Thursday, September 16, 2010

I didn't mention Heritage day does this make me anti-Semitic?

An odd question I know, having read Michael Child, of Thanet Online blog, waffling on about the council recently, not mentioning synagogues being open in Ramsgate, in a press release referring to Margate, in fact, a cursory glance of his blog and it looks like quite a campaign.

I've not had much time or inclination to blog this week, but I have to say Michael's claims are extraordinary, not having mentioned last weekend's Heritage day, I'm not sure what I might be guilty of can you be anti history, culture?

In my defence, I have mentioned such events and taken the trouble to visit some of those places mentioned when the opportunity has been available including the Montefiore synagogue where I bumped in to Michael.

Easy as it is to accuse Thanet Council of incompetence, inefficiency et cetera, I don't think you can accuse TDC of anti-Semitism, and frankly its a much overused insult and almost meaningless, having been overused by the Israeli state, to slur critics of its continued United Nations & human rights violations.

Still to save accusations of anti-Catholicism or being anti-royalist I will just mention two heads of state will be meeting this week the Queen and the Pope, I would however point out that neither of the these two have been elected to office by a proper popular democratic process.
Just a quick mention on the Margate's Tudor House, great as it was to see it open to the public, its a pity, that the council don't have it open more often.

PS I'm happy to confirm I'm anti the flipping lot of religions, as I see it they're all about controlling, what you do and what you think. My advice is never trust any man in a dress.


  1. Careful Tony, the last thing we need is another blogs war, especially as you & Michael seem to be the last two bloggers in Thanet...

  2. Bloggers come and go I think Michael's unlikely to be offended, others are probably on holiday and that sort of thing.

    Nottinghams probably wrapped up in Labours hunt for a suitable replacement for the leadership of the party and god knows its a hard task to find someone with the social skills of Brown or the humility and selflessness of Bliar

  3. To each his own as far as religion is concerned and if some folk choose to believe whilst others don't, then so be it. It's the Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkings attitude that annoys me. If they don't wish to believe then fine but don't condemn and ridicule those who do.

    As to the Labour leadership, well they have recently had one schooled in the Scottish protestant doctrine, following on from a born again Roman Catholic, so maybe they are due for an atheist. On the other hand, Ed M in his pusuit of being all things to all men might just turn to Islam to gain a few extra votes.

    Regarding the Pope, well he might not be elected by the masses but he is by the Cardinals, which is sort of democratic and if his visit brings pleasure to his flock in UK then good luck to them. Not really into kissing old blokes rings myself - shudders at the thought and departs to fix a stiff drink!

  4. Are there any women cardinals? Who elects the cardinals? Democratic - never, just another dictatorship.

  5. 5:26 PM

    Its the top job, old sport, and like most top jobs you get appointed, not elected. If you're not a Catholic it doesn't matter to you anyway and, if you are, I am sure you are too full of reverence to mind.

    Live in peace or, if your faith is Vulcan, live long and prosper.

  6. Tony I used a similar ploy when TDC failed to promote Thanet Pride I made an official complaint that they were being homophobic, it worked ok and they promoted the event and I withdrew the complaint.

    With the complaint that they were being Anti-Semitic by promoting two churches in Margate that were open, but failed to promote two synagogues in Ramsgate that were open, it didn’t work so well.

    The problem for me is that if they are going to spend our money on promoting local events on their websites then this should be done accurately.

  7. I am with Michael on this one Tony. TDC HAS A website and an IT department the least they could do is put stuff of relevance on it.

  8. My point is that accusing TDC of being anti-Semitic is over the top and frankly ridiculous

  9. Try Antidisestablishmentarianism, you rascal

  10. Lucky that "Nottingham" isn't having to look for a replacement for the duplicitous, deceitful, Tory lap-dog that is Nick Clegg. But someone will be having to do that quite soon, I suspect.