Monday, May 19, 2008

Bob Geldof and KCC solicit Gordon Browns support for Kent TV

Apparently Peter Gilroy (KCC chief executive) and Bob Geldof have been busy soliciting interest from Prime Minister Gordon Brown, for Kent councils ailing Kent TV, one assumes from the report in Kent on Sunday, that Kent Council and Ten Alps are desperate for any sort of endorsement.

Anyway despite the spin put on Gordon Browns response which is as follows " I recognise the value of local television and community channels can have in bringing communities together through the provision of local news and networking information, as well as through shared cultural and sporting interests"

As you can see hardly the most enthusiastic endorsement, but this prompted Peter Gilroy to say this " ..... the Prime Minister sees the value in such a service which, with its new look, is moving from strength to strength", no doubt this would explain why, viewing figures have dropped to around 20,000 per month.

Anyway Bignews Margate's exclusive, is that according to an email I have received, from Peter Gilroy, Kent TV will be advertising for two members of the public, to join the governing board, this will apparently only be advertised on the TV station itself, meaning that the posts will only be available to approximately 20,000 people who view the station, rather than the one million plus population of Kent.

I would of course also point out inclusion of two members of the public, may come as a surprise to existing members of Kent TV's governing board, since according to the minutes of the last meeting it was agreed that "a member of the public" would be appointed.

As soon as I get my application form, I will let you know, also I may be seeking references, and perhaps in the interests of democracy, you might like to apply yourself.

Finally I find it rather touching, that Kent Council, still have faith in the judgment of the Labours beleaguered Prime Minister and one assumes Gordon Brown's spirits must have been lifted, by the thought that the anyone would actually give a hoot what he thinks. Well done!


  1. This is according to KCC:

    "On the other hand, March saw Kent TV record nearly 13,000 unique visitors, the highest number since the launch, which is regarded as a better measure of interest."

    So even fewer people than you think will see the ad.

    If this is the highest visitors yet, then how can this be a success when each visitor is only viewing less than two pages, it looks like they find the site then dont bother.
    The council meeting 15 may webcast illustrates why they lack the basic understanding of web communications. The speakers are just protecting their contracts.

  2. It surprises that local government and politicians don’t make more use of free internet resources like youtube and blogger when it comes to communicating with us. The internet public are more likely to be familiar with how the sites work which is an added advantage.

  3. It probably has something to do with a general lack of understanding as to what the Internet is in the first place.