Sunday, November 01, 2009

Some thoughts on Dane Valley By Election

I had the good fortune to meet briefly with Liberal candidate Bill Furness, yesterday who was busy canvassing for the by election in Dane Valley ward. It's clear that Bill Furness is already making a difference in the ward. Already he has highlighted and dealt with problems in the area, and has certainly be more active than the competition which not only includes wannabe councillors but also the two rather dormant councillors who already represent the ward.

I take it from the Labour camp that things are not entirely hunky dory with their campaign, I get the impression that certain leading figures within the Labour group are still a bit miffed that they didn't retained their county council seats, apparently rather illogically blaming Liberal voters for daring to vote with their conscience and not in the pragmatic win at any cost mentality exhibited by the Labour figures like Peter (what a chump) Mandelson.

Apparently according to my Labour source, what Dane Valley desperately needs is determined and well organised representation, which from my occasional chit chats with Bill Furness would certainly qualify the Liberal candidate, whom I believe was at the time of meeting, just finishing delivery of his forth communication with the people of Dane Valley.

My Labour correspondent seems to have a rather arrogant opinion of himself going as far as to blame Liberals for his own lacklustre performance in the county elections, ignoring the fact that parties such as UKIP had increase votes. I've no doubt that Labour activists at local level are honest decent people, but looking at MP's and Labour Lords and they're disgusting abuse of the expenses system then he ought really to be looking at his own party.

Also Labour don't help themselves and locally, in the last district elections, Labour did little canvassing in this area apparently assuming they had some god given right to win the three council seats in this ward, therefore handing local Conservatives three seats they might otherwise not expect to win.

Dane Valley is not necessary the most affluent area of Thanet, and of course it's ordinary working people who have suffered the brunt of the Labours mismanagement of the economy and will of course be spending many years paying for Labour's love affair with bankers and big business so Clive Harts crowd have a difficult job.

Not surprisingly neither Labour or the Conservatives wish to see the Liberals gain a foothold in Thanet district council, in fact the rather pointless argument was put by my Labour friend that one single Liberal councillor would not be able to form a group (thanks for pointing out the obvious) still what they would do is serve notice that the electorate have a choice which doesn't have to be some Muppet from the Labour or Tory party.

Anyway I would like to thank Bill Furness, for allowing me the privilege of signing his nomination papers and I hope he wins, which I'm sure he will do.


  1. Why is a libral democrat from Birchington standing in our ward; more to the point do you residents in his home ward where he stood and lost last time know that he is a political oportunist?

  2. anon 6:30 do you Labour activist really support "What a chump" Mandelson, or that twit alan johnson who sacked a leading scientist because his honest views have no place in the Labour party.

    Bill Furnace is putting in the effort to prove his worth, as Labour members will be aware most of us who would have once supported them have seen Labour turn from a party for working people into one looking after the privileged

  3. In his leaflet the Lib Dem says he is local Thats a lie HE LIVES IN BIRCHINGTON! the only resident candidate is Wendy Allan Independent.

  4. This election is a local election for A Thanet District Councillor, Bill Lives locally here in THANET not Panama!as far as I can see
    he has done more work for the residents in Dane park than all the three Councillors that are supposed to look after the ward, carry on with the good work Bill

  5. He might live in THANET but he is NOT local to DANE VALLY as he tries to make out; so don't try and take us all for a load of mugs. He stood in his own ward last time - what makes him think he can win in our ward.

    Wendy Allan is THE ONLY RESIDENT CANDIDATE where as he just wants any old seat anywhere in Thanet where he thinks he can get in.. so take talk s***