Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanet's Free press - "Up to a point Lord Copper"*

I see from Friday's Gazette that democracy appears pretty low on the agenda as far as Gazette editor, Rebecca Smith's paper is concerned, admittedly I get obsessive over some subjects, naturally like most democrats I viewed Thanet Councils locking me out of a public meeting a serious issue.

Not so Becca's paper (IOTG), in the "Best of the Blogs" column, misleadingly refers to "protesters" in I assume an effort to belittle the facts, "protestors" actually consisted of one neutral blogger me, a resident of Dalby Square, who I understand later spoke to the meeting, and of course Andrew Woodman a journalist at the Gazette, also Becca's paper referring to me, makes this further misleading claim "Still, as everyone did get in to hear the debate, no harm done eh Tone?.

Well Becca, as your colleague will no doubt confirm, three of us missed the first quarter hour, usually the most important part of any meeting, so no harm done is another misleading remark in my opinion.

The press is sometime referred to as the forth estate, a bastion of truth and democracy, still maybe the Isle of Thanet Gazette, is a bit more estate agent than fourth estate.

Still Northcliffe media ultimately own the Gazette and Daily Mail so we know just how much we can trust the strict editorial standards, still just imagine how much better it would be if Murdoch's News international owned the Gazette.


  1. The media has never been designed to inform the people but the complete opposite, to keep them dumbed down.

    They would more than likely be out of a job tomorrow if they dared to disclose anything that would amount to 'real information' leaking out.

    Completely government controlled media with just a 'flavour' of a story and a 'hint' of truth is all that is required, unfortunately.

    I wonder just how much money the councils pay out to so-called media outlets , for their 'stories' or dare I say drivel?

  2. Kent Freedom Movement

    says it all really regarding the media control and corruption !

  3. Which government would that be then that controls the press?

    Just a few months back we were reading of the big brother state manipulating what got out to us minnions. Surely that government was Labour.

    Now the suggestion is again that the government dictates what the press publish, presumably being the Lib/Con coalition government.

    Do the media switch sides that swiftly or could it be that some papers, the Mail springs to mind, are pro-Tory and others, like the Mirror are pro-Labour. The Sun changes sides depending on who upset Rupert Murdoch the most recently. All fall on one side of the political divide or the other, despite attempts by some of the elitist news spreads to claim neutrality, so just how are they all controlled by whichever government is in office at the time?

  4. Aren't they all the same party just a LIB/LAB/CON run by the same cabal, helped by the masonic clubs of course ?

    It certainty looks like it and more people are beginning to wakeup in ever increasing numbers. They no longer believe or rely on the corporate propaganda and educate themselves, which is what the authorities/council doesnt want.

  5. You seriously over estimated the influence of freemasonry, an organisation, rather like the Church of England, that struggles for new members and to keep its lodges open in consequence.

    Furthermore, the idea that the likes of Bob Crow, Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Margaret Thatcher, Lord Tebbit, Boris Johnson, Lord Ashdown, Vince Cable and Nigel Farage all sing from the same song sheet would be laughable were it not so preposterous.

    The notion that the 'establishment' control everything went out with the universal franchise except, of course, in the minds of the great conspiracy theorists.

    Have a nice day in fantasy land!

  6. To right their is a conspiracy and it is against the people for the gain of a select few.

    Where's all this transparency we are supposed to have in local government, how many have not declared they are freemasons?

    Why all the secrecy if they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear ?

    The people will decide for themselves who is telling the truth , actions speak louder than words.

  7. how does the story go, at first they dismiss you , then they ridicule you ,,,,,and then you win

    the media are as bad as the council,
    people can see straight through their 'BS' 'coverup'stories

    the papers/tv should be renamed the daily comic 'not news'

  8. To suggest people should declare if they are freemasons is like asking them if they belong to a cricket club. Forget all the secrecy stuff, it is, in reality, just a gentlemen's club for social purposes.

    Are you a union member? Should you declare it if you run for the council? Are you addicted to pickled onions? Mind you, I guess people would know that from your breath anyway but it illustrates the point.

    Councillors are required to disclose interests of a financial nature that my clash with their duties and responsibilities in office. Not what scial activities they get up to, how often they have sex or what they had for breakfast so, please, get real and cut out all the nonsense.

  9. Stephen thanks for your comment but this is a blog not great literature, hence removal of your comment, the point is the Gazette has no respect for facts and the article was inaccurate, slightly more important than my lack of education.

  10. Keep the pressure up Tony,it will be great to see you on the Council, the sooner the better! you would get my vote, Thanet needs someone like you,not afraid to say what you think and sticking up for democracy, for far to long old Labour /New labour and the Tories have got away with wrecking Thanet.The Lib Dems have got a Gem in you.

  11. What is AXJ by John Aster

    people need to unite and fast, there is no free press

  12. Which duty comes first ?

    The duty to the people who elected the councillor

    (probable without being told of any association)

    or the public duty of the official

    or would it be the oath taken to the freemasons?

    Oh my that a hard one !!!