Monday, November 02, 2009

Kent police have they become politicised?

As many of us will recall, Kent police were recently criticised by independent organisations etc. for the handling of the Kingsnorth climate protest last year and of course by Kent residents who were utterly bemused at the apparent violence used, toward climate change activists by police officers acting one assumes under command of the Kent constabulary.

So far, I've yet to hear Kent Police Chief Mike Fuller apologise or explain last year's extraordinary conduct of officers subordinate to himself and neither have I heard the head of the Kent Police Authority Ann Barnes making any comment on this rather sensitive matter, which for many has made this question, just what agenda Kent police following.

Further light is shown on the some of Kent police's questionable practices on the front page of this weekend's Kent on Sunday newspaper, detailing police use of car number plate equipment, which I would interpret as politically motivated spying. Anyway if you didn't read it, I suggest you give the article a gander and make your own mind up (whilst you're still allowed to).

No doubt, I myself will be on some, Kent police database of independent thinkers, fortunately the list of democrats who need to be under surveillance has probably already grown to a scale Kent police can no longer manage such is their apparent paranoia.


  1. The Kent Police position is based on the premise that criminals will use cars with the correct number plate.

    And that crims won't use the system to establish alibis ... use several cars bearing the same number etc.

    My particularly favourite possibility is crims using the system to suss what police have on intelligence databases about them or to draw response police into ambushes whilst the crim car owner is elsewhere with his real car dining at the Masonic Lodge with a number of senior detectives.

  2. Dont start Tony off about the Masons!