Tuesday, May 03, 2011

AV explained

Tired of lazy lack lustre MP's, you know the Tory or Labour MP's who don't have to try to get elected. Well this video will explain AV.

This video is Promoted by Willie Sullivan on behalf of Yes in May 2011 Ltd, both of Carmelite, 50 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0LS



  1. You do not really need to explain AV. Suffice that it gave the Labour party the wrong brother as leader and is supported by Neil Kinnock who could not win anything in a straight contest.

    It is a losers charter, nothing more.

  2. It also gave the Conservative party the right leader,thats my reason for supporting AV...
    so I will be voting YES.
    and Jarvis. Furness and Flaig for Dane Valley

  3. Actually, 8:43, David Cameron was elected under a rerun vote system which is very different to the AV proposed. Anyway, pleased to hear you think he was the right leader.

    As to Dane Valley, and the rest of the wards for that matter, may the best candidates win, which should exclude Labour with any luck.

  4. According to the Electoral Calculus web site if there was a general election tomorrow using FPP then cons would get 256 seats lab 351 and libdems 18. Under AV Libdems would get 38 with the other parties loosing simmilar amounts.
    This of course surposes that voters will stick to the AV system and vote for more than one person, something that the NO supporters will not do, they will continue to vote just for one person and AV will count for nothing.

  5. Good luck Tony for tomorrow.

    and to all those who keep citing AV as having caused Ed Milliband to get selected, it was more complex than that 'cos I think he had Union votes etc which gave him a bigger chunk of the overall.
    AV is better than our current system. I like to think that my second or third choices might count 'cos that's better than no choice which I have at present where my vote will never count for anything.

  6. Tony- i live in the Dane Valley ward and the only people who have been to us are the labour trio.or rather one of them,we have had no other information or contact from anyone else.
    Nor have we had anything about the pro's of the av referendum or any other information which the government promised,wtf is going on with politics in Thanet?????

  7. I also live in Dane Valley and have received Labour and Liberal leaflets,Bill Furness called on us and We saw Matt Brown delivering leaflets,we normally vote Conservative but will vote Liberal to keep Labour out.

  8. No to AV and a Labour vote for me. I just hope the Torys take a big kick in the balls Nationwide.

    Good luck Tony with your campaign but im sorry the Lib Dems just arent for me.

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  10. I will be voting against AV because it is unfair and an expensive politician's fix.

    Instead of voting being clear, simple and effective, like our current system, the alternative vote's complex counting process breaks the principle of "one person, one vote" which is the foundation of our democracy. How? Let me explain.

    Profoundly unfair
    Under AV, voters are asked to rank candidates in order of preference. When the votes are counted, if the person coming first doesn't have 50% of the vote, the second choice votes of the losing candidates are recycled until someone reaches the winning margin.

    People who vote for the fringe parties, like the BNP or Monster Raving Loony Party, can have their votes counted several times, while those voting for mainstream parties have their vote counted just once. I regard that as profoundly unfair.

    A politician's fix
    And why are we having this referendum? It's because the Liberal Democrats think it will give their party more seats in parliament. This is their attempt to meddle with the method of electing MPs to their own party advantage. That's why it's a politician's fix.

    It's a fact that, during coalition negotiations last May, the leader of the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg, traded his pledge to vote against a rise in student tuition fees in return for what he himself has called a "miserable little compromise". But with his party now desperately unpopular, only a change in the voting system will rescue him from an embarrassing defeat in the polls.

    Expensive and time-consuming
    And it gets worse. A 'yes' vote in this referendum could cost Britain over £130m in electronic vote counting machines and a further £26m on voter education, needed to explain the alternative vote. At a time of cuts, rising unemployment and when people's wages are being frozen, we shouldn't switch to a system that makes the vote counting process more expensive and time-consuming just because it benefits the Lib Dems.

    Our current system isn't perfect - but neither is AV. It is claimed that AV reduces the number of safe seats and makes MPs work harder. It doesn't. It is claimed that it reduces tactical voting. It doesn't. It makes tactics a part of the process. It is claimed that it will clean up politics. But not even the Yes campaign can justify the claim that changing the voting system will change the type of people who become MPs.

    Untested muddle
    Because more Lib Dems are likely to be elected under AV, they have a greater chance to hold the balance of power after an election. Nick Clegg would decide who goes in to Downing Street instead of you, the voter. Imagine after EVERY election, promises being traded away in return for power, which is exactly what we witnessed last May. No thank you.

    AV is not an improvement over the current system; it's an untested, unfair and expensive muddle, which breaks the principle of "one person, one vote" - the best and the fairest way to choose a government

  11. 11:16 just convinced me that I will not be voting Labour. Supporters language is too uncouth.

  12. 12.07 How do you know 11.16 is a labour follower ? He could be a Lib Dem or even a Conservative himself who is not happy with Cameron being leader ?

    SOmehow i think you never would of voted Labour anyway

  13. I will be voting labour as my local councillors who are all Labour have done a good job over the last few years.

  14. 12.07, uncouth language is prevalent in all Parties. Just read the Alan Clarke diaries. Of course, with the Tories, it usually goes with drunkenness and either racism, homophobia, xenophobia, or some such...

  15. And with Labour frequently associated with ego trips, bonking the civil service secretary, fiddling expenses, lieing about opponents and sitting in cells.

    Silly game this with no winners.

  16. Liquoredupand lacquered upThursday 5 May 2011 at 23:40:00 BST

    A plague on both your Lab/Con houses. Shysters! Labour screwed up and so have the Tories. Wise and the Arson it Strategy Group must go!Bless em all

  17. Nick Clegg is already coming under pressure to adopt a more confrontational stance towards the Tories as results show that the Liberal Democrats have taken an electoral battering in all parts of Britain. In some councils in northern England their numbers are being slashed. In Scotland and Wales the Lib Dem vote has also collapsed. There does not seem to be any demand for a new leader, but Lib Dem backbenchers are calling for a change of approach. Mike Hancock said Lib Dem ministers needed to "stiffen up" and that Clegg should "twist [David Cameron's] arm a bit harder". Tim Farron said: "We are going to have to make sure we recognise that there are some lessons to be learnt." Evan Harris, the former Lib Dem MP, said: "We do not need to be so collegiate as we have been over the last year."

  18. Bit difficult to see how Nick Clegg is going to do any arm twisting now.

    If he forced David Cameron's hand, brought about the collapse of the coalition and caused an electiomn in the process, Lib/Dems could face wipe out in parliament.

    Add Labour making no real inroads in England, losing their Scottish heartlands and the electoral boundary changes and Cameron might just be tempted to go for it.

    Nick Clegg's and the Lib/Dem's best chance comes from hanging on for this parliament and seeing if the economic results achieved from the austerity measures eventually work in their favour.