Sunday, July 07, 2013

MIck, Keith, Charlie, Ron Thanks for a great night

I doubt that any member of the Rolling Stones needs the money, so thank you for continuing to entertain the public and still being at the top of their game after 50 years.  

I can't think of any performers of the Stones vintage that could appeal to young'uns through to pensioners in the way they can. It's only the second time I've had the privilege, my only regret, not being able to secure more than two tickets, as clearly for many this was a family event with grandparents throu to grandchildren.

Going off on a tangent I had this thought, the band love their music, are hard working and very talented, enjoying what they do, a situation that many approaching retirement will not be in, for myself as much as I might enjoy getting up before dawn, building railways and coming home just in time for a quick meal and bed I wasn't too happy to receive a letter from Graeme Wallace Pension Director (DWP), telling me I have to work till my 66th birthday to get my pension, the letter didn't give a reason but I suspect that much of my last year working will be required to contribute to his and other public sector workers fat heavily subsidised pensions. 

Finally closer to home, I'm always surprised that more is not made of icons of British culture, Jagger and Richards link with Kent and Dartford, maybe Dartford council could have a bill board proclaiming Dartford as the birthplace of the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

Some out of focus random photos below and this classic Gimme Shelter from youtube 


  1. Have you not heard of The Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford? A 500 seater joint Dartford council venture that is a bit bigger that a bill board.

  2. I've played chess in the MJC the past couple of years on one of the lower level Kent teams. The first match I played was in a smaller music room where on the wall is a handwritten message from Jagger to the school. Good venue.

  3. Paul McCartney appeals to a similar age spectrum, has been going for just as long and pulls in just as large crowds (and also doesn't need the money), but he's probably the only other one.

  4. If they don't need the money then why couldn't they have done a FREE concert in Hyde Park like they did back in 1969?