Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dane Valley Update

I see after weeks of neglect Thanet Tories are a last making an effort, as someone with little time, to dwell on the issue it appears extraordinary that the Tories have left it to just over a week before the election to stuff a leaflet through my door, you’ll more than likely have read Bertie Biggles on the subject.

Any way as with all these leaflets, much is to my mind waffle and then some, with much tosh from Roger Gale, with this “.. you have a chance to do two things’ you can re-elect Ingrid Spencer” (blah blah blah)”.. and you can send a clear message to Gordon Brown……..”

Well here’s my suggestion you can do even better vote for the Liberal Candidate , Bill Furness and not only will you hack off Labour supporters who’ve taken to disguising themselves not as old Labour, certainly not new Labour but they come up with their very own party, thanet Local Labour a totally new party nothing to do, one guesses with those handful of crooks who’ve been either fleecing the taxpayer with fraudulent mortgage claims or bankrupting the country to assist crooked bankers. What Labour

I see that they’ve even been employing different colours. Clive Hart’s Labour bods must be desperate, too ashamed of Labours record, along with the Tories and incredibly both of the establishment parties claim to have suddenly become proactive.liberal labour

Now along with many in Dane Valley I’ve met Bill Furness and know that he actually is making a difference, every day so for that reason alone, I’d suggest that electors in Thanet ignore Labour and Conservative boasts of what they’ve done because I’ve seen Bill Furness in action on the rare occasion I get time off due to Labour and Tories allowing ordinary people like me to work 60-70 hours a week.

Anyway just to set the record straight Bill was kind enough to let me know what he has done in Dane Valley during the last few weeks, which seems and is a darn sight, more the other candidates combined.

1 …Bags of rubbish dumped amongst weeds and dirt on the corner of Wharfedale RoadCollected after Bills intervention.

2......Roof of Flats made safe after storm damage in Airedale Road, Bill took up the problem with Orbis Housing

3 Hastings Avenue , road repaired!after taking up the problem with K.C.C.

4... Dumped bed and mattress cleared away at rear of Invicta House.

5.. Concrete post removed from footpath in Adisham way

6…Sacks of rubbish etc. removed from rear access road in Marlowe road

7..Large potholes repaired in Dane Valley Road.

8..Graffitti removed from Flats in William Street

9..Overhanging trees cut back in Millmead Road

10..Leaves swept up and collected from Northdown way

11..Sacks of flytipped rubbish collected from Millmead Road

12…Fly tipping in Broadley Road reported to the councils environmental department.

13. Roundabout at Northdown Road and Millmead Road marking repainted

14 Sarah Road/ Irvine Road repaired and road markings repainted.

15…Rubbish and litter cleared away from Appledore Close.


  1. Meanwhile in the real world, a flying pig has just got together with the tooth fairy!

  2. cheers who that not the leader of the Hart party.

  3. Come on, Tony, get real. Getting roads repaired as your candidate has claimed takes months so has Bill been working quietly and anonymously up to now before anyone knew there was going to be a by-election, for the benefit of the community? Bit like Ingrid who somehow managed to get allotment fencing round Dane Valley even though she wasn't at the time a candidate for the ward when was it, January 2008.

    Your candidate would have done better to check his spelling and punctuation before sending the leaflet to the printers.

    Mind you, at least he's only put one in per house unlike the Tories who've managed three in Irvine Drive and that one delivered by Councillor Latchford.

    As for the Sandra Hart leaflet, the front is red, the back yellow to show more clearly the details of when the election is taking place.

    Oh, before you slag me off as a member of the Hart Party, I'm not, just an ordinary member of the council-tax payers' party.

  4. A vote for the Lib Dems Why? They just split the vote and let the Tories in the back door!

    Vote Lib Dem get Tory.

  5. hallelujah!!

    Oh..hang on, wrong page...I was begining to think i was reading a religious nutjob's blog for a moment then Tony.

    Lim Dem Candidate is not a miracle worker, singing praises is one thing, giving him credit for things that kent highways have had on their books for months is another.

  6. Both clive and Sandy seem to be getting a little worried Tony

    Neither wants to see the Liberals in the council, since they have been both pretty uselesss over the years.

    Although Clive Hart looks like its a bit too close to home for him, which may well be the case

  7. I have heard it all before how wonderful candidates are in a election campaign. Lets be honest here, should both the Lib Dem and the Conservative candidates lose does anyone out there honestly think they will continue to work for the residents of Dane Valley with the same commitment of holy than thou community spirit shown in the run up to this election. I don't think so, they will be off elsewhere preparing for the TDC elections in 2011 where they have more chance of winning. They are shallow candidates all things to all people and only in it for the power.
    The organs of propaganda machine are going into overdrive trying to pull down Clive and Sandy Hart, but win or lose they will still be working in the area for the community and the same goes for Wendy Allen which speaks volumes of the type of people they are.

  8. Tony Beachcomber Well you would say that wouldn't you

    would it be fair to say you are yourself a past Labour candidate and also a future wannabe

    I do wish Labour members would be a little more er open

  9. Just to remind you of the outcome of the Margate & Clifftonville KCC elections this year.

    Libdems 2%
    UKIP 3.8%
    Labour 9.5%
    Con 10%

    and the winner was
    Non Voters 72%

    You have got your work cut out to get the voters out!

    The only point of note was that one Libedem candidate got rather more than the other but the Labour and Con candidate pairs had very similar votes so I guess voting for these parties is on party lines where as one of the Libdems must have had a personal following.

  10. Given the total amount of effort put in by labour and conservative combined over the last four years (none that I can see) even if he is only a fraction as good as you say then he might be a world class amount better.

    This is only a by-election and is not going to shift power too much but it could send a strong message to both parties to pull their thumbs from whatever place they currently are and take notice that people expect them to do their job - ideally to it it well too.

  11. Given the total amount of effort put in by labour and conservative combined over the last four years (none that I can see) even if he is only a fraction as good as you say then he might be a world class amount better.

    This is only a by-election and is not going to shift power too much but it could send a strong message to both parties to pull their thumbs from whatever place they currently are and take notice that people expect them to do their job - ideally to it it well too.

  12. Tony,

    Okay lets be open, Yes I have been a member of the Labour Party since 1983 and have as you put it been a wannabee since 1987 standing for the Labour party as a candidate at every TDC elections ever since, I have won some and lost some and that is the name of the game.
    One thing I have learnt is that in every party there are good councillors and bad councillors some that deserve to be there and others that don't on all sides. The same applies to some candidates at elections, fortunately the electorate are good at seeing through most candidates. However, sometimes a few manage to get through by being all things to all people but they do not last long. Which probably explains why there are not any Lib Dems elected on TDC.
    The Liberal Candidate may be a good candidate for his home patch but he is definately not a Dane Valley man.

  13. Clearly Labour are worried about the outcome of this election , obviously a big effort is in play since new local leader of Labour Clive Hart presumably has some thing to prove, hence all the comments from the party faithful

    Its worth noting had Labour taken half the interest they now are they would have won this seat in the last council elections unfortunately for them its now too late with all the Westminster scandal etc

  14. A little piece of local political history to digest.

    In May 1987 the SDP/Liberal Alliance won the Dane Park Ward much to the surprise of the local pundits. Dane Park south which forms part of the Dane Valley ward and historically had the highest proportion of liberal vote in Margate at the time and to honest to Roy Brown and Stan Edwards it was a good campaign ( I came fifth). However, four years later the Conservatives won the seat in a lower turnout. In 1993 in the KCC elections, Labour won the Margate Central seat, Conservatives 2nd, Lib Dem 3rd. Inspite coming third returns for the Dane Park south polling district of Margate Central did show a marked increase in the Liberal vote. Sensing that this could be winnable seat (the only one in Margate) the libs targeted this seat from 1993 to 1995 with a newsletter called focus. This newsletter was aimed at entirely rubbishing opponents (sounds familar) and highlighting the achievements of their local campaigners. Like the list in the posting above, KKC works were mentioned. So with the help of my local KKC member we soon noticed that a pattern was developing and that they were campaining from a list of works that were already scheduled by KCC. Obviously obtaining the list from a Lib KCC member, seeing what is due then approach the residents. Then a mention in the the newsletter. This went on for two years and they still come third in 1995. Enough said.

  15. who ever gets elected lets hope for Dane Valley's sake it isnt Ingrid she has already proved so useless at Westgate that they now have the independant Tom King!

  16. Some years ago, just about a year before TDC elections a body of individuals set up a St. peter's Village organisation to help the elderly and housebound with various services. An office was opened and a newsletter published. Turned out to be a couple of local Lib. Dems. All worth-while you might think until someone mentioned 'CRB checks' for their volunteers. End of scheme. Was it fear of the CRB checks or just that the election came and wentwithout any success?

  17. There seems to be a lot of innuendo which I'm sure doesn't come from Clive team, just like the comment from Labour campaigner didn't come from Thanet local leader.

    Anyway no doubt Labour will keep plugging away, and it must be a hell of a slog trying to promote Labour after they've done so much to impoverish working people.

  18. In the Margate Museum there is a collection of local election literature published by all the political parties since 1983 to 2007. It was started by myself to keep a record of local politics during that era, every political opinion is represented without bias or preference as I regard it as a record of social history.
    The interesting thing when the collection is studied, is the campaign stlye of each party and in some cases the lack of policy and the focus on attacking opponents, not forgetting dubious claims. It is suprising how litle has changed and well worth a read should the Museum every open again.

  19. You all seem to forget, the people are not as daft as us politico's seem to think... They will make up their own mind, That is something that all politicians would do well to remember.

  20. Very true Ken,
    A election where every vote really counts which does make a change, should be a very interesting result.
    I reckon the margin between the first placed candidate and the fourth placed candidate will be 100 votes.

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