Friday, September 24, 2010

Contempt for public scrutiny topped off with Jibe from Cabinet member

As expected last night, at a public meeting, Thanet Councils Cabinet colluded with council officers and agreed to discuss the passing over of their own democratic powers to an unelected council officer or as the agenda has it "each of East Kent's authorities shall delegate to its Chief Executive".

The main body of the agenda item 11, was concerned with this surrender of control to the chief executive and role of  East Kent Shared Services and should have had a public explanation, sensitive aspects of this item could then have been addressed in private.

It's clear that efficiencies will lead to job losses, detail which refers to actual numbers and specific information to department could and should have been discussed in private although I trust that the council has issued proper notice to those effected, that their jobs are at risk.

Etiquette at council meetings

Council members, should not as part of their preamble to excluding public from the democratic process, have the bad manners to make jibes at members of the public. If for instance, Simon Moores thinks he has some special immunity or privilege he is mistaken. 

Should this occur my advice is to make it loud and clear that such behaviour is unacceptable. It may lack dignity but if some councillors are lacking social graces then tough.

No doubt an unreserved apology is winging its way to me as I type.


  1. Tony, you should not overlook the fact that the passing of executive control to faceless bureaucrats was moving on at pace under Labour and democracy, at all levels, has far better chances of survival under the coalition government.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, economies can be made so long as employees, civil service or local government, are ultimately responsible to, and monitored by, the democratically elected members.

    Do not forget that prior to May this year we were fast heading for a very 'Orwellian' society but, thankfully, that state machine is already being dismantled. Feed not ammunition to the anti-Tory, anti-Lib/Dem fraternity lest we should return to the dark days of Gawd the Terrible!

  2. Annon - 0907

    Obviously a Tory prick then !! I hate the torys and anything to do with it and they are going to ruin this country just like Thatcher did !!!

    Now fuck off and die and stop wasting valuable oxygen ! C*NT

  3. What a delightful person! Such language but then I guess it is par for the type. Clearly a democracy hater who would only be happy in an all red, state controlled, socialist utopia. Shudder the thought!!

  4. anon 0907

    This sort of language is totally uncalled for,the rhetoric of the uneducated, I do not like the Tories but will refrain from usage of this type of language,Although I am impressed at the way the Tories are repairing the damage caused by the Labour Party, perhaps under the influence of the Liberals, I am also impressed with what Tony is writing about, he would make a good Councillor,I hope that he will get elected in May.

  5. As our wodger like to say the labour group are just a bunch of ragheads , who gives a stuff what they think.

  6. We have never had a democracy its just another ploy to keep the people in the dark .

    You really couldnt squeeze a fag paper between the so-called parties that's why nothing will ever change apart from the cabbage patch face manager.