Monday, March 15, 2010

Bob Geldof upset with BBC, what can you say

whoupsetgeldof Well for me its difficult to be objective about Bob Geldof particularly since one of his companies wrote to me about my opinions over KCC’s Kent TV, in rather er robust terms.

Anyway Guardian readers will be aware that last week he went off on one, re the BBC world service, now since he seemed to be threatening legal action, I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

Still Rod Liddle a favourite of mine in the Sunday Times has considered the matter and written on the subject, I particularly enjoyed this “He has been bombarding The Guardian’s online site — the traditional refuge of embittered loons — with scabrous attacks upon the BBC. It seems as if the silicon chip inside his head got switched to overload. Oh lordy, I can feel a song coming on.”

Anyway read the whole article here “Hardly a charitable response from Bob the bludgeoner”


  1. Leave Bob alone you swine

    B4 he sues

  2. I don't like Mondays or Bob or even that damned Kent TV

  3. I've worked in Africa, seen the corruption and I will never give money to an African charitable cause again. Some of the stories I have would upset a lot of people. The naive perception showed by Sir Bob in his reaction is not a surprise. Like most pop stars on a cause he hasn't stepped out of the fame ring and taken a look at how others perceive him.

  4. Tony, Bob's only crime was believing he was right, and all he did would be received in the spirit that it was intended. Unfortunately in the real world its not like that

  5. some things cant be fixed as simply as throwing cash at it.Even people who with the best of intentions fail but its not the messengers fault if those intentions are misguided

  6. What feel sorry for Bob the gatekeeper ?

    He is also the patron of grandparents apart in Scotland, but I bet they have never heard a dicky bird from him since ?

    Maybe promoting there cause doesnt pay as well ?

  7. I see this "favourite" of yours has had his knuckles rapped for racially-biased untrue comments, & quite rightly so...