Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Points of interest from Thanet Times

Being preoccupied at this moment, I’ve no time or inclination to construct my usual verbose postings, I’ll pose a couple of points which perhaps someone could expand on.

Firstly on page 7 of this weeks Thanet Times, Tory boy, Cllr Simon Moores who apparently speaks on computers for TDC is giving some excuse about dodgy microphones as a reason for the council not being exposed to webcasting, which to my mind is a bit of a relief since I thought, third rate, none to bright, posturing politicians from both Labour and Tory might have been the reason the council chamber will remain a mystery to all but a few members of the public.

Second item that caught my eye was news that the very tasteful “Tivoli Arcade” also featured on page 7 of the TT is subject to a planning application to allow a new shop front, I just wonder if you could improve on the current facade, anyhow thank god, we have a robust and competent planning department, who never cock up, except on things like that development Meridian Village at Ramsgate which I understand has blighted the homes of nearby residents (TDC failing to inform residents of planning changes), still coming back to Marine Terrace I seem to recall some years ago that the former Kent Hotel was rebuilt and facade was retained at the request of local planners but with the addition enhancement of much neon and perspex?


  1. Tony
    You have lost this 'Tory Boy' completely!

    The meeting was broadcast and you can find the link on my weblog, Michael Child's and even TDC's website.

    We have, as you will have noticed, microphones, hard wired to the desks in the council chamber. These are quirky and obsolete and would cost a small fortune to replace but we went ahead with what we had!

  2. I will have to re read the item in the thanet times simon and issue a groveling apology as necessary

  3. Tony, I noticed work in progress today. I think you are spot on about the great trouble at Kent Hotel to have the front retained in line with the others to the extent where it ended up as a facade on the front and all behind was re-built. Seemed pointless given the ghastly flashing light decoration. Do you know if a similar restriction is in place for Tivoli as 'rebuilding ' or 'demolition' seems in progress.