Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My thoughts on the election campaign so far? Who is forming your opinion?

murdoch This election campaign, has for me highlighted the way in which the media in this country operates when reporting news, on the one hand radio and TV tend to report facts in a largely unbiased way, whereas most of the popular British press is nothing if not biased in the way it reports political issues.

Because the broadcast media, is regulated, the elections leadership debates, have given the British people, a fair chance to assess, what our politicians actually stand for, which not surprisingly has given the Liberal Democrats a big boost as both Cameron and Brown did what they always do, which was to come out with meaningless platitudes, delivered with the high-handedness, which both Tory and Labour politicians display, as if, they have a god given right to rule this country in perpetuity, Nick Clegg answered the questions put to him with authority and clarity without the arrogance of his rivals.

Reading the "Murdoch Press" in particular the Sun, News of the world, objectivity, fairness and facts seem to fly out the window, back in 1997 or even prior Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch met and thereafter until recent times the Sun, News of the world has backed the Labour party, and it is worth noting during that time, Sky TV appears to have continued, to have a monopoly on “paid for” satellite broadcasts in this country. Anyhow currently Murdoch papers are pushing David Cameron for all he's worth, its almost amusing to read some Murdoch journalists, as they "sing for their supper" as are the Tory promoting celebrity political analysts, like Lord Lloyd Webber (currently doing all right with your BBC promoting his musicals) and this morning Simon Cowell, along with 16 page three girls who should the conservatives not win on Thursday, will immediately be outlawed.

Labour are certainly nothing if not desperate at the moment, with current ministers promoting the idea of tactical voting, which in these parts means not voting for Stephen Ladyman who hasn't got a chance anyway and swapping to the liberal democrats, and not voting for veteran Rodger Gale.

Anyway I suggest you vote with your gut feeling, personally if I vote conservative I would be voting for rich tax dodging businessman, in Labour's case to vote for them, means you are supporting a bloated privileged public sector and perpetuating a welfare culture, I'll certainly prefer to keep to my principles for this reason "The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Do please vote.


  1. Ah Tony, good to see you back in rant mode, never letting the facts get in the way too much. Perhaps I could ask you a cheeky question? You do support the Lib Dems intention to make a considerable number of illegal immigrants members of British society through their amnesty?

    And entry to the euro?

    And your support locally goes to a candidate who has hardly ever visited the place, either before or after the calling of the election, whose literature endlessly 9and somewhat ironically) uses the word local.....?

    Just a gentle teasing out of principles Tony......

  2. Good use of the immigration card,just like gordon brown who used the same Labservative line.

    You know that in 20 years or more both labour and Tory have done nothing to remove illegal immigrants

    Get real chris

    sorry for that, hope things are well with yourself politics aside

  3. I'm fine Tony. Good use of the swerve to avoid the question on the integrity of your chosen candidate? 30 love maybe x

  4. A Lib Dem vote will not be wasted because it can platform the argument for change of the electoral system.

    Since I put a good odds bet on a while back that Gordon Brown would be next prime minister I was a little displeased by Clegover this week.

    I thought it was worth a punt at good odds on the constitutional position that in a hung parliament the sitting PM is first to be invited to form a govt.

    Now clever Cleggy has opened options to pact with Labour but only if they ditch GB which of course many of them want to do anyway.

    What about my bet Clegs ?

    Walking the dog yesterday I ran into poodle owner (Hospital security guard) and labrador owner (Police Officer now qualified in armed support).

    The Hospital Security guard has just been told his free boot issue is ending. And the copper has had his deployment into armed support halted because of a five million pound force cut back. There are plans to make armed support a shared activity of 3 forces.

    But you ain't seen nothing yet.

    Whoever comes to power has got to be strong and ruthless. I think Clegg is the only one with those qualities (albeit hiding below the surface)

  5. I should add the young copper is a graduate in IT and has also completed police specialist NBC courses (hence he can deploy wearing the NBC suits and respiration gear.

    We have invested in an age of terror in equipping a steady handed young chap with the skills and now he will be doing paperwork and admin with occasional public excursions for the foreseeable

  6. Retire: todays COMRES poll shows you loose your bet, the YOUGUV shows that you win so its still anyones game. But LIBDEMS in both polls get no more than 75 seats, down from the 90 odd last week and the 110 the week before.

  7. I quite like the idea of an amnesty on illegal immigrants, so they'll probably get my vote!

  8. Who would be silly enough to vote for the CONS ???

    More cover-ups from the tories ?

    If you are a leader of a council (maidstone) and also a masonic tory , looks like you can come 'down to Margate' for a weekend bender & punch-up with your brothers than pretend you come from London by getting the papers to cover for you,, then get back to running a council no questions asked ?

  9. Vince Cable didnt realise it was his own leader who stated the 600,000 figure, criticised the tories about a VAT rise which they hadnt said they would do, yet refused to rule it out himself, flipflopped several times over.

    Chris Huhne the millionare Lib Dem MP/candidate claimed on expenses for a packet of biscuits.

    Several Lib Dems took advantage of the system, they are far from different. Clegg used to fly economy when he was an MEP but got paid first class expenses, what did he do with the rest of the money.

    Lib Dems in Shepway screwed up the council and got turfed out and half of them defected. They had a policy of allowing 16 year olds access to porn.

    On immigration, they expect those who have been staying here to report to the local authorities? how out of touch is that.

    If the Lib Dems wish to form a majority party with Labour isnt that going against everything they have stood for with the 'old party' line.