Saturday, July 06, 2013

Will? MP for Thanet South?

Surely Labour are having a laugh, Will Scobie candidate for Thanet South at the next general election. I just stumbled upon a letter in this weeks Thanet Gazette from Barry Coppick extolling the accomplishments of the relatively young inexperienced Labour councillor.

Here's, why I think it's a joke, as far as I know Will Scobie has been immersed in politics educationally and vocationally, not helpful I feel in giving the sort of life skills or work and business background needed to understand wider issues, ideals, theory and training are quite separate from harsh reality.

So far Will Scobie, has been a Thanet Councillor for a couple of years, and probably as a result of being made Margate Mayor a narrow victory for Kent county council.

I've been busy of late but last time I looked, Thanet council leader Clive Hart has yet to use his talents in his cabinet.

Thanet Labour along with the national party represent that awful "entitlement culture" quick with the "Cuts"  begging bowl but thin on solutions, and if we are honest ignorant of their own treachery to working people.

In fairness I believe Cllr Scobie has shown some promise, such as when council dinosaurs debated using mobile phones and tablets at the council, but then during the recent shameful crisis in which Thanet Council has given away THREE MILLION pounds plus to a foreign company Transeuropa what was his contribution, well I don't know other than a well publicised picture of Scobie looking into pot holes.

Still I don't doubt that current member for Thanet South, Laura Sandys MP would not be too perturbed at the choice.

If you'd like to know more about Will Scobie click here for his comments about potholes such as reporting twenty himself or "potholes can be dangerous"  not as dangerous as Thanet council officers and councillors agreeing THREE MILLION POUND unsecured credit with a foreign company and has he reported this to the councills auditors?


  1. If elected then Cllr Scobie will follow a long line of MP's that have never had a "proper" job in their lives. Current such MP's include David Cameron and Danny Alexander. As long as the cabinet has many other members that have had "proper" jobs then there should not be a problem.

    1. Difference is that young Will has never even had an improper job. That said, the real point is should we continue to elect people to make decisions about our lives when they have had no real life experiences themselves.

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  3. A future minister for transport. After all, he was a transport manager, and has driven a bit too. More than enough experience surely. Then he could look after potholes nationwide.