Friday, May 06, 2011

Yesterday's Election

Just got in from last nights or rather this mornings election count as you can imagine quite an intensive evening and in places exceedingly boring as the count went on forever and as I left at seven, there were still some awaiting their fate however it was fairly clear that labour had made quite an inroad into the Tory vote.

In Dane Valley Labour had a big win which I am sure had nothing to do with the 28 strong crack team of canvassers bussed in from London and rag bag of front bench Labour MPs and also runs.

Still a win is a win and well done to Sandra Hart who had the biggest vote, also my thoughts to those who in the past who have worked particularly hard, like Michael Jarvis for the residents of Dane Valley and did not get re-elected.

Still I shall get back to blogging, having felt inhibited during the election, at what might prove an interesting time as Labour and Tory fight over the result.

Again thanks to all those who made the effort to vote, since your participation makes the process worth doing. in

I see one disgruntled Tory,  who for reasons best known to himself, wasnt at the count, troubles himself thus "No sign of any impact whatsoever from the LibDem's Bill Furness or Bloggers Tony Flaig or Matt Brown, in fact incorrect I had around 270 votes, given the background of an unprecedented media campaign against Liberals by the mainly foreign owned press, and Labour's sour grapes clearly not the greatest result but something I'm proud of and which I would like to thank the voters for whoever they chose, Cheers.


  1. There was only one winner in Thanet and that was the Returning Officer. Yes win win for the Chief Exec with fees for both the election and the referendum. I dont know what he got but the average in the country is over £12,000 per election.

  2. Do you have a copy of the invoice?

  3. Lib Dems in Melt Down, Labour Gaining and Torys a little bit bruised. All too predicatble.

  4. A great night Tony, sorry you did not get in, but good to see you stick to your Liberal principles unlike the "disgruntled" one, who legend has it,
    went from "liberal" to Labour and then Conservative quicker than you could say meal ticket.

  5. Hard luck Tony I left when you and the man in the hat arrived. I already guessed the local result and was spot on the with the district prediction.

    Not entirely sure about the Liberal to Labour allegation though. Certainly worked with the LibDems in the 80s but never worked with Labour beyond being a consultant to Government. Put another way for the benefit of the ignorance of 9:38, if I had been political I couldn't have worked with government.

    The personal attacks from the usual suspect are becoming a little tedious don't you think!

  6. Since he appears to be a bit ignorant for the benefit of cllr Moores the "man in the hat" is Matt Brown the well know running mate of Tony.

  7. Not ignorant just being polite rather than drawing attention to the rather less kind epithet on Labour's??

  8. Well done Tony shame you never got in but there is always next time.

  9. Just shows how foolish Labour were. Clive went into overkill in Dane Valley to make sure Sandy Hart got in and to make sure you paid the price for daring to speak out against him. Obviously thought his Reaper hadn't done a good enough job of discrediting you to leave it at that.
    But if Clive had been a true Leader, he would have known when enough was enough, moved onto other weaker canvassed areas such as Garlinge and bagged them. That way they wouldn't be stuck in a NOC council.
    I'd blame the Leader for his poor judgement.

  10. The conspiracy theorists - whether it's over political events in Thanet or anti-terrorism activities on the part of the US - are an interesting group of people!

    I wonder whether Councillor Moores - who, given his self-promotion and showmanship, must be spitting that he didn't top the poll in Westgate (losing out to Independent Councillor King) - will stop posting innuendo and threat and start being more open. Who specifically does he believe and allege is the "usual suspect". Setting out his stall will enable his suspicions either to be confirmed or dismissed.

    Put up or shut up I think.

  11. 1037 Your envy/hatred of Moores is now bordering on the psychotic.
    It is obvious to everyone that you desperately need one or more of the following:
    a)professional help
    b)to leave your room
    c)to socialise with humans again
    d)a hobby other than the internet
    Wasn't the Reaper offering you a free week in a psychiatric unit of your choice?

  12. 12.26, it is Councillor Moores who posted a snipe at certain Liberal Democrat candidates. He has sniped at Tony Flaig several times. It is obviously water off a duck's back for Tony, which is good, but it is unnecessary. His usual tactic, when realising that his snipe has not generated outpourings of support from the likes of you, is to find some way of covering his tracks. The actions of the skilled manipulator and spin-doctor.

    I do not need professional help. Your puerile suggestion, advanced by so many of your like against those who attack the Political Right, is, above anything else, offensive to anyone who does suffer from psychological or psychiatric problems. It demonstrates the same lack of humanity, decency and respect those on the Right reserve for a number of less equal groups in society.

  13. But hey, 12.26, the ISSUE here is Councillor Moores saying precisely:

    who he believes his "usual suspect" - at 09.38 - is
    who he believes was behind the negative campaigning leaflet circulated in his Ward.

    So much better and more adult to say what you mean and present the facts to back it up rather than work through innuendo and veiled threat.

  14. Because of the laws of slander and libel it actually is not that easy to say or write what you mean or suspect. One might have a pretty good idea who might be responsible for the defamatory leaflet, but, unless you can actually prove it, you cannot 'put up' as some folk quaintly suggest.

    As to all this political right or left nonsense, I think it is pretty clear from the election result that the good people of Thanet, least ways the ones who bothered to vote, have neither totally rejected the right or turned to the left. Most certainly they have also not embraced the alternatives offered by the Lib/Dems or a large group of independents.

    Real message is that Conservatives and Labour will have to learn to work together for the common good and cut out all the stupid political infighting and posturing. Otherwise Thanet's mini revival will be very short lived.

    I also find it sad, and not a little ironic, that despite all the condemnation of the council and the anti-comments on line and in our local press, so few people actually bother to exercise their deomcratic right. Guees it is less trouble to just moan.

  15. Is this Clive Hart's wife ?

  16. As the author of the 1.34 and 1.39 posts, I entirely agree with you, Robert. I think a lot of "growing up" needs to happen on all sides of the political arena locally. I am sure Councillor Moores works hard at his duties and won the election in Westgate democratically. It is wholly inappropriate for anyone to distribute negative and defamatory material - as I presume the leaflet was. That is not what campaigning is about or ever should be.

    But equally, local politics, and the "blogosphere", should not be filled with suggestive posts and innuendo and veiled threats. If the supporting evidence is not there - and I take your point about the laws of libel - then the posts should simply not be placed.

  17. Simon is Simon and the rest of us are what we are.

    I think if someone is constantly trying to personally gain the upper hand and has some innate belief that they're somehow superior, they will always be at odds with the world.

    I recall during a live radio programme last year Simon Moores felt it necessary to claim he, had whilst at school been a librarian and I a "chair boy", by which I assume was inferring some social superiority, he was wrong.

    Back in March Moores made some incredible error and linked my name to a story about a beached whale, an almost unbelievable mistake however this was apparently due to using his Ipad, which I accept was some fantastical error.

    Maybe Simon has similarly upset people who are less sympathetic.

    Still as popular as Cllr Moores is I was surprised that he didn't hang round longer at the Winter Gardens.

  18. Moving away from the cut and thrust of the elections, it is a shame that the chance of a proper debate about the constitution and the voting system will now be an unlikely offering for many years to come. What we had was not an informed debate, plus the debate we did have was on a very narrow question. Better to ask "do you agree with FPTP, and if not what system would you prefer...then some options". But, as everyone is saying, the people have spoken and the debate is now rather dead.

  19. 04.58 'DrM'
    There's nothing polite about calling Matt Brown 'The man with the hat'. You knew his name so why not use it? That would have been appropriate and polite.
    And why post the link to the offensive Reaper site? You've certainly drawn attention to it now; so much for being 'polite'.

  20. 2 55 Where are the innuendos and threats you keep going on about?
    On a blog or in your head?

    From what I can read of your postings here and there, the only person being snide, using innuendo and generally sh-t stirring (especially on the MFC Fansite) is you.

    Maybe you should take up charity work or something where you can be less obsessed about what upsets you.
    You may discover that helping others less fortunate than yourself might actually make you HAPPY!

  21. 09 07Have you been living in a hole somewhere? Dig around on Brown's nasty little site and see all the sh-t he has thrown at Moores for years and then winge about good manners.

  22. The globalist NWO movement has a calculated knack of recruiting or attracting, to its lower level ranks, people who were teased or ridiculed at school or in their youth and it's a constantly recurring theme among the political class that is caught up in this diabolical mess.

    This phenomenon is just one small example of the meticulous planning and psychological sophistication that we find ourselves up against.

    Tony, you would've been in a position to know if..., but of course it would be bad manners to air that publicly... ;)

  23. Tony I voted for you as I thought you would bring some maturity to local politics.
    Why are you still so angry about a passing comment made about a time when you were in short trousers?
    More worryingly, why would you even want to put such angst on public display.
    I'm really disappointed, but as a lifelong Libdem I'll hope for better days.

  24. 9 36 think away! I'm just responding to thanet's most charismatic and highly thought of councillor who will one day lead his colleagues in the Tory party to great things

  25. Anon 9.14, I realise that posting anonymously - as you and I are both doing - poses a problem of confusion as to who is behind what comments. For the record, I am not the contributor to whom you are referring. My posts are here - 2.55 for example - but I have never posted on the MFC blog, nor got involved in any discussion about Margate Football Club. I know nothing about the subject.

  26. And also, Anon 9.14, I do a fair amount of voluntary work in the community, outside the time of my full-time job.