Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turner Contemporary No room for Protest Art

cutting artThis might well be a what is art? type posting, a pointless discussion of personal preference. Anyhow readers of the Guardian’s Culture Cuts blog by Mark Brown, might have been mildly disappointed, to find that a selection of placards, used recently during a TUC “cuts” protest were not on display at the Turner Contemporary’s latest show.culture cuts blogAccording to a posting in  “Culture Cuts” blog (only the Guardian could have one), posters were to have gone on display from the London anti-cuts demo back in March. This apparently all changed when the gallery ran out of space as detailed in the latest entry of Culture Cuts blog.saveourplacardsA group from Goldsmiths college who have organised a “Save our Placards” project, are understandably let down, in fact Mark Brown’s blog posting reports Guy Atkins one of the students involved in the project referring to "a massive disappointment".

For myself, I’m also a bit miffed, I can’t do a blog posting on whether there is room to reflect politics in art galleries, but as a liberal myself, I suppose its a passion and that motivates art.

Still as I mentioned earlier, the “Nothing in the world but YOUTH” show does reflect a fair bit of angst and there is a reflection of protest in the exhibition.

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