Tuesday, August 28, 2007

East Kent's patients happy with their G P's

The NHS eastern and coastal primary Care Trust, have apparently concluded after a survey of patients in the East Kent area, that everything is wonderful as far as GP provision is concerned.

Details are available from the kentnews website, part of KOS Media, briefly the NHS are basing their assumptions of our happiness as patients on the following 87 per cent were satisfied with the access to their GP via the phone, 88 percent were able to see a doctor in 48 hours.

I'm convinced that what the NHS does best, is public relations and the fact that respondents to their survey were satisfied with the access to there doctor or able to see the doctor within 48 hours doesn't necessarily mean that people are happy.

Certainly many things have improved, within the Health Service in the last 10 years, even to the point where frequently Health Service receptionists treat patients as if they were paying customers, which most of us are, however I doubt that most patients will be truly happy until they can choose their own doctor and roughly the time they see them.

Doctors have in recent times seen a humongous increase in their salaries, whilst patients have seen a drop in the surgery opening times, of course you cannot blame the doctors for an incompetent labour administration, which increased their salaries at the same time it decreasing productivity.

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