Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post Number 1501 Is there anything left to say?

dont do itYes plenty, I just notice that according to Blogger Dashboard, my last posting was number 1500, after estimating a word count at around 675,000 or the hours 2250 consumed (since starting) assuming I spend an hour and a half on each “masterpiece”.

Of course a rational appraisal of all this might, suggests an obsessive personality, who in their right mind would devote 90 plus days of their last five years to blogging, well in my defence I’m not a train spotter, and I don’t go fishing (why spend hours getting cold and wet when you can go to Tesco’s).

I’m surprised, people read this stuff, I read blogs myself sometimes for information, news, and occasionally entertainment but mostly to see how I compare and whether there is anything worth filching  learning, from others.

If you are a serious consumer of news media, one thing you will note is how much professional journalists have in common with sheep, they talk and think in clich├ęs, an example, in live broadcast news, reporters and news presenter/anchor, act like vacuous idiots, time is wasted as  exchange pleasantries followed by repeating and agreeing to whatever the each other have to say.

Anyhow I like to say what I want, when I want, not always appreciated, KCC certainly don’t like it, TDC aren’t to keen, politicians get particularly offended, Labour don’t like it when you point out how they deserted their traditional supporters, Conservatives don’t like it when you point out the disgraceful waste of your money in Kent.

Currently one particular bee in my bonnet, is the seemingly casual interpretation of what constitutes legitimate use of taxpayer money of course we are use to MP’s helping themselves to liberal amounts of hospitality and expenses but then there are those other niggling little issues, things like Kent Police Authority who currently appear to be supporting a political campaign against government policy or similarly Citizens Advice Bureau locally seems to be proactive in supporting one particularly councillor.

I appreciate that few would spend as much time as I and given the limits of english resulting in part from Kent’s abysmal secondary education and I suppose my own shortcomings. Still I feel my time better spent on this than vegetating in front of the warm glow of the telly.

So what’s left without wishing to encourage the cranks, there are many things which are kept out of mainstreams of media, politics in Kent is very poorly reported by the State Broadcaster BBC, and issues such as the right of Palestine to be recognised by the UN are dealt with in a very biased way.

Blogging is not without risk, and sometimes I think, don’t do it, I rarely resist pressing the publish button, if it’s honest truthful, why not, of course the why not, comes in when say a company, working on behalf of KCC sends you letter, claiming you’ve defamed them. This might explain that as well 1501 published postings there are another 39 sort of pending.

Without appealing to cranks, it is certainly the case that there exists an “establishment”  who are more than prepared to use and abuse the positions.

Till next time.


  1. One of your KCC wishes could come true soon if the KM Paul Francis blog exclusive is correct. It looks like some of cllr Carter,s pals are planning to stand against him. Maybe one or two East Kent KCC councillors should stand to try to move the power base to the East and get KCC back to concentrating on basic services rather than running it own private empire.

  2. I wouldnt knock the cranks they are the ones who are trying to educate the masses to the real truth.

    That is that councils are absolutely being run as private empires.Shouldn't chief finance officers know all about consolidated funds or maybe I am just one of those cranks ?

    Good to hear about cllr Carter but isnt it time they all be stood down ?

  3. Keep up the good work, Tony. I don't always agree with you but do appreciate your contribution to democratic debate.

  4. Keep up the good work Tony. Independent voices are needed now more than ever.

    Time will, tell, but hopefully you will eventually come to see, as I do, that the establishment are the cranks, not those of us that are trying to expose them.

  5. Congrats on the big 1500. Looking forward to the next 1500. Doubt many of Kent's politicians are though!