Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Queens Visit and some housekeeping

Excitement is clearly mounting as the Queen's visit approaches and for me a bit of disappointment as I have commitments elsewhere. Still life goes on, and I'm sure that I'll be able to catch up on the BBC's news programme tomorrow night, aswell as the magic of radio or in my case 3g connectivity on the old smart phone.

I understand BBC Radio Kent's, Julia George's 9am phone in programme, will be discussing the Queens visit to Margate, at nine o'clock and I assume that the earlier breakfast programme will have information on the visit including traffic and all that malarkey.

Details have of course have been, understandably limited to this point however Thanet Council now have this posting  on their website, prior to this my knowledge was limited to that which Mrs Me gave me, returning from the hair dressers (routine maintenance on barnet), announcing that the Queen would be visiting the area, arriving by Royal train, around eleven ish and taking a butchers around the old town of Margate and then a gander at the Turner Contemporary Gallery.

Still more reliably according to Thanet council, the Queen will be strolling around the old town @11:15 AM meeting with local people and volunteers and the I might guess a sprinkling of top knobs, still as a republican even though challenged by the thought, that nobody could do a better job than the Queen, as head of state, I'm a put out that I wont be able to witness, what is an honour for Margate, which I don't mean in a sycophantic way.

A quick point on TDC's press release, it seems a little strange that since the visit is to Margate, that the Mayor of Margate Cllr Iris Johnson or indeed the chair of the council Cllr Douglas Clark is not thought worthy of a quote and that Cllr Bob Bayford is.

Right housekeeping I probably wont be blogging again today, but I as much as I take my news and politics seriously its not the be all and end all, but I enjoy talking bollix about this and that, however believe it or not, there are more far important things in my life, and bigger issues, clearly these are of little interest outside of family and friends, such as the youngest member of the family taking her first steps ( a few weeks ago), since I dare say that my nearest and dearest are likely to cringe at mere mention of the "blog" I avoid mentioning them except for the above,

Also work is a no go area except for the broadest comments, I was asked once to point out by a workmate that the assertion by some self appointed group of busy bodies moaning about litter around railway stations ignored the difficulty in accessing the track, for reasons the public might not appreciate. Recently a few comments have been made about safety in my industry , I've only been on the railway for a few years, but I can only say, I can't think of many jobs that start with a safety briefing every day, explaining the job, risks and safe system of work. So don't be surprised if I don't respond to exaggerated comments criticising my industry, because most of us work hard, and are reminded daily of the safety culture within the industry, and lets face it an anonymous comment hardly has any weight, does it.

In a nutshell what I do for a living and other considerations has little relevance to this blog, irrespective of career and personal life I have opinions which are what they are take it or leave it.

I hope the Queen has a pleasant day along with the Duke of Edinburgh who will I believe travel with her, perhaps the duke will treat us to one of his famous, honest but awkward comments anyhow much respect to both of them still working well past retirement age, marvelous!

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  1. I'm not interested in meeting her myself as I've met Brian May from the REAL Queen!

  2. The royal visit will undoubtedly contribute positively to the good work that is under way in Margate. Not everyone agrees with all the initiatives, but then they wouldn't, would they? Taste and preference and all that. The good news is that initiatives are happening.

    On your later points, you are right that views expressed on blogs are of little consequence. You may be right that those expressed anonymously have even less consequence. For your part, you have had some heated exchanges about several subjects, including public sector workers and their pensions. You haven't pulled any punches in what you have said about the (public sector) jobs, the pensions, the jobholders, their likely performance and their values.

    It is entirely fair, in those circumstances, that others direct some flak at you and your job. Writing in slightly more conciliatory terms now and almost saying "hey it's not fair to have a go at me" is not on. You've done it several times before and it smacks of the bully, which I am sure you are not.

    Think about it, and perhaps concentrate your energy on Margate and its future, which is clearly something about which you care deeply.

  3. anon 07:22:00 leave my mate alone he is not the only one who thinks the public sector have got the better end of the stick and when it comes to pensions the are already smelling of roses so why strike? The only reason is they cant get another job with such good perks. #

    I for one am delighted the Queen is in town and I am with you on the good news is that initiatives are happening. I love Margate and am sure we have a bright future so dont read to much into Tony's doom and gloom articles he like myself is of the Victor Mildrew school of thought "whatever it is moan about it"

  4. So says another anonymous contributor, since most are hiding for no good reason, I cannot attack personally can I


    I will admit to highlighting some of the poorer examples of publicrats like nurses who allow elder patients to be neglected. not personal just true.

  5. I think your very last point sums the situation up perfectly, Don!

  6. Tony, if that is your attitude, and you are going to persist with attacks on others - groups or individuals - of the kind you have been mounting against public sector workers, then you should block anonymous comments.

    I hope everyone who is interested in it enjoys the royal visit today.

  7. 7 27 I'm yawning.

    I'm only human it's my blog, what I find is I make critical comments based on facts and then muppets such as just abuse me based on fantasy.

  8. Yawn away. Any objective reader can see you love to insult, rant and rave, but run into the corner and suck your thumb when anyone gives you a strong response. So be it.

  9. Seem to be a lot of very tired people around here but, objective readers! Where or is someone having a laugh.

    Wait for two minutes then post comment.

  10. Well I have waited 65 years to see the Queeen and following your posting Tony waited at Margate station for the Royal train. No show. I heard something about her flying to Manston. By the time I got to Margate it was all but over. As you said in one of your comment you only deal in facts but got this one wrong.

  11. Yep Manston it was maybe now it will become Royal Manston Airport and have night flights bestowwed upon it.

  12. 1 51 the fatuous comment preceding "prior to this my knowledge was limited to that which Mrs Me gave me, returning from the hair dressers (routine maintenance on barnet) might have given a clue as to it's reliability, Anyhoo you might have sauntered down to the old town or indeed checked the TDC link

    I like to stretch my readers.

  13. One thing is for sure Don, it will never be Royal Margate! At least Ramsgate has its royal quarter.

  14. If they can treat their own like this what do they think of the rest of us ?

    The Queen's hidden cousins: They were banished to an asylum in 1941 and left neglected now an intriguing documentary reveals all

  15. Republican nonsense totally irrelevent in todays world. People used to send their pregnant unmarried daughters to a maiden aunt in the country to avoid the shame and their naughty adolescent sons to sea. Times change!

    Shame though we don't shut away senile old bloggers in institutions!

  16. Seems like Anon 1.36 is posting from an institution and must have nebeen there for some time. Dont they know that in the modern world most countries have eliminated living under a royal family and all the bowing and scraping that it entails. The class system is a thing of the past.

  17. 16;00 Before you start accusing others of posting from an institution, just read through your comment carefully. Who, for example is Anon 1:36 and what is a nebeen?

    For the record, a constitutional monarchy is very different to living under a royal family or is that a bit too deep for you?

    Also, in case you had not noticed, one class system is simply replaced by another whether kingdom or republic, democracy or totalitarian rule, capatalist or communist state. There are always rich and privileged at one end and the poor at the other.

  18. isnt it a shame,that they could only show the queen The old town of margate, if she had seen the rest of it TDC might pull their fingers out of their noses and do somthing to better dreamland end. Then local business might survive a bit more instead of throwing the turner centre at everyone. Everyone keeps saying margates getting better yea right if you live near the old town with their london prices. DONUTS

  19. Not a nice thin to say about Her Maj Will.