Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Some positives for Thanet

Obviously the economic forecast is not the best and the weather outside is cooler than you like, but life goes on, even after P45’s have been dished out in the election tomorrow to some much deserving MP’s.

Here in Margate Tracy Emin unveiled here latest work, that neon sign, which could have been er …. but which complements Droit House and I’ve been listening to the recently launched local radio station Academy FM (107.8), which plays good music with not as many interruptions as other stations.

academy FM Click here for the internet link

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    All David Cameron says is "We want change, we need change...change...change..."
    Ok Give him 30p and tell him to F**K off. Let's face it, if Dave here was elected Prime Minister, this country would be more doomed than it is already!