Monday, November 28, 2011

Resignation big deal? - No Worrows as councillor deserts Tories

News that Thanet Cllr. John Worrow has resigned the conservative whip on a point of principle concerning the banning of live animals exports, sounds like a humongous event but is it such a big deal.

I myself cannot quite understand what Cllr. Worrow is worried about, rather than showing disdain as John says, it would appear to me that Thanet district Council, has done a lot more than most elected bodies would do in similar circumstances, in representing and promoting the concerns of animal welfare activists.

I'm sure that some cynics might think that John Worrow by resigning the conservative whip is attempting to make himself more important as an independent (than was previously the  case) who now has to be placated either by the ruling Conservative group or won over by the Labour opposition.

Still having spoken to John in the past, I'm sure that he is above all that sort of malarkey and such notions are completely way off the mark, I myself don't doubt that neither he or Labour activist Cllr Ian Driver would use such an emotive issue as animal welfare, to manipulate the public, just to make themselves more important.

Just on Cllr Ian Driver, it seems that although it was unclear whether he was in or out of the Labour party earlier in the year, he has not been resigned or been removed from the Labour group as he is still listed on their website, presumably Cllr Clive Hart still has ambitions to lead Thanet to the promised land.

It's inevitable that petty squabbles will erupt from now until, the next local elections, maybe I should have commented earlier but frankly I had bigger fish to fry this weekend, including wading through a box set of "Mad Men" which is infinitely more entertaining than this event.

To be honest reading the first para of John's resignation address, despite criticising his former colleagues, he neither explains specifics of just how "there has been a concerted effort to undermine those campaigning to ban live animal exports" speaking of These campaigners are good respectable people goes on with this" I will not have their efforts undermined and ridiculed by an administration....... and so it goes on.

Here's my suggestion to John Worrow, try being a bit more explicit? I consider myself a supporter of animal welfare I signed the petition promoted by himself and all the other councillors and the council website, what more can we do? perhaps Cllr Worrow could elucidate?

At the end of the day of course we elect politicians to represent us, how exactly John Worrow is doing this, is frankly obscure, what does he expect of his colleagues, perhaps instead of Cllr Bob Bayford using his position as leader of the council, to influence law makers, perhaps John expects Bob Bayford and his tory colleagues to hold a vigil at Ramsgate port 24/7 and if necessary throw themselves in front of lorries.

Try coming up with a clear message John otherwise the public might just take a cynical view and assume your talking...


  1. Well done Tony as always accurate and to the point, Worrow has a chequered Political Career, Self appointed Leader of the Grey Party, stood for election and failed, then courted the Conservatives got their nomination and support got elected in a safe seat in a Conservative Ward and then deserts those who elected him.
    Takes up the live animal debate which as you rightly point out has already had considerable energy from his group in trying to stop the evil trade. So here is Worrow only allegiance appears to be to himself Grey Party rosette, Blue Rosette, now Yellow rosette what next a Red one for a full house.
    Instead of trying to justify his decision perhaps he should do the decent thing and apologise to all who voted for him and fell for his promises. Quite frankly he should be ashamed of himself, as a Birchington Resident I would advise him not to come to my house.

  2. Good summary Tony, I agree with the first post. With a hung council, Worrow appears to be playing a dangerous game. So what does he want in return for his vote to keep the conservatives in power or give the council to Clive hart and Labour?

  3. Of course none of us care as much as John, hang your heads in shame.

  4. I have no problem with John Worrow resigning the Conservative whip on a point of principle but he should explain that fully to the people who elected him and seek their endorsement.

    I think Tony has hit a very big nail on the head in the association with Ian Driver. Both have inflated egos, both are more about self interest and promoting themselves and both have a record of somewhat checquered political allegiance.

    Don't hold your breath on leadership challenges from these quarters in the future.

  5. Wow. Not any of you have mentioned the other (more important imo) reason that he's resigned.

  6. The reason he gives, Peter, is the live animal export situation, but that is outside the remit of TDC and nobody could have done more to take it to parliament than Laura Sandys and Bob Bayford, both Conservatives.

    This is not some issue where the political parties are at odds so resigning from the Conservatives over it is just an excuse. This guy is on a king size ego trip having got himself elected under false pretences.

    Elsewhere you commented that golf courses should be turned back to farms, but that is not going to happen unless we give farmers the chance to make a living. There are two sides to every story.

  7. Why don't you spit it out Peter instead of the cryptic comments

  8. With the council evenly split Worrow has a balancing vote and has his own ideas. So we know what he is but the question is what is the price?

  9. 1659. Kindly explain what Bob Bayford has done except wring his hands and criticise the protesters at the Rodins Kiss arrival. Laura Sandys has done all the work; Bayford is just a useless waste of space.

  10. i suppose muppets like our maverick counicillors 6:32 would like us to wear hooddies join the ALF and terrorise people

  11. I don't know what's cryptic about this (taken from John's blog)...

    "On another issue, Birchington South is very much a microcosm of other areas of Thanet with its high proportion of elderly and small businesses. Thanet Council should be helping these communities that are struggling with the troubled economic times.I was elected to support these people, and I will fight tooth and nail for them. The issue of parking has been raised time and time again. There has been talk of a 21% increase in parking charges, while I have been asking for a half hour free parking in our village to promote local trade and offset the free parking of Supermarkets. Now this has apparently been replaced with plans designed to kick the whole issue into the long grass. I dislike being sidetracked. Shopkeepers are struggling for their very survival and we should be fighting on their behalf, not procrastinating on measures that would help save their businesses and promote the continuance of the rates they pay and the essential services they provide to an often aging and vulnerable community."

  12. never thought about it much Tony but now you mention it maybe we could see the Worrow and Driver Party.

    I must speak out in favour of the lawfull export of live animals done within the law to standards far higher than in other european countries. Whilst people may dislike it I bet they still eat meat and never consider how it got to their plate.

  13. Bob Bayford and Laura Sandys met with the Minister, Jim Paice, to express thei concern over the animal export trade from Ramsgate and press the Minister to take action to reform the practise.

    I also met with Laura in Parliament and raised our concerns prior to the meeting between her, Bob and the Minister.

    This was reported to the full council meeting

    TDC opposes the trade but is constrained by the law which allows for free and uninrerrupted transport through the port

  14. That's all right then Simon. Quick meeting with the High and Mighty and your duty is done. Pass the hand basin please

  15. Hardly but if you haven't been paying attention then you may have missed the glaring fact that animal exports through the port of Ramsgate lie under the firm control of DEFRA and not TDC. We don't want this trade and councillors of all political parties have made it abundantly clear that we object to the legislation that ties our hands and permits it.

    Laura Sandys as the local MP is doing all she can to have the government seek a review of this barbaric practise but I would remind you that your local council and councillors are bound by the law and beyond expressing our objections, we can do nothing more.

    I have covered this in some detail on my own weblog and so you are quite free to seek answers there.

  16. So the TDC leadership have expressed their view in a private meeting. Maybe they should be a bit more vocal locally.
    Thats cllr Worros first issue done.

    What we want to know now is did the leadership promise cllr Worrow free parking for the first 30 mins in Birchington and then do a U turn?

    There are many who comment on this blog that would agree that a bit of free parking in Thanet would do wonders for local traders that have to compete withefree parking elsewere.

  17. I agree totally 8:54. These smaller towns / villages need all the help they can get, otherwise they end up as just houses & a pub & little more (just like the once thriving communities of Acol, Manston, Sarre, Monkton, Stourmouth, Woodnesborough & far too many more).

  18. No point commenting on your blog Simon. If you don't like what's being said you either resort to abuse, whinge that it's your diary or tell everyone how lucky they are to have someone as clever as you on the Council. Get off your arse and out backing Laura on the streets or you may find Ian Driver MP in the new Margate and Ramsgate constituency; or maybe that's what you really want.
    Oh, and I have been paying attention - a lot of attention - and I know from Saturday's meeting that there are things that legally can be done by the port owners. Don't suppose that you're aware of them since you weren't there

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  20. A council is obliged to act within the law and not to waste public money on legal actions which have very little chance of success and the potential for high damages and costs being awarded in the event of failure.

    In the matter of animal exports from Ramsgate, we learned from the very expensive mistakes of other ports that tried to prevent the Jolene docking and the best legal advice was sought; the results of this were shared in council.

    From speaking with the likes of Reg Bell and Laura Sandys, it's possible that other agencies such as the RSPCA may be more successful but unless you have access to information that the council solicitor does not have, then the council is obliged to allow the flow of traffic through the port uninterrupted as dictated by law.

    If you have something new, then please share it with me by email.

    I am however concerned that there is a visible if not opportunistic and cynical element of political manipulation taking place on a matter which rests on law, European and Domestic. It really has nothing to do with TDC beyond the council expressing its objection in the strongest possible terms.

    It was for example, Labour, which promised to repeal this dreadful trade but didn't because of our European commitments I suspect and perhaps the same applies today under the coalition.

    So perhaps Cllr Driver should be picketing Brussels or join the camp outside Westminster, where he would have a much greater chance of being heard by the policy makers and the right people.

  21. Amimal Exports - farmers with friends in high places come to mind

  22. Simon. Sentiment versus substance in the public arena. It's good guy v bad guy wrestling mate. Basically you are Mick McManus on this one again. When will you listen to your elders ?

  23. I vaguely remember Mick McManus but I have responsibility for 3 council portfolios across the entire population of Thanet and not just the small but politically driven and vociferous group lobbying for a change in the legislation governing animal exports, which lies outside my control.

    I hope you would agree that in these very difficult times, illustrated by the strike on Wednesday, that I have a responsibility to focus my attention on what I can do for the people Thanet rather than on what I can't do.

  24. Good on him for getting away from that terrible lot he should be congratulated ,lets hope he stays as an Independent and doesn't waste his time joining anymore useless parties.

  25. Obviously Moores must be worried that his blog attracts so few comments nowadays - he's on here trying to drum up trade. But all in the name of "informing" of course.

  26. Heard it on the grapevine that Worrow and Driver are to form a new party called MILITANT TWODENCY. Wonder if that will be any less terrible than the other lot.

    Stand by for the Socialist People's Republic of Thanet anytime soon. At least we won't export calves but the poor old pet dogs better look out. No doubt Clive and Bob will share a cell as political detainees!

  27. Lol Peter I agree with you I did a search for anonymous blogger and could find anything.
    I cant see anything is gained by his resignation. If he was that worried he would vacate his seat and have a bye election. But then he might loose

  28. Peter, I don't have a blog. Moores does and has frequently revealed his obsession with user numbers, comparing himself with other local blogs and making snide remarks at their expense. His visits to this blog seem to occur only when few are patronising Thanet Life.

  29. My regret is that he mentioned the live animal debate in the same resignation speech. This has overshadowed the far more important issue in my opinion. As for he not being re-elected, he's a popular councillor that does a lot for Birchington. Far better than those Tory Cllrs that live in Panama or abuse kittens.