Saturday, September 04, 2010

DALBY SQUARE THE FACTS – Tory Council throws away your money and Labour say stuff the homeless

Sorry that's just an attention seeking title, but in reality I'm writing this without letting too many facts cloud the issue, Labour councillors have invested a lot of effort in tarting up Dalby Square, which has become a diverse neighbourhood and home for people from across Europe seeking a better life.

However despite the efforts of Labour activist, who I'd say have been prime movers in improving the area, one area in need of sorting out has been the Warren Court Hotel site which is currently I guess only occupied by rodents on self catering holidays.

Moving on, Town and Country Housing Group a housing association, are planning to throw up some "social housing" on the site and Thanet Council have decided to bung gratis, free, a large chunk of land, which currently is a flat green space, offering something better than social housing, an area, in the right proportion for a game of football, still given the proximity of a play area in the square, the more ornate park type bit, a superb children's playground and not least miles of cliff top, beach et cetera local Tories see this as a bit of a luxury, which of course it is.

There is clearly a valid case for keeping the "green", but on the other hand local Tories apparently see social housing as a priority which I guess is why they've decide to gift the "green" which even in today's climate must be worth many thousands of pounds. My own opinion is that Thanet council ought to sell the green as an asset still I get the impression that rather than address the chronic over staffing and inefficiency at the council, "officers" like turkeys prefer asset sales rather than Christmas dinners and compliant Tories go along with the advice.

As far as I can tell, a large section of Thanet's spiv developers, have been building "luxury apartments" which in reality are pokey low cost spaces,  tomorrows slums today, that I understand, usually end up, in the buy to rent market or taken up by housing associations so what the hell, why doesn't the council at least get something out of the deal?

If TDC had a granny to sell they would, so can someone tell me why they're not maximising on the green, it seems that this could be sold to any one of the carpet bagging, down from London types, or our own local developers, who would build the usual "luxury" flats.

Still the irony of the situation which seems upside down, was pointed out to me just before I reached the final stretch here (although I was getting there), and it is this, a Conservative administration is trying to increase affordable social housing and the Labour group have somehow manoeuvred themselves into a position where they're opposed housing, Labour ought to accept the need for housing and Tories ought to accept that the "green" is an asset that shouldn't be gifted.

LATE BREAKING NEWS  Its clear that the political temperature is on increase as we drift into autumn Clive Hart's Labour group has got itself in poor position on Dalby Square so tonight, Clive has diverted his energy elsewhere sending out an email addressing some side show a bit of alleged mud slinging which of coarse is always more important than the small issues like affordable homes for those in need, its a bit like Tony Bliars performance this week, no hint of concern for what matters, to us the people.

Although the email is in the public domain, published on Mark Nottingham's weblog tonight, I' think I'll hang fire on reproducing it here since it seems little more than mud raking, if Clive Hart, is he trying to suggest he and his colleagues have never made jibes of a similar nature, come off it Clive.


  1. Oh dear Tony - just when I thought we might see something like eye to eye on an issue.

    Fact is Warren Court site most certainly needs developing but south green in Dalby Square most certainly does not(and for many, many reasons).

    Certainly not against social housing either so please don't twist my/our words or intentions.

    Exceedingly worried though, with several hundreds empty flats already in Cliftonville and now more than another hundred as yet unlet or sold at the old Stimsons House site just around the corner from Dalby Square in Eastern Esplanade.

    I took the Chief. & Deputy Chief. Exec. of TDC on a tour of Cliftonville West this week and I can assure you they were shocked by the situation they found.

    We have social problems the like most folk could not even dream of and losing open green space in an area densley populated with cramped flats will do nothing to help that situation.

    So there you have it Tony - we're not a million miles apart on this one - unless you want us to be.

    As for the other matter - it certainly does not take any kind of priority and is not a diversion - indeed as I've made absolutely clear, I've been trying to sort it out diplomatically for two weeks now, but with no support from the Tory leadership.

  2. Clive I'm know we agree on a lot of issues and comment as I see things your right on the give away and the chance to tidy up the area further with more housing cannot do any harm. Residents have fantastic openspaces even without the green.

    Anyway I've work in the morning

  3. Another typical Flaig runaway comment. When someone opposes you, and you cannot manage a real reply, you either run around tearing out your hair complaining that another blogger has been nasty to you, or thinks you're inferior - nobody does apart from the chip on your shoulder that whispers it in your ear daily - you say you have work to get off to, or you say someone is a Labour apologist.

    Either stop blogging or "get over it".

  4. Yes Clive

    There are thousands of houses vacant for private rent in Stoke on Trent. New estates of "luxury flats" stand largely empty. Developer ideas of selling to first time buyers evaporated and the sales that have occurred have been to buy to let investors whose "To let" signs are still on display.

    I know self employed couriers who simply won't deliver to the "Luxury flats". There are gate entry systems followed by door entry systems. Followed by pottering along pokey little communal hallways if they lucky enough to find the resident in and answering the intercoms. Not time cost effective. Just return parcels to depot "Not at home".

    Going further North (Cheshire, Manchester) there are estates run by Housing Assns so pathetic in their management of anti social behaviour that many houses cannot get tenants or buyers and stand empty glaring mutely at the world with steel mesh covered doors and windows.

    The programme "Shameless" is as much a documentary as it is a comedy.

    Ghettos with vacant properties. Luxury flats behind gates and door entry systems and estates for the anti social living amongst empty houses that can neither be let nor sold.

  5. well done Tony it is clear that Cllr Hart has dug himself and his group into a hole, he would be well advised to stop digging, "he who excuses himself, accuses himself" or "perhaps me thinks me lord protesteth too much" both seem to apply to Cllr Hart. On Cllr Nottinghams Blog it is noted that a writer has suggested that senior politicians should sit down round a table to discuss issues rather than the ya boo politics practised by some of the politicians, grow up gentlemen and ladies, if anyone disagrees with Cllr Hart his tactics seem to be rude open letter follows!!oh dear oh dear, Hart a mini Bliar full of own importance

  6. May be the 'hole' clive has dug is so sensitive because the subject he refers to is well known to him?

  7. And there, the two anon commments, Tony is the illustration of what goes wrong with Thanet blogging.

    If you could press "Move comments" and transfer the anon snipes ad hominem to ECR ... result.

  8. I note from 12:58 that Cllr Hart has not responded perhaps you are right, it may be too close for comfort, perhaps Cllr Hart may wish to clarify the issue over which he appears so sensitive

  9. 547 off topic and a repeat removed
    Retired as much as I respect you and appreciate your comments, that last one ought to be on your own blog hence its been removed.

  10. OMG: I have just moved my daughter out of the so called Dalby square development as its native to those foreigners that you say are looking for a better quality of life well i shall bring you up to date of what its like to live there for a year. The place is a total litter tip rubbish everywhere you look. Paint spraying is starting to happen, children running riot, interlinking sky dishes so the crime has started, moving other members, family into benefit paid accommodation so fraud is going on, drug dealers on the square etc etc etc no such thing as a luxury square you need to live there and glad my daughter has moved good riddens to it all.

  11. Maybe when they are restored you can move some more foreign nationals into them. We all know they only come to this country to take advantage of the free healthcare and welfare state no wonder this country is in so much strife!!! We should have a policy if they come to our country they should work not reap the welfare for handouts which we the tax payer have to give over every week of our hard earned cash makes me sick to think im British and get no help when i am need it and you would think that i was the foreigner in my own country shameful.