Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NHS Management and Labour

Like so many zombies with fixed expressions  health "professionals" (by that I mean the managers thin on competence but fat on salary) have been  paraded on tv screens in the last day or so to comment on the emerging scandal highlighting around 13,000 deaths due to inept hospital management, perhaps the most irritating, was not a health professional but former health minister Andy Burnham who's blaming, yes you've got it the coalition government.

No surprise that one of the contributors, to the Keogh report, highlighting this tragedy,  Sir Brian Jarman, has accused Labour ministers of presiding over a "denial machine" ignoring his findings of high mortality rates, given the childlike denials Labour have for the economy I doubt few if any are listening to Labour on this topic.

Admittedly the Stafford hospital scandal was not the first  failing hospital and as we've been seeing in the last few days, a significant number of hospitals are similarly poorly run.

Nobody's asked for my opinion, however the root cause if you were stupid enough ask, is this, arrogance generally emanating not from true professionals clinical and technical staff the ones with degrees, but the administrative bods, who might well be a dab hand with a power point presentation, or creating a spreadsheet, but useless with anything practical.  Still maybe, visitors and patients should be questioning more.

I visited Stafford hospital quite often in the nineties, at the time I would have said it was vastly superior to Canterbury and Margate hospitals based on superficial criteria.

Over the years I've seen poor welfare in several hospitals, in recent times, I make a point of reporting poor practice, and this week has shown you can't trust the health trusts or Labour. 

Clearly health staff are under pressure, that said if you think, you've  relative being neglected, make sure you express your concerns.


  1. I'm surprised you haven't blamed Clive Hart!

  2. I know that Clive is apparently working with Bob bayford and the chief exec in claiming that a loss of three million in revenue is not a loss but such is his standing I doubt that he has any input elsewhere other than thanet

  3. Good points Tone and we need to understand how safe/excellent is the QEQM and Canterbury hospitals: mortality rates, weekend senior staff, infection rates etc etc.

    We don't want a Mid-Staffs here or anywhere else in Kent.

    1. There was no "Mid Staffs"... "as many as one" according to the Francis report, mortality rates are bogus as each death would have to be examined by a clinician and they do not have the time to do that. Coding deaths is normally done by under trained (there is no training for Coding in reality) staff and often done wrong. Under HSMR if you sent all your patients home or to hospice before they died on the ward the hospital would have an excellent ratio and the Government would be touting it as something others should try and emulate.

      It would be lovely to have weekend senior staff and be able to get the same treatment at any given moment but unfortunately that costs and as has been proven this Government hasn't actually increased the NHS budget in Real Terms, it has at best stayed the same or possibly decreased.

  4. don't think Kent is immune Medway came out poorly

    1. Medway was, in fact, the only trust on the list in the South East.

  5. Just want to highlight that the Francis Reports actually says that there may have been "as many as one" unnecessary death at Mid Staffs and not the 400 to 1200 mentioned continually by Politicians and the Media...

    also in the Keogh report he says "However tempting it may be, it is clinically meaningless and academically reckless to use such statistical measures to quantify actual numbers of avoidable deaths." in relation to using either HSMR or SHMI to determine how many unnecessary deaths occur in hospital.

    So before everyone goes off on some media induced, politically backed knee jerk reaction what you are being told is not actually what happened or is happening. The NUMBER ONE issue reported by the Francis report was that there was INSUFFICIENT STAFFING at Mid Staffs.

  6. Tony I assume you mean Sir Brian Jarman when you say Harman. Jarman is the man behind Hospital Standard Mortality Ratio (HSMR) as part of his work at "Doctor Foster" at Imperial College, HSMR has been used repeatedly to try and prove unnecessary deaths, the Keogh report say that using HSMR is "academically reckless" and "clinically meaningless"! Jarman has a vested interest in HSMR via Doctor Foster, he is not to be trusted.

    1. Jarmam was who a meant, a hasty post using one those portable type things thank you for the pointer and please note I've now corrected it.

      Any way I have no reason to doubt the blokes motives, I certainly feel that Andy Burnham has some explaining to do

    2. Tony. Jarman designed HMSR as part of the Doctor Foster unit at Imperial, that system is then "sold to the NHS/Government" and as of last week Keogh has blown it apart as a means of proving "unnecessary deaths". If you don't doubt the blokes motives then you aren't ready the reports accurately.

      It is only through the use of these discredited systems that we get "400-1200", "14,000", "20,000", "9 hospitals" or "14 hospital" headlines in the press and from the mouths of politicians... once they discounted as being "academically reckless" and "clinically meaningless" the game is clearly visible, one where the Government wishes to destroy the love of the NHS fostered by a large % of this country so that they in turn can start to dismantle it, and to do so at such a pace as it must be irreparable by 2015.

  7. The NHS management has been infiltrated by Common Purpose change agents, their mission is to sabotage the health service from within. Common Purpose receives huge funding from the EU.

    The solution? (after mass media coverage and the expected public outcry that 'something must be done')

    Privatisation, by some crony globalist outfit, such as Branson's.

    Of course, the Tories will be having a field day, spouting on about efficiency and targets etc., but efficiency and targets for what? Gathering personal data and DNA? Scamming the health insurance fund with worthless pharmaceuticals? Dispatching it's customers to an untimely demise? Organ harvesting?

    UK Column Live has been providing some excellent coverage of this racket, you can check them out at:


    1. Thanks for the usual garbage, Rick, and don't you just love Common Purpose as the root of all evils.

    2. Yes, of course, Rick, it is all down to Common Purpose, or maybe it was the masons, or the Rothschilds or even a bunch of terrorists practising their weapon skills in Birchington. You really need to change your reading material.

    3. I don't know why people keep invoking Rick's name.

      The complainant about 6th Thanet Gun range was Chair of a Ramsgate Residents Assn John Allen. A Freemason! When he was dying in hospice 2001 he swore a Final Prayer with Revd PIPER which entrusted Rick to take forward his concerns about 6th Thanet. Is this what you call a Mssonic Conspiracy ?

      Two cllrs and a Chief Executive variously reporting to Police

      Rick has never ever mentioned Common Purpose.

      Nor the Rothschilds. In fact Rick is helpful from time to time to the Simon Wiesenthal Group ? Is that a Jewish conspiracy ?

      Anon 11.36 you really are a drivelling if somewhat conspiracy inventive moron.

    4. Common Purpose Link to World Control - Brian Gerrish


  8. Perhaps my main motivation, in posting on this is to give a rain check, for those significant numbers of Labour supporters who view criticism of the NHS with the same tolerance as the Taliban for women's rights.

    Yes the health service is marvellous but here are a few examples of things I've witnessed at Stafford Canterbury and Margate over the years, patients not being feed, not being washed, overcrowded, allowed to dehydrate, discourtesy failing to engage with distressed patient.

    Those are examples I've witnessed but 2nd hand I've heard of worse, such as wrong medication being prescribed with potentially fatal consequences.

    Of course most people receive first class treatment, by professional people, still if some thing doesn't look right then ask, it could save a life.

    No matter how much money is thrown at health service, it will never be perfect and given the vast amounts of money administered by labour news that some hospitals are in crisis is still shocking.

    1. Understaffing, understaffing, underestaffing... the biggest failure that was found by the Francis report on Mid Staffs was that there were not enough staff and that the patient to staff ratio was seriously out of balance.

      I'm not saying that some people in the NHS aren't nasty, but most are just over-worked and tired having been all but abandoned by the Managers who do little.

      The issue is with the NHS but the answer isn't to berate the poor front line staff who are trying, against impossible odds, to deliver. When you get 4 nurses on a critical ward of 32 it is impossible to give good care.

      The primary objective of the Conservatives is to privatise by stealth the NHS, just have a look at how many MPs have a vested interest, how many politicians go into Private Healthcare when they leave politics and finally look at the figures to see who donates a large percentage to the Tory party.

      It won't matter a jot, nothing will stop them and the next thing you'll know is you'll be charged for services (like the Dentist system) as your national insurance won't cover for a complete system.

    2. 1 o'clock Rob.

      I take your point about the NHS being understaffed. However, I would welcome clarifcation. Are you advocating the provision of additional clinicians, or managers, or both? Where will the additional money for this be found, from increased taxation maybe?

    3. The other parts of the Davies Report weren't about understaffing but chronic failure and cover-up. So much so that the Head of the NHS was sacked, CQC reformed and 14 hospitals declared not fit for purpose.

      Wasn't there also prescriptions being written for water?

      Look at the failure at KCC with vulnerable children or just about anything at TDC: not enough scrutiny and not enough sackings for incompetence.

    4. Rob, I agree that the majority of medical staff go into the profession for the right reasons and are struggling to their best in an ever-worsening situation.

      Unfortunately the NHS and mainstream medicine was never intended to be the service it should be, and now, with the insidious Common Purpose getting involved, things are turning decidedly nasty.

      Common Purpose uses a sinister form of NLP - neuro-linguistic programming, to mess with peoples minds, to sow confusion, to destroy logic, you will certainly have come up against something similar in your profession, as will most public (or public/private) sector workers.

    5. @ John Holyer, well money is always a sticking point these days.. but I would look at the management and make a start depleting them and using the savings to increase front line staff.

      I have two examples..

      Recently I heard that a department of medical secretaries, already restructured from 8 to 6, saw a reduction of two workers to facilitate another level of management that was supposed to make them more productive. When the consultants challenged the management they were politely told to F Off. The other example was an increase in ward management that required one nurse to be removed and turned effectively into a "meeter and greeter", this increased the ratio of patients to staff leading to a reduction in quality care, when challenged by the most senior nurse on the ward she was "relocated" to a different ward as she was "disruptive and not a team player".

    6. 1 o'clock Rob said:

      "but I would look at the management and make a start depleting them"

      Well said! We could deplete the treason f*ckers in the hospital incinerator, that would save even more money!

  9. Forget party politics, Tony, what we have is continuation of agenda, Labour merely laid the groundwork for this privatisation, by allowing things to deteriorate on their watch.

    Parliament's job, regardless of who is in power, is to sell the globalist agenda of the ruling elite to the plebs, which is a complete reversal of what it is supposed to be doing, namely representing our interests, which is why I don't bother with the self-serving bunch of ne'er-do-wells.

    1. But I thought you previously said the people were awakening and about to overthrow the globalists. Which is it, Rick, should we wake up or just ignore them as you seem to be doing?

    2. Why do you keep mentioning Rick ? He has worked in Medical Physics in the NHS in London Teaching Hospitals. He is a retired engineer. From 2005 he reported to Prime Minister re reliability of backup generators on NHS Hospitals. And new security of electrical supply guidelines emerged in 2007 for NHS hospitals.

      He reported by invitation to the Dept of Energy post tsunami review of British nuclear security and safety. This review referred to the changes in NHS Regs and two of Rick's report recommendations feature in the inquiry recommendations to govt.

      Is there another Rick you have an obsession with ?

      Cos the one I know doesn't even know what a "Globalist" is. He is usually too busy.

    3. Please spare us the crap, Rick, we all know who you are and are quite capable of recognising your comments, whatever you claim or call yourself. Anyway, why bring up some Rick who has worked for the NHS when we have previously been told he was a PC and before that an army man, or is it all in the imagination.

  10. Anon 11.36 and 11.39. Two obsessive comments about a "Rick".

    I had to laugh when it was revealed that the complainant of "terrorists" at a Birchington range was in fact a Freemason.

    Don't you feel foolish ?

  11. TONY For the record (since your blog keeps publishing Rick's name) Rick's blog was closed long ago and somehow hacked back into use thought to be someone from Denmark. Google after deciding on complaint from Rick (Copyright and Impersonation) closed the blog down

    The history of complaints of "Terrorist" firing in East Kent

    (1) Late 60s early 70s from a Cliftonville Jewish family concerning a Ramsgate gun club of which Ken Speakman was a member

    (2) 1982 Brigadier Mike Harvey direct to MI5 re Deal Barracks and right wing groups conducting paramilitary training in Kent woodland.

    (3) 1986 by Permanent Staff Instructors of Territorial Army re unauthorized use of Mereworth Woods using unlawful weapons

    (4) East Kent Residents re live fire training in the countryside leading to the 1987 arrests of 21 members of the Broadstairs based Home Service Force Unit TA.

    (5) Complaint One from east Kent residents leading to the suspension of the 6th Thanet Gun range licence

    (6) Complaint Two from residents leading to a second suspension of the 6th Thanet licence

    (7) Action by neighbouring landowner Bill True in 95 causing the 6th Thanet Range licence to be withdrawn for ever.

    (8) Bill True's cause taken up by Freemason Chair of a Residents Assn John Allen.

    (9) 2001 John Allen dying swears "Rick" to continue his cause re 6th Thanet range history and related matters.

    The man who "Led" the TA paramilitaries in 87 was sectioned under the Mental Health Act upon his arrest in 87. He has a history of UFO sightings and claims to have been abducted by aliens. But it seems 20 Thanet TA soldiers were folled by his stories of being SIS and SAS. And ended up in the soup. Although considerable research went in to the Quill Publishing books it is still not clear whether the arrests were by Met Police who then handed over the 21 paramilitaries for custody in Kent.

    The FOI linkie above reveals that two cllrs and a Chief Executive variously also reported to police.

    1. So it was you that burgled Rick's gaff and stole all his files, Lyndon. Funny how you know all the stuff he used to go on about.

    2. Lyndon thanks for the info, I would like to clarify one point this blog has not published comments, assuming you are suggesting that I've taken an active roll.

      As I see it, the blog postings are authored ( if that doesn't sound too pompous) but comments are published when the creator of them presses the publish button so effectively self published on google's blogspot web space.

      Only when I monitor comments do I publish comments as you'll know I prefer to keep thing free flowing

      The nutty postings sometimes ascribed to "rick" are I doubt if ever taken seriously, sometimes I delete them sometimes I don't, I don't recall anyone requesting removal of these but if anything offends do let me know by email tonyflaig@gmail.com

    3. That's not the way it works legally Tony. As it's your blog, then any illegal / libelous comments are your responsibility.

    4. Says a lawyer, nameless. I will now press the button labelled publish.

      Tony can remove this if he wants.

  12. I see you are unable to answer the facts. The issue here started with an aonymous troll's Strawman argument. The implied fallacy that Rick invented a story about a gun range.

    Rick could not have "Used to go on about" some of the above because some of it is information that has only become available after a recent death of one of the paramilitaries arrested in 1987.

    So you are wrong.

    There is some research going on now, with a view to possibly two books and a film, that has contacted Rick for information and evidence.

    You seem blissfully unaware of how irrational you are Anon 20.26. You declare that you know what Rick used to go on about. But you know this without burgling Rick's gaff. Yet you think the only way I canm know is by document burgling? perhaps a few of us know by studying the history in a U3A group ?

    That should be Rick's gaffs by the way. He has more than one property.

    If you are unable to answer in detail in future you will have to be ignored Troll.

    1. It was a joke, Rick, I know you did not burgle your own gaff as I also know it is you regardless of which alias you decide to use. Please, at least, treat the rest of us as adults rather than this childish nonsense of pretending to be someone else who knows all about Rick.

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  14. As you say, no-one asked for your opinion, Tony. Have you joined UKIP yet?