Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Labours free laptops

This will not be one of my more finely tuned highly researched post's as I am bloging on the way home and is based on little more than hearsay and may or not reflect the wasteful attemps of Labour to fight, claw, bribe, etc its way to a fresh term.

As with many initiatives there are different viewpoints and this one comes from an astonished co-worker.

Many will have seen the Governments offer of free laptops for families on benefits with school aged children to help with their education, perhaps not as familiar are parents who are having a bit of a windfall as a result, according to my source, non-working parents are receiving a pre-loaded credit card value £500 plus, to purchase a laptop, which can then be traded into money for drink and drugs or maybe a night at the opera.

Its difficult to guess what some kids might learn from this but hopefully most will benefit, one other consequence might well be the peer pressure put on hard working families coping with smaller wages and more tax to keep up with the Jones 's and spend £500 on a laptop for their own kids, just like that nice Mr Brown.

Still this scheme offers the chance for children to learn through the wonders of the internet and hopefully will be much appreciated

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  1. Yeahhhhhhh I can see that happening its not April is it Tony

  2. Doesn't matter if it's Labour or Conservatives they would all sell their granny too get in.

    You only had to watch BBC newsnight last night to realise the only one who spoke any common sense concerning children and families was the LIB, who was completely ignored.

    Watch this it is so funny and true

  3. Ask the questions and let the public know the answers