, my apologies to the contributor, but a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would go and take a butchers. I imagine for those who live near this site, the scope of the project and the length of time taken so far must be incredibly unsettling.

Just to look up from a nearby street at the crane brings two words to mind one being blimey and the other veritgo, plus a whole range of other thoughts, mainly of the what if variety, and some amazement that presumably, this massive structure, can withstand some of our gentle sea breezes.

Maybe the biggest what if, is with all the current & future development in Thanet and the credit crunch, will this development be finished any time soon, and with this thought, maybe developers ought to be given a time limit for completion, particularly with sites this big.

Finally looking at the rear of the site, I couldn't help but think of those hotel developments on the edge of spanish resorts, that never seem to progress. Also in the pipeline is the chance of even more residential development at Westwood, anyhow I'll get round to telling you about that in a day or er two, well sometime anyway if you cannot wait check out, apparently they have already consulted the public, which was news to me but there's always another day.


  1. I think they're doing a beautiful job in rebuilding the Royal Seabathing Hospital, & wish I could see similar developements in other parts of Thanet (& particularly Margate).

    I really wish people in Thanet would stop whinging all the time about new housing being built, as virtually everything I see makes me wish I lived in them. People had far more to moan about back in the '60's when they were building abominations like Arlington House...

  2. I have seen several of the SEA BATHING Hospital apartments, and they have largely been sold to london consortiums who havent even been to the flats ( 1 particular london company has 100 units) They are struggling to sell, over priced ok the building (the main part) looks really nice externaly but once you are in its clear they have squeezed in as many of these flats as possible. I understand that makes good buisness sense but low headheight and paper thin partitions mean when you shut the front door pretty much the whole block shakes.

    Shannon or probably rubbing there hands with the money they origanaly paid. (CHECK OUT www.NETHOUSEPRICES.COM) and can afford for there helicopter to land on the site for updates on how the build is going.

    The real blower is for the people that bought them off plan and paid inflated prices originaly which means people need to rent them (but once its not new value will drop) They will just sit there on the market forever. Build AFFORDABLE HOUSING Suitible for First time buyers and run a gifted deposit scheme etc to help people get on the ladder rather than have a load of empty overpriced tosh just sitting there.

  3. The Sea Bathing site would be a success if they had restored the original buidings and not insisted on building hundreds of new build flats on the site which a) local people can't afford and b) doesn't fit in with the surrounding area or the original listed building.

    The only people who benefit are the developers. They ingore local residents, windows are filthy with dust from the site, they take our parking space and they dig up roads without correct permissions. How does this enhance the local community? They are a joke