Thursday, May 06, 2010

Good Luck to Liberal Democrats in Thanet Peter Bucklitsch & Laura Murphy

The election campaign is now over, all that remains, is for us punters to go (if you haven't already) and register our votes, in my case after many years weighting up the political parties, what they offer in terms of policy and more importantly treat the electorate, I've settled with Liberal Democrats.
As with most elections, the subject of just what your vote is worth, is up for discussion and the cynical suggestion, is often made and true up to a point, that in most constituencies, if you don't vote for the incumbent, your vote is wasted.

Still that is view perpetuated by I suspect Labour and Tories, whom have done quite well over the years taking turns at governing.
Still the idea that Conservatives and Labour have the answers to governing this country, in perpetuity is clearly nonsense and one reason as to whether you should vote Liberal Democrat might be the steady growth in MP's in the last few years, which is process likely to continue with this election.

Before Stephen Ladyman got himself elected South Thanet, it would have been viewed as an impenetrable Conservative seat, although the fact that Jonathan Aitken was under a bit of a cloud and eventually being done for telling porkies (perjury and perverting the course of justice) might have helped, cynics would have said it was impossible.
It's strange that nobody every criticises the loyalty of Football fans, Mrs Me has been a life long supporter of Chelsea, and from what I can tell, they've had a few crap years, so I say don't be put off voting for an ideal rather than being pragmatic things can improve.

Anyway enjoy the outcome, probably the best outcome will be a "balanced" Parliament or "hung" as Tories and Labour like to call both Tory and Labour alike have no scruples about governing the country with about a third of the electorate voting for them.


  1. With you supporting them, how could they possibly lose? It's Bucklitsch with a 'T' by the way.

  2. cheers don and Steve.

    Eastcliff your so picky, I'd have thought you'd have gone with your fellow toffs

  3. I voted Lib Dem but watching my bets now as we drink, scoff and follow Dimbleby's coverage.

    Simon Moores gave a vey impressive contribution to BBC News 24 re Nigel Farage's air accident. Fair play.

    Now the issue here is who will win ... William Hill or us ?

    Best wishes May Your God go with You.

    More Sister Assumpta !!

  4. Well the air crash certainly got Farage and UKIP a lot more publicity than they would otherwise have expected. Sad to have got it through such a tragic accident.

  5. I enjoyed the break to meet people in Thanet. Now paying the price and doing a few 60+ hour weeks to catch up! Thanks to all who voted Lib Dem. I am not surprised at not winning, but we all have a little hope or would not venture anything.

  6. To add to my previous, I am not sure that the Lib Dems will survive after 5 years of coalition. If they do their job and help DC & co revive the corpse of GB PLC I cannot see the electorate understanding why there should be two parties, and it would be even more difficult to differentiate policies. The Lib Dems did not have the option of standing by and letting the Conservatives fail, so I think the party has made the ultimate sacrifice in putting the interests of the country first. Liam Byrne's comment summed up the absolute failure of Labour in government, when having bankrupted the country he dismisses this dire result with a cynical disregard for the consequences. Labour cannot be considered electable for decades, or at least until the whole of the existing parliamentary party have left politics. Then Labour will have to establish a reason for its existence. The next election should pose an interesting problem for the electorate - No choice at all.