Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breaks over new term for council

Today Thursday 19th May 2011 the first meeting of the council since the election, we've yet to know how the new council is to be cobble together, it will be worth a visit, just see how things end up.

In all probability we will have a good bit of political theatre, various scenarios, have been offered to me,  hopefully everyone will be on their best behaviour, one things for sure, there have been no winners, outside of individuals.

I don't know everything as you lot know but tonight I think will also be the first council meeting with Sue McGonagall as Chief Exec so good luck! If the new admin boss can see to it that the doors are left open to public during public meetings she will have my vote and also done better than her predecessor (in my opinion).

Finally how often have we heard all that rhetoric about cross party cooperation and all that malarkey, well money talks and B******** walks, we shall see.


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