Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gale whips up storm of populist criticism

Labour have as the government handled the MP’s expenses row with great incompetence, aided by greedy and crooked members and ministers, trying to justify scandalous claims which includes food bills despite 60K plus wages.

The new look Isle Of Thanet Gazette, has the topic as its first editorial and lays in to Roger Gale, for daring to go against the general flow of opinion and championing the cause of spouses of parliamentarians who for many years, have run offices for their partners. 

It's my opinion, the particular editorial is rather shallow, it's argument flawed and biased toward, Stephen Ladyman whom it claims has held his hands up and says now he feels the systems wrong, presumably that would explain his pitiful attempts to excuse and justifying claiming food allowance, as per his contribution to this blog back in May (click here for details), clearly Rebecca Smith, doesn't get round to reading the pages of Bignews Margate.

It might also be worth mentioning, that perhaps the Gazette has old scores to settle, since as a result of poorly judged and misleading article back in April 2006, Roger Gale took the principled stand not to contribute any further editorial to the paper.

Rather pompously, the author of the editorial, whom I would assume would be Rebecca Smith, whinges on about Gale's accusations of the media whipping up a storm, when the editorial is based on, the usual media cliché's.

Its true that Roger Gale rarely pipes up and his was pretty much a lone voice against the hysterical remedy to MP’s excesses, still he has a point, why shouldn’t MP’s have either their husband or wife run the office, since MP’s work more hours than most what’s the problem, as I understand Stephen Ladyman also employs his wife, its odd that he doesn’t make the same stand. Still I recall that these two differ on other matters like taking donations from local developers for their constituencies.

On the whole I think Roger Gale is a man of principle who sticks to his guns, he may not be the most charismatic and its a pity he represents the Tories but at least he is honest and straight forward.  


  1. I for one recon the present Government have handled the expenses problem very strangely.Making MPs repay part but not all of their over payments smacks of doing something for the sake of keeping people happy. If the claim was illegal the police should be contacted. What labour have done is the least to be seen as doing something.The employment of family is only wrong if done fraudulently.Tory MP Derek Conway is a case in point paying 40 grand to son who was a student. Has Suzy Gale done anything wrong other than be a good secretary ?? No so why should she loose her job if she had no doubt Mr Ladyman would have pointed it out. Whatever side of the political divide you are the majority of family members that are employed do a good job I always get prompt replies from Roger not like some of our councillors and county councillors

  2. Tom Roger Gale is one MP who helps people with problems in this area. He does a lot more than most councillors he is always approachable and can be contacted unlike a lot of people in local government

  3. See letter in Gazette about secretaries' pay in Thanet. Gale and others are completely out of order employing wives at London rates.

  4. Tony did you pen run out or is this a "have I got news for you" type quiz?

    So what should follow "its a pity he represents"

    Is it Thanet North,the Tory party, all that is bad and evil, the rich of Thanet etc?

  5. I support your views on this post, Tony.I have always found both our MPs wives in the thick of office work for their husbands. Thanks for reminding readers of the 'spat' between IOTG and Roger Gale.
    I have a great deal of time for both our MPs and in Roger's case it is a pity that he seems to have so little influence in reforming the 'parcel of rogues'masquerading as Conservatives in part of his constituency.

  6. Well said Bertie couldnt agree with your sentiments more, his only major fault is relying on a load of useless councillors to do his leg work. He should have been telling Sandy Ezekiel to resign over the Edinburgh wool mill affair, he always seems to try and help constituents with their problems,shame we can't say the same about most tory ward councillors.

  7. (1) Why was he unaware of (or indifferent to)the Thor and Sericol aquifer contamination matters until my FOI requests brought the matters into public domain ?

    (2) Why did he fail to help two neighbours to the former 6th Thanet Gun Range re complaints of unlawful use of the range including firearms offences ?

    (3) Why did he publicly back the pseudo military cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps and its flag day etc ... when Margate Charter Trustees decided to stop public funding of that group (I have sent an FOI request and questions to Margate Mayor Watt-Ruffell about this)

    (4) Why did he say nowt when KCC withdrew the KATC Youth Group affiliation status in 2003 ?

    (5) Why is he saying nothing now when it has emerged that Scotland Yard Al Quedda inquiries wish to investigate matters of middle easterners being live fire trained at certain English gun ranges ?

    After all isn't he the MP who claims to be tough on gun crime ?

    Strange isn't it when certain North Thanet tories had trading links to South Africa and yet not the slightest murmur reaches Mr Gale about Thor Chemicals dealing with Dr Wouter Basson ? The later idea (For INtelligence and war mongering purposes ?) being Basson supplied Saddam and hence we should invade Iraq .....

    Now we have a situation where Zulus have had their day in English Court re THor contamination of their aquifer (Thor South Africa plant) but Thanet (until my FOI requests) did not even know about contamination here.

  8. Oh er something was missed off the bottom and yes I will remove your comment Tom

    I posted this as I was cooking dinner hence the omission if i can remember the ending i will let you know