Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kent Police Authority, self perpetuating disgrace?–and non rape?

This week, a BBC report highlighted the rather disturbing news that here in Kent, our Kent police service classified 30% of rape allegations as, “non crimes”, this is the worst in the country.

Of course Kent police put up, some technical argument, as to why they appear to be so awful, which goes to prove one thing, and that, is this, they have a well resourced public relations office to protect managers, senior officers, so when your robbed, assaulted, burgled or raped at least there will always be, an almost plausible excuse, as to why Kent police are not as good as they should be.

Kent police are overseen by Kent Police Authority, who you would think, since they represent you and I, might stand up for the public and express concern, indeed you would like to think that Anne Barnes, as Chair of KPA would in representing you and I be asking the Chief Constable Ian Learmonth to explain.

Do Anne Barnes and Ian Learmonth, actually expect the public to believe that almost  3 in 10 women are inventing crimes? I don’t suppose it could be anything to do with Kent police making their clear up rate look better by er “reviewing” and then as a result finding “rape being categorised as a 'no crime'”.

TAX PAYER FUNDED POLITICS FROM KPA?taxpayer funded political view
This weekend Kent on Sunday carries a report on page 10, suggesting that the Kent Police Authority is making political moves at the taxpayers expenses, as if…, well I know that Kent Council frequently use their press office to promote allsorts of nonsense making the Conservative look better than they are.

Kent seems to me to be a sort of political Bermuda Triangle in which Tories have become sort of vaguely bonkers lefties, with ever more cranky ways to waste money, whether it’s pay vast sums of money to Fat Cats or opening up its own pointless health service or dabbling in the Arts (Kent TV). Best of all is witnessing how time and again Kent’s Conservative leader looks to be  fighting his own party on issues like education or the pointless self serving (In my opinion) Kent Police Authority.

Is it just me, well apparently not, even Conservatives are miffed, as you can appreciate I’m not a regular reader of ConservativeHome /Local Government website but this posting is pretty much how I feel referring to a recent statement from the authority  mentions “intemperate and highly political language used is not something that should have been put out at taxpayer's expense” I couldn’t agree more.consevative mainstream
Anne Barnes blogs on Huffington post, in which she has quite bit to say about keeping the police authority and surprisingly little about Kent police and non crimes.

Finally Anne Barnes, might like to tell us what the authority does for a change, other than promote itself, has she as chair ever taken the Chief Constable to task on such things as the controversial policing methods used by Kent police, or indeed will she be seeking something a bit more substantial than a press officers explanation as to the Kent police’s  almost one in three alleged rapes being “non rapes”.

PS We’re not all stupid, surely it is time for Anne Barnes and her colleagues on the police authority to prove that they actually do a proper job of making Kent Police accountable.


  1. Tony, whilst I would have to agree with you that there is cause for concern over our policing, the criticism is a bit rich coming from a Liberal Democrat.

    It is liberal thinking and policies over several decades now that have stripped the British police, once the envy of the world, of their masculinity. Instead of the likes of Reagan and DCI Gene Hunt protecting us from the villains we now have namby pamby PC coppers in all shapes and sizes who are so afraid of offending this or that group that they have becoming almost totally non confrontational. Happily hiding behind the forms they have to fill out to cover their backs, dealing with real crime does not even come into the frame.

    Add targets and the increasing militancy of the Police Federation, not to mention a whole host of police officers doing Federation work on our paid for time, and the whole thing has become a recipe for incompetence.

    They say a people get the policing they deserve so don't blame the coppers for what wet policies have turned them into. It will not be long before we do the same thing to our army and start sending them to war on strict instructions not to hurt anybody.

  2. I have to disagree Disenchanted, there has been plenty of evidence of police still willing to give innocents a good kicking or make that all important illegal arrest, look at the met, how one officer managed to side step manslaughter charges after attacking a man from behind, despite clear photographic and video evidence.

  3. Tony, you pick on a copper who went over the top but ignore my point about a police force in denial. If all we are going to do is accuse the police, for doing too much in one situation and standing by doing nothing in another, then things will only get worse.

    Policing should be about the prevention of crime as a priority and its detection and arrest of the perpetrators when it happens.
    To do it the police need the support of the public but they have not been getting it. Result is a them and us scenario with the coppers into siege mentality mode.

    Police officers even refer to us as civilians now, but surely the point is that they are the civilian police, members of the communities they serve. A lot has been lost in that essential trust and people picking on the odd rogue copper or one who makes a mistake does not help.

  4. The point at issue here Disenchanted is whether public money is being spent promoting the political views.

  5. Whose political views would that be, Tony? There is hardly much love between the police and Tories these days, the Liberals would equip them with rubber truncheons and Labour will never forgive them for the miners strike. Like Disenchanted said, siege mentality for they are all on their own.

  6. 9 51 as far as I can tell the police are still part of the same community so don't understand the siege mentality reference.

    The politics are of course, the politics of KPA, admittedly a single issue, as one Tory put it, turkeys not voting for Christmas.

    And more to the point why are KPA spending your money and mine on their own pursuits.

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  8. Quoting "Disenchanted"

    "Happily hiding behind the forms they have to fill in"

    Guess what ? A constable who finds that the form is not consistent with his interpretation of his oath should REFUSE to fill the forms in.

    Just takes individuals worthy of taking the oath.

    Look at the disgraceful police response to the David O'Leary murder March 2008. The taxi driver witness was told by police in answer to his 999 call to stay at the scene and wait for police.

    He did so for 45 minutes alone with a shooter at loose in an unlit country lane. Why ? Because police were "Told" to stay away until armed support deemed to deploy.

    Not even one manjack of an officer honoured his oath that night. His oath binds him to protect the citizen. Primacy of duty to protect life at the risk of his own. But that night it was sod the taxi driver standing where police feared to tread. It was sod the residents of Valley Road who had a gunman skulking free in their lane.

    It was eloquent description of the modern day plod. Not one manjack with the sense of honour and duty to say "My oath requires that I place myself between the citizen and the threat to life I will advance". No just skulking little civil servant minded cowards and scum who happily "Obeyed" an unlawful order to keep their own worthless hides safe.

    Before you ask .. yes I have faced gunmen whilst unarmed myself. And clearly I am still here.

  9. "Kent Police Authority, self perpetuating disgrace?–and non rape?"

    oh beleive me its get far worse than this you have only just scratched the surface. Do people really still beleive their job is to protect us or just to keep things well and truly hidden, my view is the latter ?

    Listen to this and then make up your own mind.

  10. The root of the problem, as always, is the 'brotherhood of darkness', better known as the freemasons, the secret army of the global elites.

    Until the world rids itself of this scourge the evil madness we are seeing will escalate exponentially.

    If left unchecked, there is no limit to what these satanic psychopaths and sociopaths are capable of.

    The few snippets of scandal involving government institutions that manage to air in the mainstream media are only the tip of the iceberg but are usually dismissed as an isolated aberration.

    Unfortunately, these aberrations are top down policy, which has been planned many decades in advance.All of this topsy-turvy, Orwellian 'official' lunacy has been meticulously worked out by elitist think-tanks such as the Tavistock institute.

    They are trying to break us, basically.

    Let's not let them.

  11. anon 10.21

    Absolutely correct in your summary. I have a feeling it wont be too long before far more comes to the surface in fact far too much even for the sheeple to ignore, especially all that are vicariously liable. Maybe when they are held accountable for their actions in the Queen Bench and/or Chancery Courts for the breach of their fiduciary trust duty we will see far more action from the public whistleblowers.

    People shouldn't be frightened to speakout or paid to turn a blind eye to wrong doing.

  12. I see the freemason obsessive if off again and even responding to his own comments to pretend he has support. We all know who you are RC and your style is easily recognised.

  13. No idea who RC is but I did respond to a post about freemasons and thank god that someone else can see that the police are really just freemasons in disguise .

    We should not have secret societies operating within public services if we want transparent public services you cant serve two masters.

  14. Wouldn't want RC to get the blame for comment 10.21 either, for I am not he.

    I fear 7.02 is a victim of his own mob's dumbing down campaign, he doesn't seem too bright, does he.

  15. Keep trying your poor old chap but your semi-illiterate style and constant use of a few big words you got out of a dictionary, make you easiliy identifiable. To confirm this, of course, you then have to indulge in self denial, something totally unnecessary if you are not RC.

  16. 3.03PM, Please leave old Rick alone. His bit of blogging is one of his few remaining pleasures and he has to respond to himself as nobody else does anymore. Sad really!

  17. Whoever Rick is please please keep posting obviously one of a few who are awake to what is really going on.

    For the rest of the poor souls who would like to know what and who is really behind running our failing country please watch all parts of this and then comment .

    David Noakes

  18. A new alias for Rick, David Noakes I presume. Shame you gave it away with you usual style and linkage.