Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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Kent's Media explosion

Next month sees the launch of Kos media's (publishers of Kent on Sunday newspaper), eight new local newspapers throughout Kent along with local websites and their own brand of Kent TV.

Also expected sometime in September, is the launch of Kent council's broadband Kent TV, it will be interesting to see what effect these developments have on established media companies such as the KM group and Kent regional newspapers.

I wonder whether in a year's time, we will have more in depth news coverage on local issues, or whether existing media, will find it a struggle to survive. Surely there has to be a finite amount of advertising business to sustain Kent's media.

Just as a side issue, a short while and go I received, an e-mail from Kos Media, requesting permission to use video from my you tube channel, curiosity and wishful thinking eventually motivated me into picking up the phone and ringing the author, needless to say dreams of a sudden wealth were quickly disposed of.

It will be interesting to see just what sort of content, our local media will provide in the future, because I for one feel they may be, spreading themselves a bit thin. Still perhaps I will yet get an offer from Ten Alps, the producers of Kent County council's TV, surely they wouldn't have spent £600,000 already. Can a quality product like Bignews Margate & Tony Flaig's Kent TV survive!


  1. I got the same request from KOS, which I politely declined. I think the days are gone when the media could rely on people contributing their stuff for free on a 'Look Mum! I'm on the telly!' basis.

  2. Me on telly Im going to get strait back on the phone.

    I did ask for a double page feature on er Me me me but this was not on offer either, I'm going to have to consider taking google adwords