Thursday, May 26, 2011

The wonderful health service myth

Isn't the NHS wonderful? a question that many affirm, without thinking, along with that other cliché about our wonderful police service and lets be honest, yes they are, up to a point.

I'll put our wonderful police on the back boiler for this posting and leave them Kettled for another time.

However it comes as no surprise to me that the NHS are in the dock for poor treatment to elderly,  the NHS is an out of control behemoth, unfortunately we as providers of funds have no say in who or where, we get treated.

Instead of passing responsibility for managing health resources, to over-worked GP's couldn't the health service be re-engineered so that patients control funds, choosing which doctor or practice gets their money.

Imagine if you were taxed and your groceries were "free", and then imagine that in some areas the grocery provider was asda rather than Sainsburys


  1. Patients probably have a bias view on health spending depending upon their personal circumstances. Members of the public in general might be more appropriate. But Tony do you know how the NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent PCT is controlled? Its already run by a mixture of executive, non executive and co-opted board members some of who could be local councillors and others representing the public.
    The public already can make represention on health matter through the Kent LINk service but very few seem interested enough to do so.

  2. Don't get me started on the NHS, Tony, you wouldn't believe me if I told you what I know. Suffice to say, it ain't meant to work efficiently, not for us anyway.

  3. The NHS always gets dammed globally. Lots of parts of the NHS do function well but as has again recently been shown there are areas for (urgent) improvement. People are living longer with ever greater needs as they advance in old age. The NHS is getting more and more stretched so if we want to treat everyone to the highest possible standards then we need to wake up and recognise we all need to pay for this service in increased taxes. It is appalling that the elderly in some hospitals have been neglected but the question is, are you willing to pay for more nurses to give the 1:1 care these people need?
    Ans yes I do work frontline in the NHS.

  4. The thing about the medical profession (and the elf and safety army as well) is that it ultimately fails - we all die in the end.

  5. Always fascinated with your contempt for public services and the people who work within them. Especially working in the rail industry which has only this week been shown to run a monopoly based on arcane working practices, leading to grossly inflated charges to passengers and virtually guaranteed profits for owners, funded partly through extortionate fairs and taxpayer subsidies. If that is the model you are proposing it seems to sit oddly with what I understood to be liberal philosophy of social justice.

  6. 8 40 I take from your comment the health service is run by the old boy network, free masons, busy bodies and overpaid public sector dibdobs very egalitarian and customer focused

    9 05 I agree the number of old people is growing but I don't feel more money is necessarily the only way vast pay increases for GP's and a 9 to 5 working week have helped not nor 7 billion on a useless computer system.

    I'm sure that most nurses do a good job however that view is somewhat challenged, once you have witnessed nurses sitting behind desks, while patients aren't treated, seeing food placed on trays out reach of patients, a patient unwashed for days, having to ask to see a doctor when an elderly patient is suffering from dehydration because otherwise they will not be going home (something the report mentioned prescribing water)

    9 14 I have no contempt what so ever, with public sector workers, but unlike you I don't hold to the simplistic moronic complacency you do, I will confess to having a disrespect for the higher echelons of the public sector who in the main are more concerned with themselves than coal face colleagues.

    Finally 9 14 you refer to my industry, again you show your ignorance, you are clueless, I've worked in the rail industry for eight years and earn less than when I started.

    9 14 you have obviously been reading reports from roy Mcnulty, clearly his view is somewhat tainted in my opinion,
    Roy McNulty is as Deputy Chairman of the Olymipic Delivery Authority will be overseeing a £1.5 million share out bonus for eight directors who already trouser £200,000 salaries.

    Finally yes with public sector workers like this I do have a certain contempt, don't you think a man on a fat salary attacking those ordinary staff who in fact create the wealth pays for fat salaries ought at least to be aware of the reality.

  7. Tony I have had cause on numerous occassions to have emeraency service and the NHS has provided fantastic service. I am dismayed at the recent report and it is for the most part sensational and bandied about by the various press who have no kiss and tell stories for the front page. I am not defending what has happened but having another executive on 200 thousand a year wont stop it happening again, a bit like saying set up another quango and pay them millions in wages and expences will stop another rail disaster. The work has to be done be it nuts and bolts on rails or making sure old ladies are eating and drinking as the lay in bed by humans much like yourself the man on the coalface. CUT THE FAT CAT EXEC'S who have no physical imput and one of his years wages could put another ten on the sharp end do this for every public sector enterprise in the country and the unemployment figures go down and you may find a few FAT CATS would accept less FAT SALARIES to stay employed.
    It is ok to critisise but in my experience nurses do a fan bloody tastic job but are over worked.

  8. Well, thanks for your balanced verbal assault. Interesting that you call me moronic, ignorant and clueless. Funnily the same terms I was thinking of you.

    You of course fail to answer the points. You work in the most ridiculous industry which we all have to endure and yet do not have a word of critiscism of it. Train drivers earning £40k a year as opposed to nurses on £20k. Thats the reality. One industry which can hold the country to ransom with strikes, another where people support idiots like you when you need it. God help you next time you need care. 9.14.

  9. 9 14 and 8 27 I refer to my earlier answer

    Just keep taking the Daily Mail and everything will be fine.

    Facts will not harm you!

  10. Totally agree with Tony that facts need to be brought into the public domain and away from secret societies especially with regards to public services.

    What the Kent Conservatives and others would prefer was kept hidden and you will never get to find out in the local media or on the BBC

    Kent is definitely a hotbed of corruption according to this, a whistleblower locked up to stop her standing for elections and MP’s, Kent Police, HMCS, NHS all involved in cover ups ?; How many more are being persecuted by Kent’s corrupt criminal cabal ? How much corruption has been kept hidden from the public gaze and when will people say enough is enough, after all we are the one’s who are paying for it ???